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Olivia D.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Online Spanish Teacher

Spanish is my second language. My mother was a Spanish teacher in the elementary school level and used music as an amazing resource for teaching Spanish to kids. I'll use the same techniques and ideas, as well as focusing on reading and writing the very romantic language.

About Olivia

I love to create. The way I'm most comfortable creating is through writing; whether it's a song, a short story, a poem or a script. Writing has always been the bass line in my life; the heartbeat.

Music and film are both passions of mine. I graduated from Berklee College of Music where I studied Songwriting and Music Therapy. I was pushed to my absolute limits lyrically and musically within these majors, and I am so grateful for it now that I'm on my own creative journey.

I have a great deal of experience, but I am also still learning. I think it is very important as a teacher to always be learning, especially through their students. Teaching these lessons is, of course, about progress and advancement - but also about enjoyment, confidence building and positive encouragement.


July 24, 2019
February 27, 2019
Samangie A.
February 4, 2019
Lance E.
Olivia is very sweet and very knowledgeable. My student has fun while learning!

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Olivia D.


Online Spanish Teacher

I majored in Spanish at UC Davis, lived in Mexico for 3 years where I completed a Master's degree in Counseling, studied Spanish Literature and Psychology at the University of Costa Rica for 7 months and have traveled around a few other Latin American Countries.

I can do conversation classes and academic ones too. I have a lot of material and activities to facilitate fun learning. My command of the language is almost native. I prefer to work with those who really want to learn, just so we both use our time wisely. I work best with those who already have a base on Spanish but want to prefect their grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, listening and overall language skills.

*** Specialties ***
-Spanish conjugation
-Spanish vocabulary
-Spanish grammar
-Spanish conversation/pronunciation

About Jason N.

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido! Hello and Welcome!

my name's Jason and I love Spanish and Latin America.

I'm currently a doctoral student. I majored in Spanish at University of California, Davis, lived in Mexico for 3 years where I completed a Master's degree in Counseling, studied Spanish Literature and Psychology at the University of Costa Rica for 7 months and have traveled around a few other Latin American Countries.

My goal is to tailor the lessons to what best helps you learn. I can do conversation classes and academic ones too. I have a lot of material and activities to facilitate fun learning. My command of the language is almost native. I prefer to work with those who really want to learn, just so we both use our time wisely. I work best with those who already have a base in Spanish but want to prefect their knowledge of proverbs

, sayings, jokes, cultural aspects of Spanish, grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, listening and overall language skills. That said, I can work with anyone at any level of Spanish, and have experiences with students from ages 5 to 67.

Want to find out what lessons with me are like? Check out 10 of the
articles I wrote on the TakeLessons blog here:











*** Specialties ***
-Spanish conjugation
-Spanish vocabulary
-Spanish grammar
-Spanish conversation/pronunciation

September 6, 2017
Thanks Jason
Boston enjoyed his first lesson
August 13, 2015
Jason inspired me to have a break-through with my Spanish. As a nurse with many Hispanic patients, after only 3 classes with Jason, I successfully triage'd a patient using almost all Spanish. I was pretty stoked about the whole thing. It was a really good confidence boost to not only use it and be understood by the lady, but I understood her too. Not every little word, mind you, but I was able to pick out a lot of the context and figure out what was going on. Working with Jason makes me feel like I'm opening up a whole new avenue in my practice, even after 15 years of repetition. I have Jason to thank for this and it's just boosted me towards learning more.
August 9, 2015
Jason is a quality Spanish teacher. Not only does he have a native command of the language (as verified by my Latino co-worker), but Jason is also a skilled language instructor. Two attributes of Jason that I particularly value are his attention to detail and the way he highlights language patterns to facilitate learning. It is evident that Jason has a huge passion for teaching Spanish.

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Jason N. L.



Christy V.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Online Spanish Teacher

I first heard Spanish from my dad who's Colombian, so my lessons focus on communication via dynamic task-based activities! First you discover grammar functions & the meaning of vocab through simple comprehension activities. Then we practice these new items through conversation questions or communication activities that simulate real-life tasks like ordering food, asking for directions, or describing a person. This creates a fun atmosphere for learning and gives students ample opportunities to speak! I also like to use multimedia like videos, pictures and powerpoints to make lessons more interactive, especially online lessons! For beginners, I use the book Spanish Demystified or Easy Spanish Step by Step as a learning resource and to provide grammar homework.

Besides speaking, my lessons also cover the other aspects of a language: Reading, writing and listening comprehension. I target those skills with activities such as short readings & writing assignments for homework, and themed ...

About Christy

I was exposed to Spanish throughout my childhood from my dad who is from Colombia, and from my great Spanish teachers. After minoring in it at college, I perfected my fluency from living in Spain for 2 years and studying it for 18 years! My adventures with the language led me to pursue an MA in Spanish. I am currently a PhD student in Spanish Literature and work as a university instructor for Spanish conversation. I've also been tutoring individual and small groups of all levels for the past 5 years - Young children, high schoolers, college students, and adult learners! I enjoy leading creative, interactive lessons that are different for each student I work with. My students have gone on to pursue bilingual positions, live in South America, or improve their performance in Spanish class by 2+ letter grades! I truly enjoy the work I do in

helping others learn an important new skill.

