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Valentina K.

Valentina K.

I am a native Russian speaker and I have studied Russian since elementary school. I graduated from Chishinau university, where 40% of the courses are taught in Russian including Russian grammar and literature. I have taught private courses as a German teacher, to Russian speakers, and therefore I have experience explaining Russian grammar and conversation. I have a deep appreciation for Russia’s literary heritage and am constantly reading classic Russian texts. I have experience teaching online Russian language to English students. My materials are adapted to English speakers and my beginner students are excited and able to engage in Russian small talk within 6-8 lessons. My lessons are efficient, well planned and productive. I’ll teach you spelling and grammar rules, I’ll extend you vocabulary and we will always be practicing and reviewing previously learned material. I help encourage my students to study Russian. With me you will smoothly move from a beginner to more advanced. I create a low stress and efficient learning environment.
/60 mins
Yekaterina K.

Yekaterina K.

Hello! My name is Yekaterina. I am a language expert, polyglot, and a performing concert pianist. I received Bachelor of Fine Art degree with emphasis on classical piano performance and pedagogy, and later advanced my studies in Cape Town, South Africa. I concider myself an expert in languages, pedagogy and child psychology, with over 20 years of teaching experience. Being a native Russian speaker, I learned English and Spanish (as well as Portuguese, French, Italian and some Mandarin and Japanese) from the ground up, so I understand very well the challenges of learning a language. I have structured a specific approach that incorporates tricks and shortcuts, that worked very well for me. Little things ythat ou can do to bring the language into your everyday life make a big difference in how fast you start speaking... these little things accumulate and make the whole experience of learning a language much easier and more natural. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and I am looking forward to teaching you!
/30 mins