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I love teaching, I can teach you at where you at and take you where you need to be. I only need a student with the desire to learn and to practice.

I like to help students realize they have the intelligence and ability to solve the problems on their own, they just need the right direction. Nothing is too difficult once we understand how to do it!

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian
  • Awarded 2nd position in the Open Chess District Tournament from Municipalidad de San Miguel

Reviews (82)

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Naureen Nov 3, 2019
Chess · Online

Arya Oct 7, 2019
Algebra 1 · Online

The lesson was very helpful for my son

Raman P. Sep 7, 2019
Chess · Online

Daniel is very personable, and easy to talk to.

Aisha M. Jul 9, 2019
Chess · Online

nice teacher

Aisha M. Jul 9, 2019
Chess · Online

Nice tither

Tejas R. Jun 23, 2019
Chess · Online


Anita R. Jun 21, 2019
Chess · Online

Stacy D. Jun 6, 2019
Spanish · Online

John R. Jun 1, 2019
Spanish · Online

Very helpful.

Micah May 30, 2019
Spanish · Online

My 8-year-old son just took his first Spanish lesson with Daniel. Before we could even exit the class he was telling me, "I loved it! Can we do it again tomorrow?!"

Jason Apr 13, 2019
Chess · Online

Great teacher. Very kind and capable. I am a beginner and I greatly appreciate Daniel's patience and understanding. I look forward to many lessons with him in the future.

Frank Y. Mar 30, 2019
Chess · Online

How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rajita Mar 17, 2019
Chess · Online

Frank Y. Mar 16, 2019
Chess · Online

Cate Feb 25, 2019
Math · Online

Easy going and made the explanations easy for my daughter to understand.

Christopher Feb 10, 2019
Elementary Math · Online

My son really liked Daniel he broke things down for my son to understand he did an amazing job

Jayda Jan 23, 2019
Math · Online

Daniel helped my daughter with her math. She has been struggling and after one lesson I could see a whole shift in her attitude towards math. Thank you so much Daniel!

Renee Jan 14, 2019
Chess · Online

Trinity Dec 31, 2018
LSAT · Online

Does a really great job of explaining and breaking down individual problems. Helps to allow the student to see the perspective of the test takers!

Gary Dec 15, 2018
Chess · Online

Very kind and patient!

Christopher Dec 9, 2018
Algebra 1 · Online

He is the best !

Sam Nov 25, 2018
Spanish · Online

Daniel is a great listener and a good motivator. I love how he will do your entire lesson in Spanish to help fully immerse you and reinforce what you are learning. I am looking forward to my future lessons with him.

Simon W. Oct 28, 2018
Chess · Online

Danial is a very good teacher. He has all the patience in the world. My 9 year old son likes him very much.

Bob P. Oct 3, 2018
Russian · Online

Daniel is a very good teacher. He shares as he learns about his subject, is patient and encouraging. I highly recommend him.

Omar Sep 23, 2018
Chess · Online

The first class with Mr.Daniel was great . He was professional,patient and very helpful .My son enjoyed it and made him more excited about chess. He can’t wait for his next lesson.

Eshaan A. Sep 11, 2018
SAT · Online

Very helpful and skilled strategy for SAT PREP.

Harrison Jun 22, 2018
GMAT · Online

Vipul Jun 21, 2018
Chess · Online

Randy S. May 14, 2018
GRE · Online

Great so far looking forward to my next lesson

Guy Feb 28, 2018
Chess · Online

Beth Feb 24, 2018
Spanish · Online

It was my first lesson and Daniel was very patient with me. I feel like we are off to a great start!

Dr. AM Feb 1, 2018
Chess · Online

Awesome teacher, who listens and implements what the parents envision for the child!

katie Jan 29, 2018
Spanish · Online

I enjoyed my first lesson with Daniel he is very patient!

katie Jan 28, 2018
Spanish · Online

I enjoyed first class with daniel he is very patient . Gracias Daniel

Jackson Z. Jan 24, 2018
Algebra 2 · Online

Very good start to the tutoring concept for my son. Initiated to help prep for midterms

John Jan 21, 2018
Spanish · Online

Daniel is very knowledgeable, patient and flexible in his learning approach. He works with the student to align on an approach that will work for them. I've had 4 lessons and gained more in that short period of time than with previous instructors.

