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Our teachers have taught

2 , 7 9 9 , 8 9 9

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French in Aurora

French is a beautiful language that rolls off the tongue. French lessons in Aurora are a great way to learn the language, but if you really want to be fluent, you need to spend more time listening and conversing in French. What most people don’t realize is that others, particularly native French speakers, are more than happy to converse in French. When you’re taking French lessons in Aurora, you should be aware of all of the places you can explore to enhance your learning experience.

Here’s where you can go to practice your French in Aurora.

French Food and Conversation

There are a few French restaurants where you can go to enjoy the food and practice French-language basics. Ordering food is something that you learn pretty early in your lessons because it has so many practical applications

La Central is owned and operated by native French speakers, and they provide real French cuisine. From mussels and escargot to French toast and eggs, you can get a wide range of food. When you figure out what you want to eat, see if you can order in French.

The French Press is the most famous French restaurant in the area. Whether you want a delicious dinner or fresh baked bread for brunch, you can enjoy some authentic French food at this delightful café.

France is known for its breads and pastries, and when you eat at La Baguette de Normandy, you will understand why. From traditional French cuisine to specialty pastries, you can order just about anything you would find in France.

French Meetups

There are a number of French-language meetups in Aurora and the surrounding areas. The Cherry Creek French Group is in Aurora, so you won’t have to drive far if you want to join. They meet on Saturdays, and their goal is to speak French for the entire meetup. All levels are welcome.

If you don’t mind driving to practice your French-language skills, there are over a half dozen other meetups in and around Denver.

Taking French lessons in Aurora is only the first step to learn the language. To get a better understanding for French mechanics and pronunciation, you have to get out and practice. Explore these French venues in your city so you can get comfortable talking to different people. This will help you to feel less self-conscious when you speak French, and it will also help you determine what you have learned and where you still need some work.

Bonne chance! (Best of luck)

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