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These Spanish teachers are highly rated by students in the Clarendon area, including Hamlin, Churchville, Mumford, Scottsville and Caledonia.

Candace H.

Rochester, NY 14611


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Spanish Teacher
About Candace

I'm a classical violinist, a loving single mother, and a independent business owner for life, health and accident insurance through AFLAC from New York. I am a very accomplished musician performing in many venues and events such as the Long Island String Festival, NYC All County Music Festivals, Valley stream District 13 Music Festival, NY All State Concert, NYSMMA Music competitions, and yes even Carnegie Hall with the NY Metropolitan Youth Principle Orchestra 1st Violin. Ive learned that nothing of value in life comes without blood sweat and tears but it is worth it.

The things I love most in life are my son and providing for our family. On week days, you'll usually find me prospecting potential clients to help with their benefits for employees in any type of weather, for my independent business through AFLAC. On the weekends I like

to take my son with my dogs (sometimes) to the park, museums, and church or teach him the various wonders of life.

April 23, 2019
Michael w
She's awesome. Takes her time to explain in detail. Very patient plays along with you and guide you like a professional. I'd recommend her to anyone.
March 25, 2019
Shes a awesome instructor. She takes the time to explain details and all. I would recommend her to anyone that's interested in the violin.

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Candace H.

Rochester, NY

Private Spanish Teacher

I can help you with conversational Spanish for either business or pleasure, or I can help your child with his / her grammar and Spanish homework.

I modify the classes according to students needs. I have many years of experience teaching this beautiful language.

Contact me...you won't be disappointed!! :)

About Millie


I'm a Spanish professor and tutor. I received my Masters degree in Spanish/Education in 1999. I have been teaching Spanish at some local universities: USF, HCC and FSC for quite some time (20 yrs). I have also taught Middle School and High School.

I am an author of a Spanish grammar book for beginner students which it also includes 5 CD's. This book has been used in Continuing Education classes at USF and HCC. I also use it in my tutoring.

I love to teach Spanish and see that my students learn this beautiful language. Students say that I am very patient and explain Spanish concepts very clear - easy to understand.

I'll be happy to help you either in person or online.

Thank you,

Ps: I'm not teaching elementary or middle school kids at this time.


May 8, 2019
Amanda C.
Excellent instructor -- very patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging.
August 14, 2018
Lora D.
Millie gives a variety of learning experiences and keeps the pace very engaging!
July 20, 2018
Very patient.

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Millie O.


Private Spanish Teacher

Take lessons with a native Spanish speaker! I have experience working with children and adults from beginner up to advanced levels. I specialize in grammatical and technical classes as well as conversational ones. I tend to follow a rather communicative teaching approach, motivating students to interact in real situations.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a good class, a class that was enjoyed by the teacher and the students, so I always try to create a bond between students so that classes are more customized. It also helps to develop confidence and promotes the use of Spanish in the class. It doesn’t matter the topic and the focus of the lesson, humor, laughter and little jokes are a must in all classes to break the ice and to make the class more pleasant.

I can't wait to get started!

About Carolina

¡Hola! My name is Caro, and I want you to learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker!

I love cooking and listening to music, being with friends and watching TV series. I also enjoy being at home – which happens to be my office-, and I have a cat that sometimes likes to take Spanish lessons, so don’t be surprised if you see him around…

It’s always a rewarding experience meeting new students and learning about their customs. Online Spanish teaching is my way of both working and travelling virtually around the world.

Shall we meet? (ask other possible open time slots if you don't see them on my calendar)


October 14, 2019
Leonardo L.
The first lesson was really great. I was a bit nervous about doing an online class but Carolina made me feel comfortable during our entire hour. Everything was organized and well planned.
October 5, 2019
Carolina is an amazing teacher! She caters each class to your needs and does live presentations instead of just reading off a textbook
September 28, 2019
Caro was super fun and made the lesson go by so fast!

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Carolina F.


Private Spanish Teacher

Hello. I'm Jaqueline Cruz, Brazilian voice over actress of Portuguese and translator interpreter of Spanish and Portuguese, dancer and model.

About Jaqueline

Hello. I'm Jaqueline, Brazilian, voice over actress, translator-interpreter Spanish / Portuguese. Physical Education, Portuguese and Spanish Teacher and relationship advisor.
In love with scenic and visual arts, painter, performance in dance, modeling and acting.
I love to teach, either in person or online teaching by video conference with kids or adults.