Jenie Jan 20, 2018
Spanish · Online

Daniel is a great teacher-I am becoming more confident in my conversations. He is Knowledgable and affordable.

Samuel Jan 20, 2018
Spanish · Online

He is a good teacher, always ready to answer my doubts and had a good internet connection. He is also very flexible with the schedule, which is good for me because of my work.

cheryl Jan 20, 2018
Spanish · In home

Daniel is a good teacher and recommends good text books as well. Due to my time difference in locations of Daniel and me, He was often having his dinner or taking care of his child which made the connection a little difficult to hear. But he tried hard to make certain I understood the material. Overall, a good teacher.

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Yumiko Dec 16, 2017
Pre Calculus · Online

Daniel has been adjusting the schedule flexibly and he has helped my son a lot.
My son had been struggling with his Math class, however, it became much easier for him to catch up with his class as soon as he started to study with Daniel. I appreciate that I could see his progress on his grade. Thank you, Daniel!

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Jeni Dec 2, 2017
Spanish · Online

Wonderful, affordable and knowledgeable teacher

John C. Nov 10, 2017
Spanish · Online

Very good, clear and practical instructor.

James Aug 24, 2017
Chess · Online

Fantastic instructor. Really clear, thoughtful and helpful.

Jason Jun 22, 2017
GMAT · Online

I needed to get 690+ and I had bad experiences with other academies and tutor in the past. He gave me the foundations and the confidence to achieve my goal.

Jacob Apr 13, 2017
Spanish · Online

Daniel is a great teacher!

Clayce Mar 5, 2017
Pre Calculus · Online

This was the first lesson for my son. He was actually surprised and thought that it was a great first lesson. He said that Daniel reviewed the concepts with him which allowed him to solve the problems. He is motivated and is looking forward to his next lesson.

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Dannetta H. Dec 23, 2016
Spanish · Online

This was my first lesson with Daniel. It was very informational and fun. I am so glad Daniel has patience because he has a very long way to go with me. I am looking forward to several more lessons at least 18 months or so.

Javier V. Dec 17, 2016
Chess · Online

He is a great teacher, thank you

Susan K. Nov 28, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

Awesome teacher!. He was patient with my son to explain a complicated part again and again. He has the resources to teach and is very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to obtain his assistance with Algebra 2. Respectful and humble.

Donovan B. Oct 18, 2016
Spanish · Online

Daniel is great. He helps my son understand his lessons by going at a pace he can keep up with.

William G. Sep 6, 2016
GRE · Online

I was not sure what to expect for my first online class, but I was surprise it was a great overall experience. I will recommend you to try online lessons if you have not done it before. You will enjoy the experience!

Mathew Sep 5, 2016
Geometry · Online

I had many doubts before getting tutor by Daniel. He gave me the confidence I need it to have to solve the problems on my own. You won't regret having him as your tutor.

Olga Sep 5, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

Daniel is a great teacher, his explanations are clear and simple. I tried a couple of tutors before but no one managed to help me as good as Daniel did.

Tholang M. Apr 29, 2016
GMAT · Online

First time user on Take Lessons. He couldn't provide all the study material as first initiated and seldom sat in a quiet area to provide lessons so the lesson would be distracted by noises in his background. Dissatisfactory service. Highly disappointing.

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Chris F. Apr 22, 2016
Algebra 1 · Online

My oldest has struggled for the first time in a math class this past year. At the beginning of the year I accepted he just didn't mesh with his teacher's style but as his grades continued to plummet and everything we tried at home wasn't working I finally reached out for a tutor. I wasn't sure how well Algebra 1 tutoring would work this far into the school year (Q4) . I'm not a stickler for grades, I just need to know my children understand the concepts they are supposed to be learning. And I needed someone who could really evaluate Tommy based on where he is now, what he's missed in the classroom and how to give him that solid foundation in Algebra 1 so he can be more successful next year as he goes into Geometry and eventually into Algebra 2. It was a very frustrating year for both Tommy and myself to have him struggle in it despite all the support he had from his step-dad and I and virtually none from his teacher. I was watching my son who every previous year LOVED math start to just hate it.

