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About Xavier V.

Miami, FL
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I understand how frustrating can be to learn a new language, believe me, I learned English when I was 20. It took me a while but i mastered it. I'm also studying French and it's getting easier.

I will teach you spanish by actually TALKING to you, not by making you read books or repeating the same words over and over. We rehearse actual conversations that will help you in the real world. Yes, we all get it, "las rosas son rojas y la biblioteca es azul" but who actually says those words in a conversation? Schedule a lesson with me and start talking EN ESPAÑOL HOY!

About Xavier
Hi there! I'm Xavier V. from Bogota, Colombia living in sunny Miami since 2008. I'm bilingual English/Spanish, proficient in French and learning Romanian. I graduated with the highest honors in Music Business from Miami Dade College in 2015, I've been working in broadcast media since after school and now working with ESPN in Coral Gables, FL.

I'm focused, patient, enthusiastic and very active! "Schedule a lesson with me now and start either speaking in Spanish or playing Drums from day 1!."

** Drum prospects read below ***

I've been playing drums since 2000. First I studied drums in Colombia with Shakira's former drummer Italo Lamboglia for 4 years and then when I moved here in US, I've kept refining my craft taking drum lessons at Miami Dade College, learning new techniques and so on.

I'm currently an independent drummer. I
play with many artists and bands as a freelancer, So I get to perform very often live in different venues all over South Florida. I also freelance at different T.V. Networks as a background drummer and percussionist for artists promoting their songs on TV shows. I have won drum contests and competitions on stores and online as well. I have recorded various records and singles with major producers and performed in different countries as a hired gun.

I've been teaching and sharing my knowledge in drums with others since I first started playing drums! I'™m a believer that the more you share, the more you learn, and overtime I've realized that the process never stops. At first I was a drum instructor at a local church in Colombia. I had 10 - 20 students in a single classroom -- It was a great experience! Then when I came to the U.S. I've been mainly instructing privately, so I have plenty of experience.

Schedule a lesson with me now and start learning the art of playing drums. I am looking forward to meeting new and eager students who really want to bring their inner music out to share with the rest of us and develop their skills to the peak of their abilities. After all, you might be the next music prodigy, but perhaps you don't know it yet! See you soon!

Xavier V.

*** Studio Equipment ***
living room: electric drum set, additional seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Electric drum set or acoustic drums set.

*** Specialties ***
If you take lessons with me, you can expect to learn everything you need to know to be a great drummer. I focus on 5 core skills to be a great drummer: Coordination, Rhythms, Music Theory, Sight Reading and Styles/ Interpretation.

I also use different methods and books like the Joe Porcaro's Drum Method, Syncopation, Stick Control, Even in the odds, among different methods depending on the style you want to focus on like Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Fusion or even Metal.
Daniel March 1, 2017
· Drum · In home
I would highly recommend Edgar to anyone looking for drum lessons. He is very personable and knowledgeable. His lessons are challenging yet doable. He has great patience and makes you want to learn more. Great Teacher!
Benito D. October 6, 2015
· Drum · In home
I liked him very much and my son really enjoyed his class!
Jennifer F. August 3, 2015
· ·
Edgar really helped me keep up my Spanish conversational skills. He was always on time and polite, helpful and knowledgable.
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Xavier V.

starting at
$37 / 30-min

About Rosita R.

Los Angeles, CA

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Yes even I grew up in a Spanish household I took lessons. Speaking it naturally is way different when learning the grammar and the rules. I will guide you through the levels of the correct formal and informal to talk in Spanish..

In addition to private one on one lessons, I am currently offering a Spanish for Medical Professionals course:

A 15-week course of 60-minute lessons
One on One lessons for this course will take place ONLINE only
For large groups, I am willing to travel. Contact TakeLessons for group and travel rates prior to booking lessons.
The only purchase option for this program is 15pack of 60 min lessons

One of the most important aspects of your work as a medical professional is being able to communicate with patients. Being able to speak with your patients is paramount, and through this 15-week course, I'll help you learn to widen your ability to connect with them. This course focuses on must know Spanish phrases and terminology for speaking in

About Rosita
I have been singing and studying voice for over 23 years since I was a child! I hold a Bachelors from Musicians Institute and other accomplished degrees from American Musical Dramatic Academy to conclude my quest for vocal excellence and the ability to sing in multiple languages ( English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian) I have been lucky enough to study with some of the top teachers in the country and now I bring the experience I have gained directly to you!

