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Diane C.

Diane C.

French is my second language, but it often feels as it if were the first, as I have been speaking it for so many years on an everyday, educational, and professional basis. I have official native-level proficiency. My grammar is excellent, as I learned the rules in junior high school in the Paris suburbs (grammar is an important part of French schooling). Culture is also a big part of learning a language, and I am well versed in French literature, pop culture, idioms, and more. Recently, one of my first TakeLessons students passed her B2 exam, which allows her to apply to French universities. It's not an easy exam, the culmination of several years of classes and several months of test-prepping. I edited a 240-page scholarly book in French, "De La Case A La Villa" (published 2014), and have spoken on French-language television and at professional conferences. I give both private and group lessons.
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Fabrice K.

Fabrice K.

Bonjour et Enchanté My name is Fabrice and I am excited that you are considering French lessons with me. French is not just a beautiful language, it is a culture and people rich in Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité. With all of my students, we not only explore the richness of the language but also the expansiveness and depth of the culture, people, and of course the country. I am confident in my ability to help you learn French in easy and fun lessons. I have helped students of all ages, most of whom have little to no experience with the language. Today, many of these, same, students are well versed in conversational French and able to read, write, speak, and explore the language and culture in ways they didn’t imagine. I have also worked with students who have a good understanding of the language and wish to brush-up on their skills or work to perfect the language as a native speaker. I apply numerous strategies that will depend on how you like to learn, however, I always try to help students feel comfortable so that they can talk because talking is the basis of an enjoyable lesson. From there we discover new vocabulary, analyze grammatical structures, practice fluidness, pronunciation, and intonation. I enjoy exploring current and past events by using newspaper articles, extracts from books, videos, and songs. I also encourage you to submit any document you would like to study if you feel that it could be useful. By providing the documents in advance I can prepare an interesting lesson for you. À bientôt !
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Professor is very knowledgeable and patient. He starts from the beginning to end and makes sure to review to confirm that you understand. He also gives multiple examples and asks me to try or fill in

Maimouna (French lessons with JP B.)

Enjoyed my first session!! Looking forward to many more!!

Azi (French lessons with JP B.)

JP really helped me understand the pronunciation of the words, I appreciate his patience.

D’Angela (French lessons with JP B.)

JP is an amazing French teacher, he is very patient and when teaching he teaches you several ways of asking the same question and several ways of answering, because of this it helps to build your fr

Derrick (French lessons with JP B.)

Professor is very knowledgeable and patient. He starts from the beginning to end and makes sure to review to confirm that you understand. He also gives multiple examples and asks me to try or fill in

Maimouna (French lessons with JP B.)

Enjoyed my first session!! Looking forward to many more!!

Azi (French lessons with JP B.)

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French Lessons in Washington, DC

By Kadidia D. - Washington DC French Teacher

Washington DC is a cosmopolitan city where you may encounter people from all over the world. Walking down the street and hearing several languages spoken is not unusual for Washingtonians. As you take French lessons in Washington DC, you’ll begin to notice and understand more and more of the French you hear all around you.

The French language is spoken in more than 55 countries in the world and is also one of the United Nations' official languages. In Washington DC, it is the third most spoken language in the city, after English and Spanish.

Therefore, DC is an ideal place to practice your French language skills! Areas such as Adams Morgan, especially on 18th street NW and Columbia Road, are great places to find French businesses that attract native speakers to this area. Another good location is the Dupont Circle area that is not too far from the French Alliance. The DC French Alliance is very active in offering daily and weekly activities, giving opportunities to practice the language and to meet members of the community. Their events are often organized in partnership with the local community. Check out their website here:

The DC French Meetup Group is also a great resource where you can practice what you’ve been learning in your French lessons in Washington DC. Open to everyone’s interest in the French language and Francophone culture, it is a good place to meet Francophiles in the area (

The many DC French restaurants are good ambassadors of the French culture, too. Le Bistrot du Coin on 17th and Connecticut Ave is famous for its "Moules Normandes Frites," and the Montmartre restaurant near Eastern Market in SE Washington DC is well known for its “floating island” dessert...Taking trips to these restaurants are fun and educational ways to practice your French language skills.

Let's not forget about the French Cinémathèque, which is organized in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. One can watch French films on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Avalon Theater on Connecticut Avenue (, and on the 2nd Tuesday at the Embassy of France.

To practice your reading and listening skills, check out some French media sources that are also present in the American environment (and easily accessible in Washington DC!). For instance, France-Amerique is a French online newspaper, the French Morning is another online news medium, and the France 24 TV channel is available on cable.

Thinking about French is thinking about poetry, romance, luxury, and fine food. “Parler Francais” is the way to belong in the District of Columbia. So, get started with your French lessons in Washington DC, and find your place in this vibrant Francophone community!

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