So I turned to Daniel M. as a bit of a last resort. I wasn't sure if he would be able to evaluate where Tommy was struggling, shore up the missed/misunderstood concepts and teach in such a way that Algebra made as much sense to Tommy as all his previous maths did.

I have to say, Tommy and I are both very impressed with Daniel after just the first lesson! Tommy came away excited with how easily it was for him to absorb the information Daniel laid out for him and how it's 100% a better fit for Tommy to understand the equations after just the one lesson! I wish I had the money to just hire Daniel for tutoring much more often, but thankfully he is so good at breaking down where the confusion lies on Tommy's end and explaining it in such an easy to comprehend way that I am fully confident Tommy will end this year on a high note in both his confidence and his grades. I can't wait to see where we go from here!

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Robert Marjai M. Apr 21, 2016
Spanish · Online

Daniel has been helping me staying on track with my Spanish. He is a good teacher and very flexible with scheduling the classes. I recommend him.

Angela S. Apr 21, 2016
Spanish · Online

I'll definitely use him again as soon as my schedule gets less hectic.

Jose Apr 21, 2016
GRE · Online

I am new to online lessons, so I wasn't sure what to expect from our lesson. I was pleasant and surprise to see that I enjoy the class and learn a lot from my tutor. I will recommend him!

Kumara Apr 17, 2016
Math · Online

Daniel is already helping my daughter (7th grade) to improve her Math. I recommend!

Tholang M. Apr 13, 2016
GMAT · Online

Only started, so far so good, will see how it goes.

KATHY Mar 17, 2016
Algebra 1 · Online


Jennifer H. Mar 7, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

I have been using takelessons for years. Sadly I have to write my first bad report. This instructor could not be on time with any of the lessons. We had to call, text and skype text him to remind him we had an appointment. We had to put forth so much effort chasing him down for tutoring. I gave him the three strikes your out rule and he failed us. Good luck trying him out. :-(

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Joyce K. Feb 25, 2016
GMAT · Online

I just started taking lessons with Daniel, will see how it goes.....

Monica F. Feb 23, 2016
Math · Online

Daniel has been such a huge help in tutoring my 12 year old son! I had chosen Daniel to help my son, as one of the many options of homeschooling. It didn't take long to choose him after I had the great reviews so many people had left for him, and he is beyond affordable!
My son is also very happy with Daniel. He likes that he teaches him different ways of solving different problems. It makes it easier for him. He rather Daniel teach him math as well because he says Daniel is more patient with him then I. I have to agree. I also, no longer have to deal with the preteen hormones giving his.mom a hard time. He respects Daniel and doesn't want to let him down.
As an added bonus Daniel teaches Spanish, for the same fee! So very affordable!!
Zach choose not to learn Spanish, however, we licked out because Daniels lovely amd very patient wife teaches/tutors French The language Zach elected to learn first. It was a win win for us. We couldn't be more satisfied!
If you need help in Math, this guy is the way to go! I can't stress it enough!

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Linda R. Feb 23, 2016
Math · Online

Daniel, is a great tutor for my granddaughter. Really like that he works with our scheduling.
She feels comfortable being tutored by him.

Denise D. Feb 9, 2016
GRE · Online

Daniel is very patient and makes sure I am comprehending what we are going over. This is very important to me to make sure I am grasping the information.

Joshua Megli Dec 18, 2015
Spanish · Online

Daniel, does a great job of explaining Spanish as well as giving good resources. I highly recommend him. He is flexible with scheduling and is easy to contact if I have questions. I often feel foolish when speaking Spanish but Daniel is not judgemental. I will be having many more lessons with him in the future.