Are you seeking to be fluent? I want you to have fun studying! Learn in a fun, easy, and relaxed way! In your own rhythm!

Each Student is Unique!!!

The classes will be personalized! You learn in your rhythm, to your specific goals! I will find out the easier, faster, most fun and better way to teach you using psychology and memorization techniques.

Learn more about Latin culture, etiquette, customs, manners and values!

Thanks for your visit!


October 9, 2019
Sammy B.
My son loved learning from Jacqueline!!
July 12, 2019
Jaqueline is a pleasure to learn with. She's a great teacher who really understands each students' needs and tailors the instruction as needed.
June 19, 2019
I have been working with Jaqueline for about 8 months now, and can say that she is a very good teacher. She will focus on your strengths and use them to help you learn. She remains flexible to schedule needs and keeps good notes on your progress and what you have learned so far as well as where you are going. I need to learn Portuguese for my work and so she was very focused on keeping my lessons moving from the very basics to ultimately technical terms and meeting conversations. I don't believe I would be productive without her help.

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Jaqueline M.


Private Spanish Teacher

Hi, I've been teaching Spanish for 13 years and my students have gone on to love Spanish language, culture, and study abroad. Some of my students continued studying Spanish in college and even be Spanish Honor classes. Some students even made it their major. We begin with easy sentences and then as time goes on, you'll be able to conjugate the verbs and able to make some sentences and short conversations. I am using a curriculum for young adults that I have used in my school teaching which includes Spanish culture and other subjects and we will have lots of material to accompany your lessons. I love working with students of all levels and make our lessons as fun as possible.

About Fulvia

Hi, my name is Fulvia, I am a native Italian and have a masters degree in Spanish too and a certification to teach. I am a fun teacher with long experience, great sense of humor and you won't get bored with my lessons. You don't believe me? Well, I can prove it to you because you can easily get referral from previous students who have studied with me for years! Just try!


May 30, 2019
Amanda M.
Very organized and energetic. Also helped me make a decision on how to focus my efforts on wanting to learn multiple languages.
November 1, 2018
Dante R.
Having fun !
March 8, 2018
Sam M.
Fulvia is patient and believes in teaching the structure and fundamentals of the language as to learn more fluently. Grazie.

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Fulvia M.


Private Spanish Teacher

hola! Aunque soy nativo de la lengua (nacido en Madrid) dispongo de un bachelor y de un máster de enseñanza de español. Me adapto a todos los niveles desde los gustos y preferencias de los alumnos. Mi trabajo con diplomáticos de los EEUU me exige un nivel de resultados que transmito en mis clases. He enseñado tanto a niños como a adultos por más de 10 años. En mi enseñanza no hay objetivo que no se pueda alcanzar ya que mis clases son dinámicas, fluidas e interesantes. Hasta pronto

About Juan

Hello, I love sharing my culture, and even though I work with people all around Latin American countries my passion is about Spanish, more specifically from Spain. I promise that in my class you will never get bored while you are learning


October 13, 2018
Lilly L.
Great methods and enthusiastic ideas.

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Juan S.



Gabriela D.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Spanish Teacher

So, are you ready to become bilingual?

I have been teaching Spanish, my native language, for the past 11 years.
I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Mexico to get my Bachelor’s degree and then to US to earn my Masters.
My passion has always been learning new cultures and expand my knowledge.
I currently live in South Florida, where I found the richness of cultures and the need of learning other languages, and that led me to teach my passion – Spanish.
The method I provide is customized and catered to the needs/goals of each of my students.

The lessons include:
-60-minute lesson.
-Online materials.
-PDF book- all levels (if needed).
-Additional materials (grammar resources).
-Additional reading materials.
-Homework: grammar exercises, listening, writing.

I am looking forward to meeting you and enjoy the on-line learning experience together.

About Gabriela

So, you want to become bilingual and don't know where to start?

Learn Spanish on-line with a native speaker tutor over Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. I have been teaching Spanish, my native language, for the past 11 years.

We will review all topics related to the Spanish language: vocabulary, verbs, tenses, grammar, pronunciation tricks, cultural aspects of Spanish, and more.

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Mexico to get my Bachelor’s degree and then to US to earn my Master’s degree.

My passion has always been learning new cultures to expand my knowledge. I currently live in South Florida, where I found the richness of cultures and the need of learning other languages, and that led me to teach my passion – Spanish.

