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Zhao Yang L.

Zhao Yang L.

I am a native Russian speaker and love utilizing my knowledge of Russian language, history, and culture to help people to learn Russian language.At my lessons, I have creativity and do my best to build an exciting and interesting learning experience. In practice I utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students to learn and communicate in a foreign language. I often use visual aids, such as software tools or videos and make students feel that learning a foreign language is fun and interesting. I believe culture is a crucial concept in language teaching, in a certain sense language learning is culture learning. So my lessons always include a basic cultural section where I introduce culture and customs to the students.
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Tatiana Z.

Tatiana Z.

I have a Ph.D. in Philology and am a native Russian speaker born in Moscow - the capital of Russia. Therefore, I can apply my knowledge of language methodologies to teach Russian. Also, I have tutored foreign students in Russian for many years already. Russian is my native language and it is one of the most beautiful, amazing languages in the world; it is the language of great writers and poets, actors and artists, philosophers and scientists, musicians and humanists. Besides teaching I held lectures in theory of language, history of language, psycholinguistic, and sociolinguistics. If you are looking for a fun, flexible, and engaging tutor, I am perfect for you. I provide a variety of activities so you will never get bored. For example, I will use fun warm up tasks, games, interactive conversational lessons, and quizzes. We will use authentic materials as well. All materials are provided. You will learn conversational skills, formal writing skills, and test taking strategies all in a fun manner. This course is perfect for beginners to get a basic understanding after several weeks or for advanced speakers who want to brush up on their language skills.
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/30 mins
Joseph B.

Joseph B.

Teaching conversation and translation at native and highest levels. I am a native speaker of the Russian language, a professional musician with perfect pitch and thus no accent in my speaking. I am also equally fluent in English and have been hosting radio programs spanning over 10 years. I have given talks in both languages internationally and have been published by Carol Publishing as well as Genet Publishing in newspapers, on line, in print both soft and hard cover available in Barns and Noble, Amazon and anywhere fine books are sold. If you are learning to speak in the Russian language or if you are improving your skills, if you are a singer working on enunciation and the feeling of the language for writing, speaking or singing - you have come to the right place. My family of professional musicians have helped orchestras and choir in the production of Alexander Nevsky on the big screen in concert of the Eastman Theater that to this day continues to illicit fond memories in the thousands of people who witnessed an American choir singing beautifully and expressively as native Russians with the orchestra. Some of the most amazing literature and poetry is in the Russian language. Feeling its music and beauty is a gift to be cherished. Such memories and moments in life are so rewording! Translating to my friends and family the movies we watched together is more precious than even a photograph. I would like to help you reach such moments in your life and to be comfortable in your speaking and reading if you wish. The lessons or conversational and easygoing. Like friends meeting over a cup of coffee or tea. If that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!
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/30 mins
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Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

We are learning conversational now...thanks!

Jackson (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Amazing! I've learned so much

sophie (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

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Learn Russian in Los Angeles

About 200 million people speak Russian natively, making it the eighth most commonly spoken native language in the world. (It’s the sixth most commonly spoken when including non-native speakers).

The official language of the largest country in the world and one of the official languages of the United Nations, Russian is also the language of cosmonauts. Astronauts are required to learn Russian before boarding the Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station!

Russian is not only the language diplomats and space cadets, but it's also widely spoken around the world, with large populations of Russian speakers in Cyprus, Hungary, China, Mongolia, Poland, Finland, Israel, and of course the United States.

So, why not join the world, its leaders, and outer space in speaking the tongue of great art and timeless literature by signing up for Russian language classes in Los Angeles?

The Benefits of Taking Russian Lessons in Los Angeles

Apart from studying in Russia, you can't beat taking Russian language classes in Los Angeles. West Hollywood in Los Angeles County is home to the second largest concentration of native Russian speakers in the US. With strong family ties and the allure of Hollywood's big-screen opportunities, the community continues to grow.

This community of émigrés, hailing mostly from countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, places Southern Californians aspiring to learn the language inside a cultural center. West Hollywood hosts a Russian culture month each May, which features an arts festival to celebrate the history and language that create the rich cultural identity of Slavic peoples. The festival welcomes both native speakers and those new to the language and culture.

West Hollywood's Russian-speaking community invites everyone to join in by attending Russian film screenings, tasting Russian cuisine, enjoying performance arts, and viewing fine art.

In addition to Los Angeles's large Russian-speaking community, its diverse university system also offers plenty of opportunities to learn, speak, and immerse oneself in Russian language and culture. UCLA hosts one of only four Russian flagship programs in the United States, providing exceptional opportunities for students of all levels to learn Russian in Los Angeles.

Studying with a Russian Tutor in Los Angeles

With over 50 highly rated instructors to choose from, it's easy to find a Russian tutor in LA whose teaching style, methods, and personality you love. Our teachers are experienced instructors capable of organizing effective lessons and tailoring them to the needs and goals of their students.

No matter your skill level, you can take Russian classes in Los Angeles from tutors who are native speakers, knowledgeable of Russian history and Slavic culture, and even well-versed in discussing global issues in Russian.

One reviewer had this to say of highly-rated instructor, Daria D., "Studying Russian with Daria has been an incredible experience for me. I am fascinated by Russian language and culture, and Daria's lessons have provided me with deep insights into both."

Where to Take Russian Lessons in Los Angeles

From Long Beach to Santa Monica and from Valley Village to West Hollywood, you can hire a Russian tutor in Los Angeles County wherever is most convenient for you. If you're not keen on meeting up for lessons in person, consider hiring a Los Angeles tutor who teaches online, instead.

When deciding where and when to meet your new Russian tutor in Los Angeles, don't be afraid to get creative. Choose a Russian restaurant, like Robert's Russian Cuisine on La Brea Avenue, and ask your tutor to help you through the language and etiquette of ordering a meal.

When preparing for your Russian classes in Los Angeles, be sure to stock up on all the supplies you’ll need. Pop into Flax Pen and Paper to sift through many options for fresh notebooks, fancy pens, and highlighters for recording new vocabulary. Next, you can find inspiration and motivation at Kovcheg Russian Books, by selecting a few titles that catch your eye!

How to Practice Speaking Russian in Los Angeles

With its closely knit Russian community, Los Angeles provides plenty of opportunities for aspiring Russian speakers to practice their vocabulary, grammar, and expressions with both native speakers and other language enthusiasts.

In addition to the Russian cultural festival held in West Hollywood, you can also try out your newly acquired skills at one of many Russian groups available on Meetup, such as the Russian Conversation Group of LA, or the Los Angeles Russian American Club. As you can see, LA is the perfect place to grow your Russian language skills, so why not get started today?

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