I am proud to share my student's vast array of musical successes. From being cast on short anime films and musicals to being accepted into prestigious performing arts academies to conquering the Karaoke scene. My passion for multiple languages and love of music is the desire driving me to share the gifts for teaching young children to open the door to their own musical abilities an
d hidden artistic desires. I am currently writing a musical which will be debuting in 2020. I'm currently the vocal coach/Trainer and choir director at Iglesia Elim Central.

I will make sure my students have fun and help them get in the right track to their musical goals.

Also, I constantly upload videos on Singing, The Spanish Language, and Japanese! So keep Checking in! It ranges on tips and answering the most common questions on those particular subjects!

Also There are discounted rates for worship teams and church choirs. For more information please contact me through the "Ask a Question feature"

*** Lesson Details ***
I do my absolute best to create a positive atmosphere for my students. Even when the students feel frustrated or stressed, it is important to inspire them and give them the fuel that they need. Though I am strict when it comes to homework and their about their studies. Every lesson at the beginning I will review what we learned previously and test them.
then begin with proper breathing technique exercises, the cornerstone of all vocals. We move on to vocal exercises to condition the voice. Then we work on the songs that you are eager to sing!

I will use a piano when doing vocal warm ups and conditioning exercises. Students that play other instruments and accompany themselves when performing (such as a guitar) are encouraged to bring that instrument to their lessons. My goal is for them to gain the knowledge that they need to help reach their artistic goals.
With all my lessons every student will be taught a basic run down of Music Theory. My students will always progress in what they do. They will have the discipline that they need and yet have fun and be filled with inspiration. Which is the most important thing, to be Inspired to do better.

*** Studio Equipment ***
iMac, condensing mic...performing mic, keyboard, mixer...living room of apartment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I do have a portable keyboard. Though I do expect the student to have their own recording device and karaoke tracks. At Home I do have a studio, and if the students has an iPod or an Mp3 player I can attach it to a device where all of us can hear the tracks. I do have a recording studio as well.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Musical Theatre, and Pop rock genres. When I teach my students I always have them learn a song of another language whether it's Spanish or Japanese. It helps with diction when they learn a song outside the English Language. Also, It helps them to learn another Language at the same time. Also, I give them a little anatomy class when they are learning how to sing. I give them a model of the Vocal Cords and different areas of the Larynx and which part works for the chest voice and the head voice.

If you will like more information Click "Ask a Question" and all questions will go directly to me!
Bruce June 12, 2019
· Singing · In studio
I have known Rosita as a vocal coach and trainer for the past 2 tears years and have found her work to be helpful and motivational. I have treated several of her clients in my practice for medical evaluation and generally found the techniques that she teaches to be beneficial to the vocal health of her clients. Rosita has a thorough understanding of the proper functioning of the larynx and voice production. This has enabled me to refer patients to her for training who experience some level of damage due to poor vocal habits. It is rare that a singing teacher is able to help in both extending the patient’s singing repertoire, as well as helping with the basic technique, and also being able to help those singers who are in trouble. She has been able to give these patients new techniques and vocal habits that have lessened their need for further medical treatment and allowed them to continue with their dreams.
Amanda June 12, 2019
· Singing · In studio
Rosita is awesome! She was the first singing teacher that I had been to that actually taught me proper vocal habits. She is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I noticed improvement in singing after my very first lesson with her! I highly recommend her!
Roger June 12, 2019
· Singing · Online
Rosita is the best kept secret in the music industry. His teaching gives you much better vocal control as well as protects you from damage.You will feel a complete transformation happening after just a couple of lessons
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Rosita R.

Irvine, CA 92614
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Javier D.