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Erin A. Nov 11, 2015
Spanish · Online

Daniel does a great job he has been working with my 7yr old daughter and she is learning so much. He takes the time to explain things to her slowly making sure she understands the material. I couldn't be happier!

Pedro Oct 30, 2015
GMAT · Online

Daniel is an amazing tutor…I just signed up to take more lessons with him. I have been out of school for more than 9 years now and Daniel has helped me tremendously on my quest to GMAT success. I was a little hesitant at first about taking lessons online through skype, but boy am I glad I did. If you are serious about taking the GMAT or as I like to call it “My Nemesis” and are contemplating getting a tutor, Daniel is your guy. He is patient, flexible with his schedule, and his methods of teaching are easy to understand. Overall it’s been an awesome experience with a very talented and professional educator.

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Kofoworola O. Oct 21, 2015
GRE · Online

He is well versed in the the subject area. Looking or ward to the next session😃

Anthony F. Oct 11, 2015
Geometry · Online

The session had a few technical glitches, but Daniel was very helpful and resourceful in getting pass them. He seemed to teach my son with ease, being able to go back to points that may have been missed in order to get him to the current level.

Ingrid B. Sep 30, 2015
Spanish · Online

Recommend ... Nice person , well organizes .

Judah C. Sep 27, 2015
Spanish · Online

He was wonderful ! He was able to help my son with the correct pronunciation of words and proper use. I can see that my son's grade is going to greatly improve because he's finally getting the extra help that he needs from a competent teacher.

Michael F. Sep 22, 2015
GMAT · Online

Great instructor that works with you to achivd your goals

Kim T. Sep 22, 2015
Algebra 1 · Online

First time doing online tutoring. We weren't very well prepared with material to review. He was able to turn the experience into s productive lesson.

Caroline S. Sep 21, 2015
Spanish · Online

First class was very good. Strong teacher who explains clearly.

Sophie R. Sep 19, 2015
Spanish · Online

Daniel custom designed Spanish lesson for my daughter. He also very professional and easy to communicate with.

Sharon M. Sep 19, 2015
Spanish · Online

Although my daughter only had one lesson with Daniel she totally enjoyed it.

Carol lee Aug 27, 2015
Spanish · Online

It was my first class and it was great!

Patricia J. Aug 17, 2015
Spanish · Online

There was confusion on my part regarding the time of class. So we did not have a lesson. Daniel was very patient and resolved a problem so I can do a lesson prior to our next meeting....

Anna Jul 20, 2015
Algebra 1 · Online

Daniel is a great teacher. He knows a lot and explains everything clearly.

Samuel Jul 18, 2015
GMAT · Online

Daniel communicates very well, and he is very skilled at Math. He offers classes via Skype, and he will work with your schedule.


GMAT and GRE Tutor
Apr 2011 - Present

Private Tutor

Tutor Math, IR, Verbal, and AWA.

AVID Tutor
Aug 2007 - May 2010

McCollum High School

Tutor Math, History, Spanish, and Geography to students from 9th to 12th grade.


Language and Literature
Jan 2006 - May 2010

Baptist University of the Americas

Chemical Engineering
Jan 2005 - May 2005

Saint Christopher University

Associate in Theology
Jan 2002 - Dec 2004

Calvary Chapel Bible College


English, Spanish

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Associate of Arts
May 2010

Baptist University of the Americas

May 2005


I took the computer based test and passed with a good score.


May 2010

Communities In Schools

2nd position in the Open Chess District Tournament
Nov 2004

Municipalidad de San Miguel


United States Chess Federation
Apr 2016
The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the official, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) US membership organization for chess players and chess supporters of all ages and strengths, from beginners to Grandmasters. Our mission is to empower people through chess one move at a time. Our vision is to enrich the lives of all persons and communities through increasing the play, study, and appreciation of the game of chess.
National Tutoring Association
Jun 2015
The NTA was formed in 1992 for the purpose of establishing a membership organization for tutoring professionals. The NTA is dedicated exclusively to tutoring, and represents the interests of thousands of tutors in the U.S. and thirteen other countries, practicing in all phases of tutoring, program administration, and supplemental student services.

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