Because I became fluent while immersed in the language, I believe language learning comes from speaking and communicating! So, my lessons focus mainly on speaking. I create interactive activities that help students learn speaking skills like making comparisons or ordering food. I also make sure to cover other aspects of the language (grammar, listening comprehension, reading, and writing) through explanations, in-class activities and homework. But, every lesson I teach is different! I tailor them to each student according to level, goals, pace, and learning style. And I make sure to get feedback from students at the end of each lesson to help plan future lessons. Overall, I am a resourceful, enthusiastic, attentive and creative tutor. I strive to challenge students while creating a comfortable and fun learning environment. Students of any level are welcome!

I look forward to possibly working with you... ¡Hasta pronto!

May 29, 2019
I appreciate her willingness to accommodate me and my schedule and, although I have only had 1 lesson so far, can feel that I am already growing in knowledge and confidence. I really like that she gives me assignments I can work on between lessons so that I can make the most of my lesson time with her.
November 17, 2018
November 4, 2018
Christy has been great and adjusts her tempo to my daughter as needed. Highly recommended!

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Christy V.


Online Spanish Teacher

Mastering fundamentals is extremely important when learning a language. I will tailor the lesson to your needs. We'll begin with mastering the sounds of each letter, then move on to common words, phrases, and simple conversations. Whether it's for travel, leisure, or work, practicing is key. Once you get your footing, we'll expand your vocabulary and understanding of grammar.

About Joy

I am a graduate of UC San Diego (bachelor of arts, sociology) and UCLA (master of public policy). As a child of immigrant parents, I value diversity and love learning languages. I read, write and speak Spanish fluently, and have intermediate command of both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese in reading, writing, and speech.

Photography has been one of my main areas of focus for over ten years. I am trained in both film and digital formats and specialize in demystifying the DSLR so that you gain a good understanding of manual settings and how to use each to improve your photos.

Caring, compassion, and understanding are essential for learning and I strive to do my best in these areas.


May 10, 2019
straight up explanations for beginners..easy to understand when to use what..will continue with her....practise makes perfect!! Ron
May 10, 2019
April 15, 2019
Marietta S.

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Joy S.


Online Spanish Teacher

My Spanish lessons are fun and dynamic. The student will learn at their own pace, being always encouraged to improve and perfect pronunciation and structure. My classes include cultural aspects of the language, such as music, cooking, dancing and expressions in order to have a more rounded understanding of the language.

About Hilda

I am a native Spanish speaker, who also speaks Portuguese, and French. I have taught and tutored Spanish students from beginner-advance levels, both private and in groups for several years and taught Spanish full time at a school from grades 5-12 for a year. I currently teach art and Spanish at school for grades 1-7. I recently started teaching beginner ESL for Spanish speakers. I also teach art, drawing and painting for adults and older teens. I love teaching and intend to make it enjoyable and fun. I always encourage students to become independent and self reliant in all the subjects I teach. I care about each student and base my classes on their personal preferences, needs and circumstances.


August 21, 2019
Savien C.
Very friendly and knowledgable. She made my son feel very comfortable. He described his lesson as being “fun”. She definitely incorporated activities that would engage him in the lesson.... We are looking forward to future lessons...
August 21, 2019
Hilda was awesome and worked out great goals for me. She taught slow and steady which was perfect. Thanks Hilda!
July 25, 2019
Sunah C.
Hilda is flexible, knowledgeable, and encouraging!

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Hilda R.


Online Spanish Teacher

Take lessons with a native Spanish speaker! I have experience working with children and adults from beginner up to advanced levels. I specialize in grammatical and technical classes as well as conversational ones. I tend to follow a rather communicative teaching approach, motivating students to interact in real situations.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a good class, a class that was enjoyed by the teacher and the students, so I always try to create a bond between students so that classes are more customized. It also helps to develop confidence and promotes the use of Spanish in the class. It doesn’t matter the topic and the focus of the lesson, humor, laughter and little jokes are a must in all classes to break the ice and to make the class more pleasant.

I can't wait to get started!

About Carolina

¡Hola! My name is Caro, and I want you to learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker!

I love cooking and listening to music, being with friends and watching TV series. I also enjoy being at home – which happens to be my office-, and I have a cat that sometimes likes to take Spanish lessons, so don’t be surprised if you see him around…

It’s always a rewarding experience meeting new students and learning about their customs. Online Spanish teaching is my way of both working and travelling virtually around the world.