Riverside, CA
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Hola, cómo estás? I am a certified native teacher. I was born in Madrid, Spain (Europe), and I live in California since 2014. I love teaching, and have all my life. I know how to teach you Spanish in the best way, with funny and effective classes, with patience, and with speaking slowly and clearly. You will learn the best proper pronunciation, our customs and our expressions. You will be able to speak with expressions, accent, emphasys and more different options of the language that only can be taught by natives teachers.
We will learn by enjoying and practicing, through one to one conversation, exercises, repetitions and homework.
Should be great as well to do lessons with 2 students . It is cheaper and works really really good.

Nos vemos ! :)

Saludos, Javier

About Javier
Hola, cómo estás? I am a certified native teacher. I was born in Madrid, Spain (Europe), and I live in California since 2014.
I love teaching, and have all my life.
I have a lot of experience; I know how to teach Spanish in the best way, mexican style and any latin style as well.

With effective lessons, with patience and with speaking slowly and clearly. You will learn grammar, the best proper pronunciation, the differences of our languages, our expressions, slang, etc ... with a profesional tutor who knows exactly what is doing due to his academic preparation and experience.

You will be able to speak with great accent, emphasys, positions of the mouth ... and more options of the language that it is advasible to be taught by natives teachers.

We will learn by enjoying and practicing, through one to one conversation, exerc
ises, repetitions, movies, books, songs ...
By practicing with all these forms, you will feel success in a few classes.

Should be great as well to take lessons with 2 students or session groups. Works really good and it´s cheaper. The lessons are more fun because we can interact, so the student learn faster and better.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve excellence in your studies!

Nos vemos ! :) (See you guys)

Dean April 30, 2019
· Spanish · Online
Javier es excelente. Lo recomiendo a todos. In just two lessons, I have learned an extensive amount. Javier molds his lessons to his students level and needs.
Fay March 19, 2019
· Spanish · Online
Javier is a great teacher, he takes his time with you to make sure you know the work. He always gives homework and is also very nice, and working with him is very comfortable! He makes sure you’re pronouncing the words correctly, and also how to use words in each different sentence. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Spanish!
Brad February 13, 2019
· Spanish · Online
1 year learning with him. A little bit hard sometimes, but I love it
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Javier D.

Riverside, CA 92507
starting at
$20 / 60-min

About Charity F.

Danville, KY
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A Teacher Intro Poem

My name is Ms. Charity,
So glad you came to visit me.
I’ve been teaching about 5 years,
To do it well I stay excited and clear.

I love baking when I can,
Follow my recipe just like my lesson plan.
I like to read books in my free time,
I also write poetry cause I like to rhyme.
It makes learning so much fun,
When you use words to make a pun.

To get rid of learner’s block,
On my classroom put your lock.
Then with me you can sing along,
Learning Spanish you can’t go wrong!

So, come learn Spanish with Ms. Charity.
It’s fun in this classroom,
This is where you’ll want to be!
Goodbye is only for now,
As long as you choose me! 😊

By: Charity

About Charity
15-year native quality Spanish Speaker, prev. 8.5-year Mexican resident, Spanish Elementary teacher (with Elementary Certification):
I formally learned Spanish at the University of Kentucky.
I have 2 years of experience as a Spanish teacher for the 4th-5th grade. One year I taught 4th grade Spanish and Math and Science in Spanish at an immersion school. Currently, I am teaching 4th and 5th graders Spanish.
I focus on a mixture of learning styles and content to aid the student to attain and retain the target language in an authentic and meaningful manner. Immersion in the language from many outlets is what helped me learn Spanish and can also help you! Music lyrics, listening, pronunciation, reading, interpretation, and writing are all important components to a language program. Education: Bachelors of Psychology & Spanish, Master's of Int
erdisciplinary Early Childhood, Texas Teacher certification program
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Charity F.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Belinda C.

Riverside, CA
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During lessons I will provide constant feedback and adjust lessons depending on your needs and level of understanding. Students have different learning styles so I will teach lessons that incorporate visual, verbal, and written teaching methods. Students can expect a professional, enthusiastic, and patient teacher that is serious about students learning the subjects material and also makes learning fun.

