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Jackson C.

Jackson C.

* I have taught and tutored beginner Spanish. (Role play and conversational) Fluency involves THREE THINGS * Reading * Writing * Speaking In my studio, you will learn to become proficient in Spanish, not fluent. (Reading and Speaking only) Areas would be: * Vocabulary * Phrasing and Sentence structures * Casual conversations * Essential and Fundamental skills * Application- excursions about town. (Attending various events, restaurants, museums, concerts/recitals, etc.) I can guarantee that within a few months you'll feel confident and sure that you're conversationally ready to at least utilize vocabulary and common phrases in Spanish. Therefore, if you're preparing a trip to a Spanish speaking country, you'll find Peruvian Castellano pronunciation straightforward and as good as any other, with a few of the dropped letters or peculiarities found in some other countries. My teaching style is very practical. My approach is the same way in which we have learned to speak today. Always progressing and always evolving. * Sounds (Vowels...learning how to make those sounds) * Expressions and use of our five senses * Vocabulary (Learning and memorizing new words for each session followed by homework exercises) * Phrases (Learning and memorizing new phrases for each session followed by homework exercises) * Conversations and sentences (Useful for everyday interactions with others) * Reading and writing (Useful for everyday social activities) We will always begin with children's books and then move on to Newspaper articles and more... Key: Repetition helps with memory, sensory, and motor skills. This is why I suggest everyday practices. Just as we did when we began learning English or the other languages we currently speak.
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/30 mins
Ms. Patino F.

Ms. Patino F.

Acquire a second language the same way you acquire your native language. * Learn and practice Spanish with a tutor from Colombia South America. * Receive personal tailored Spanish lessons in a one-on-one setting. * You can come to my location or I would meet you live online. * Lessons include live practice in different environments and day by day situations. * Improve your Spanish for traveling. * Socialize in Spanish. Learn about Hispanic culture. * Learn Spanish applied to your job and work field. * Learn professional and/or informal Spanish speaking. * I guaranteed you will be reading fluently in Spanish in two months. * SECOND LANGUAGE CURRICULUM FOR HOMESCHOOLING. * AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam preparation. * CLEP® Spanish Language Examination preparation. I like to work one-on-one with my students creating a team and program that will lead each one of them to achieve their goals. Since each student is different I like to create and select the material for each student's needs. Sometimes I suggest some books but I try to keep my students from spending too much money.
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/15 mins
Marcela S.

Marcela S.

Hi! I am Marcela. I was born in Argentina so Spanish is my native language. I have 20 years of teaching experience in institutes and as a private tutor. I have a degree in Social Communication. I have studied in the University of Buenos Aires. I mostly teach online and have students from all over the world. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I love travelling and know about the culture of other countries. My classes are in a very relaxing atmosphere in order for you to enjoy the process of learning. Looking forward to meeting you soon! I teach in a very relaxing atmosphere in order to you enjoy the process of learning. I tailor the class to your specific needs. Classes include: grammar, reading, writing, text comprehension, accent reduction and most important, they are FOCUSED on CONVERSATION. I can also help you with school homework or to prepare for exams. I love travelling and learning languages because they are the doors to enter in other cultures and learn from them.
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/30 mins
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Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D. Was patient and engaging.

Tan (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

You will not find a better tutor! Dr D was professionally and personally invested in the success of my daughter. She is fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was prepared.

Tiersa (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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¡Aprende Espanol Ahora! (Learn Spanish Now!)

by Spanish tutor Naomi K. (

I’m Naomi, and I teach Spanish lessons in Washington DC. There are few personal rewards in life greater than the ability to speak a foreign language. There are SO MANY benefits! For example:
· It is an incredible personal confidence-builder · It’s a great way to begin thinking “outside of the box” -- you gain a new perspective about people and the world in general. · It allows you to extend your network of acquaintances to many other cultures -- you’ll have a more diverse group of friends. · It is a great exercise tool for the brain -- research shows that working the brain in this way has been known to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and other mental diseases. · It allows you to communicate and connect with others on their level. · It facilitates worldwide communication on so many levels (e.g. relationships, helps those in the legal world, enhances educational processes in schools, facilitates patient care in hospitals, etc.).

I began studying the language years ago while attending Catholic Schools. I just thought it was an easy elective back then, but as I got into college it gained more importance as the Latino population in the U.S. began to grow rapidly (early ‘80s). Then I went to college, and I won an academic scholarship to study Spanish in Mexico (and to live with a host family for five months during that time). This was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life! I was thrust into an unfamiliar culture to learn, although I did know the language pretty well by the time I got there. While there, I not only learned advanced Spanish, but I learned a LOT about the Latino/Mexican culture as well.

After college, I left my home state of Ohio to be where I knew I’d use the language more frequently: in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I’ve been teaching Spanish lessons in Washington DC for many years, outside of my full-time jobs. Tutoring others helps me to stay immersed! And Washington DC is definitely a great place to be immersed in the Spanish language.

Outside of your lessons, the media and the DC social life are all good sources for learning Spanish (or any language)! Consider doing the following to keep yourself immersed in the language. Many of these are FREE!:

· Turn on the radio! Many radio stations located near or in DC offer programming and music that facilitates learning the language and helps with listening skills. Here are a few I like: o WACA 1540 AM (Wheaton) – Spanish Contemporary Music and Programming o WAFY 103.1 FM (Middletown) – Contemporary Hit Radio o WBQH 1050 AM (Silver Spring) – Regional Mexican o WERQ 92.3 FM (Baltimore) – Mainstream Urban

· Turn on the TV! One in the same, many television stations offer programming that facilitates learning the language, including telenovelas (soap operas), which can be really fun to watch! Here you get visuals too, to help with overall language comprehension. Here are a few to check out: o WZDC - TeleMundo (check your service provider for actual channel numbers) o WMDO – Telefutura (UniMás) o Univision

· Go out to eat! There are a LOT of Hispanic restaurants to enjoy in the DC area, and many have the original cuisine from their country. Check these out for good Hispanic food and culture: o Great Cuban food at Banana Café on Capitol Hill o Delicious Tex-Mex food at Lauriol Plaza in Dupont Circle o Savory Peruvian roasted chicken at El Pollo Rico in Arlington, VA o Spicy Salvadorean food at Ercilia’s Restaurant in Mount Pleasant DC o Mouth-watering grilled Mexican food at Qdoba Restaurant in Hyattsville, MD

· Pick up a book, newspaper, or magazine! Reading books and periodicals in Spanish can help build your vocabulary and can help you learn about the Latino culture, country by country. These are often available for free at local businesses, restaurants, libraries, etc.: o El Tiempo Latino (Noticias de Washington DC - newspaper) o El Pregonero (newspaper) o Washington Hispanic (newspaper) o Latina (magazine)

· Go to church! Many churches in the Washington, DC area, such as St. Matthew Cathedral, have masses in Spanish. The cathedral has a 1pm mass each Sunday solely in Spanish..

There is NO reason to delay learning Spanish! There are so many resources available to anyone who wants to begin the journey of learning Spanish in Washington DC. I can personally testify that this process of learning the language (and now instructing) over the years has been so rewarding for me, AND it continues! (There’s always more to learn!)

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