Shall we meet? (ask other possible open time slots if you don't see them on my calendar)


September 11, 2019
Tanushree V.
Caro is an amazing teacher - she plans lessons but is happy to take them in a different direction that you may be more interested in (even though asks about your interests before she plans the lessons). The way in which she structures her lessons breaks the intimidating process of learning a new language into manageable chunks. She helps you practice both reading and speaking, including cultural elements that keep things interesting. When dealing with complex grammar rules, she gives you a little practice, introduces the rules and then you practice again using very practical, everyday conversations.

I'm a beginner learner - I had barely any Spanish. With Caro, I feel like I've developed my Spanish grammar and vocab considerably, and learned a lot about different cultures too. I'd recommend her highly to any Spanish learners!
July 25, 2019
The hour went by very quickly! We covered a lot of ground. I felt my comfort level in Spanish went up significantly in just 60 minutes.
July 19, 2019

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Carolina F.


Online Spanish Teacher

Do you want to learn and speak Spanish with a native teacher? Do you want to improve your Spanish? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you, I’m ready to prepare lessons completely customized to your needs, interests and goals.

For the majority of my years as a teacher (I have already been a professor for 10 year, wow! The time has flown), I have had students of different levels, ages, nationalities, and with unique objectives. No matter what, my lessons are completely adapted to each student and his or her necessities and interests. I offer in my classes the proper use of grammar, Spanish pronunciation, share cultural issues and communicatory approach to real-life situations, something that you can only get from a professor who is a native speaker.

I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity for us to enjoy the experience of online learning together, and for you to gain the ability to speak Spanish! I’m sure that you will not regret it!

About Gisela

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Mi nombre es Gisela.

Do you want to know a little more about me? I was born in a small city in a province in northern Argentina.

I graduated as a “Professor of Spanish as a native and non-native language“ in the Department of Languages at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina.

I started to teach Spanish to foreigners at 21 years old in an academy in the city. All of this occurred a bit earlier then I had imagined it would. Although I had not yet completed my degree (I later graduated at 24 years old). I taught at many language academies until beginning to teach in the Spanish for foreigners program in the Department of Languages at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. I am also part of the group of professors that evaluate and correct the “Celu“ international Spanish exam. Today, I have become a “Tra

veler Teacher“ so I left Argentina to explore new horizons. This is the story of how I began my journey of teaching and learning, and I have never stopped.

I cannot to wait to meet you and enjoy the experience of online learning together. Ready to get started?

September 18, 2019
Great first lesson!
September 9, 2019
I loved it even though I was so nervous. Gisela was great and helped me so much in just one session. Exited about this journey!
September 9, 2019

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Gisela T.


Online Spanish Teacher

I have experience teaching and working with children as well as with adults. I feel comfortable teaching students in all different levels, from the beginner up to the advanced level. The typical approach that I use is a rather communicative one. I like to encourage students to speak and get engaged in real life situations.

I like to know my students, who you are and what your interests are so that I am not just your teacher, but also a friend. I like to think that I am a humorous person and it always makes me feel great when we can share a laugh or two in the class.

Come and join me!

About Erika

My name is Erika and I have been studying French since I was 4 years old. I studied French in my hometown where I got a degree in French (C1 level). When I was 16, I got a scholarship to study French in Normandie, France. Ten years later, I got a second scholarship to study in Lyon, France. Back in Argentina, I have been teaching at the Alliance Francaise since then. Currently, I am the Headteacher.
Also, I have been working at university for 16 years. As regards my interests, I am keen on photography, arts, cooking and languages. my english is not very good, im not teaching beginners.


September 29, 2018
Mary Jo D.
I love her approach and patience with me. i am a visual learner and having her write the phrases for me truly helps my comprehension. Merci!
September 6, 2018
Erika is wonderful! I am so glad that she is my tutor. Thank you so much.
May 17, 2018
Erika is wonderful. She is so patient and helpful. I am very pleased.

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Erika I.


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"Morgan is a great teacher. If you want to learn Spanish, I highly recommend that you select Morgan as your teacher.

"Claudia is a native Spanish speaker and a great tutor. She is patient, has solid lesson plans, always on time, good assignments and she adjusts really we
ll to my gaps in knowledge. She works very hard to help me in the areas I need help. We do a good blend of learning grammar and structure with practical application."
"She was very nice and our son loved her. So glad we found her."
"Amo Julissa!"
"I have had 3 Spanish teachers before Rosita and I can actually understand what she is talking about! It takes me awhile to learn things but how Rosita bre
aks things down it feels like I'm keeping up a good pace which definitely boosts my confidence. I also take singing lessons with her too. She is extremely talented and by far the best teacher."
"Georgina is the best Spanish teacher!!! I really enjoy her enthusiasm for teaching. Though I've only had a couple of lessons with her, I feel like I've
learned quite a lot! Looking forward to many more lessons!"
Daniel Shropshire
"she is very paticant and supportive. I will continue with her as long as I able"
Joe Stam
"Loved my first lesson and anxious to keep going"
"Bryce has a wealth of knowledge and works with my whole family, all at different levels. He has a unique way of making everyone feel included and teaching
to each family member so we all make progress toward our goal of Speaking Spanish fluently."

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