The method I provide is customized and catered to the needs/goals of each of my students.

The lessons include:
-Online materials.
-Additional materials (grammar resources).
-Additional reading materials.
-Homework: grammar exercises, listening, writing.

It will be an honor to meet you to enjoy the on-line learning experience together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


May 3, 2019
Friendly, fun, and professional.
April 22, 2019
My mother takes classes with Gabby and now she can communicate with my hispanic employees. We are very happy.
April 19, 2019
Great experience, quality classes, this teacher is fun to talk to, and easy on the eyes.

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Gabriela D.


Private Spanish Teacher

I believe the two main reasons why most people don’t speak other languages aside from their native one is simply fear and sometimes, why not, lack of interest.
The interesting thing is that no one is born speaking one specific language, it’s the place we are born in and people around us that decide what our language is going to be and sound like. Therefore, if we had the ability as kids to learn words and develop ideas around these, without having a clue of what we were actually doing or if it was wrong or right, then we can do the same thing without taking care of our age and current situation.
Once we conquer this fear, not only learning a new language gets easier but life as well does, and this is when the lack of interest plays a role in the game.
Most of us think learning a different language is a waste of time considering all the things we already have to do in our daily routine. But here’s the truth: in this day and age, we must know at least one extra language to find better

About Maria

I’m a social communicator, graduated in Venezuela with a bachelor in Social Communication, specially Corporate Communications. Before deciding to follow my passion, I studied eight semesters of Tourism Administration and left it because I couldn’t keep ignoring that inner call of becoming someday a successful writer. In high school I took humanities instead of science for the same reason: I was in love with books, words, languages and the fact they allow us to build bridges, create entire new worlds and express ourselves, emotions and beings in a million different ways. I mean, when it comes to words we are talking about endless possibilities, so I’ve been following this path ever since.

Less than a year after graduating, I moved to Guatemala thanks to a job opportunity I got. It had nothing to do with my career or anything but the fa

ct I had to talk all day with so many people that didn’t speak the same Spanish, had a different culture and mindset I was used to, taught me really quick that words were different and therefore ideas and meanings too, and that if I wanted to succeed I needed to integrate my previous knowledge with the one I was learning. That’s when I really understood the dynamics and importance of words and languages: aside from body language, they are all we have to build important relationships with people, to connect, to not be islands.

I've worked as a translator, UX/UI designer, social media & marketing coordinator, events coordinator, restaurant manager, a bit of radio and as a part of other projects where I've been in charge of documenting (photography, videos, captions). So, as you can see, I've always been surrounded by people and taking care of their different needs when it comes to ideas and words, which took me to realize I wanted to share and transmit all the knowledge I have so I could not only bring people together but expands their worlds and minds, and help them get rid of their fears and limitations.

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Maria D.


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Spanish Reviews

"Gloria is a fantastic teacher! She is kind, patient and makes learning fun because of her great spirit and happy attitude. She knows how to describe and w
ork through difficult concepts that are difficult for me to grasp. Even though I’m bad at doing my weekly homework, I can feel the language starting to click for me after just a couple of months! I recommend doing at LEAST a 1.5 hr lesson each week. I feel so fortunate to have found her!"
"The lesson was great! I was being tested on my Spanish knowledge, and I already learned some new things! I am excited to go to my second lesson!"
"Georgina is doing such a great job catering the Spanish lessons to the needs of each child per the goals that have been set. The lessons are fun and engag
ing and my boys really enjoy them."
"So far so good. I like that she corrects my pronunciation so I can speak it correctly. I also like her passion and how friendly she is. I am so glad I ma
de the switch."
"She's perfect if you constantly travel and you want to learn how to speak Spanish! I work for a company that has me constantly traveling all around the wo
rld but now I've been making a lot of trips in Latin American! She is willing to get up at 5am her time to give me a lesson while I'm in Mexico! She is not only a teacher, but someone who is reliable!"
"Gregorio is a very knowledgable instructor. He sends great homework assignments and spends a lot of time on listening comprehension. He tailors our time t
ogether to talk about the most important subjects I need vocabulary for."
"So far so good"
"I have been taking Spanish lessons with Javier for 5 lessons now. He currently is helping me set up a strong foundation in pronunciation. Couldn’t be happ
ier with my teacher and will eventually have all three of my children take lessons with Javier as well."
candice brown
"Javier is a fantastic teacher. He helped me a lot with what I needed!"

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