About Belinda
I am a professional working artist and I am also a site coordinator for an Expanded Learning program here in Riverside. I obtained a degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley where I specialized in multimedia installations that included large scale paintings, sculptures, and original music/audio. Due to the versatility in my own work from large to very small scale paintings I have acquired techniques and skills for every scale in between.
I am a strong believer in self expression and visual literacy which gets stronger with the formulation of concepts one builds through inspiration for each painting. I enjoy teaching and learning what my students' interests are and what motivates them. I can help you learn specific skills for abstract paintings to detailed portraits.
Through research I have also learned that individua
ls benefit greatly from creative freedom thus performing better in other academic subjects, learning healthy ways of expression, and mentality feel fulfilled through the therapeutic effects of painting.
If you are looking to work with someone who loves what they do, who is patient, motivational, and can teach you basic to advanced skills in painting, drawing, music, and Spanish send me a message and we start your learning journey!
jaymin August 15, 2018
· Piano · In home
She was wonderful
Yun-Yun July 29, 2018
· Drawing · In home
The first lesson went very well with my daughter. Belinda was methodical in her teaching and approached the lesson with my daughter’s interest in mind. During the lesson, Belinda was able to actively engage my daughter the whole time, and more importantly, her teaching revived my daughter’s interest in drawing. She has already devised future plans to have my daughter practice sketching noses, eyes, and ears so that my daughter may draw the human face later with more realistic details.
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Belinda C.

Riverside, CA 92506
starting at
$39 / 30-min
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About Eunice M.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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I motivate and inspire students to learn the Spanish language and culture. I encourage learning by incorporating exciting activities, games that reinforce the language, I am patient, and I always plan students lessons ahead of time, focusing on what they need to learn, step by step.

About Eunice

I was born in Mexico, and I am very proud to be given the opportunity to teach my native language and my culture to you. I have a Master’s in Business from University of Phoenix. I am currently pursuing my teaching credentials at Cal Poly Pomona.

I lived in Mexico for twenty-three years. I am now living in the United States and I have learned the English language, this gives me a first-hand understanding of the process of learning and teaching a foreign language.

Through my experience I apply different teaching methods. Learning a new language is a beautiful, fun and exciting experience, involving consistency, and memorization skills. Every student has a different learning style, and I am committed to provide a variety of learning opportunities for my students’ to achieve their goals.
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Eunice M.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About John D.

Las Vegas, NV
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I started learning Spanish on an AFS trip to Montevideo, Uruguay in 1987. After taking 3 years of French in High School, I was given a Oxford pocket Spanish Guide by my host family and was indoctrinated into Spanish the old fashioned way- Immersion! Luckily, the verbs were similar and pronunciation was much easier than French. By the 2nd month I was dreaming in Spanish. I have tutored Spanish beginners with not experience, at the university level, and they have passed their classes with high marks (A). I have communicated with students and parents in my career as a teacher with the CCSD with clarity and confidence. Spanish is a wonderful language and I'd like to open up all of its possibilities for you, whether for business or pleasure. I'll even be able to help you with your accent. I'm looking forward to teaching you soon. John

About John
Hello! My name is John and I can teach you to draw and paint. I am high energy, funnier than all get out, yet have a serious love of art. Let's explore not just the technical side of drawing/painting, but let's help you discover how to express your creative self!
Beth W. March 19, 2019
· Drawing · In studio
Love the way that he started in the right position for me. The class flowed very Lacey and he's a very nice man
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John D.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Tiffani C.

New York, NY
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My family is from the Dominican Republic so I grew up speaking Spanish & Spanglish in my household. Taking Spanish lessons with me will be more conversational and less textbook. You will have the opportunity to learn more Latin American Spanish and not just Spain Spanish :)

About Tiffani
My name is Tiffani; welcome to my profile!

I am a sales and product development associate at a top clothing accessories company in NYC. My day to day is working with designers to create trendy socks, hats, scarves, etc to sell to retailers and department stores. Prior this accessories I worked in outerwear and sportswear so I have over 3 years of fashion experience. My past work experience comes from the beauty industry. I have worked at a salon, spa, the iconic Sephora, & also still offer freelance make up appointments.

I am very excited to help guide you in any way I can!!

If you're looking for very down to earth and "catered to you" type lessons then you're in the right place! :)
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Tiffani C.

starting at
$27 / 30-min

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