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Try three private lessons for just $30
3 for $30
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Joseph B.

Joseph B.

Teaching conversation and translation at native and highest levels. I am a native speaker of the Russian language, a professional musician with perfect pitch and thus no accent in my speaking. I am also equally fluent in English and have been hosting radio programs spanning over 10 years. I have given talks in both languages internationally and have been published by Carol Publishing as well as Genet Publishing in newspapers, on line, in print both soft and hard cover available in Barns and Noble, Amazon and anywhere fine books are sold. If you are learning to speak in the Russian language or if you are improving your skills, if you are a singer working on enunciation and the feeling of the language for writing, speaking or singing - you have come to the right place. My family of professional musicians have helped orchestras and choir in the production of Alexander Nevsky on the big screen in concert of the Eastman Theater that to this day continues to illicit fond memories in the thousands of people who witnessed an American choir singing beautifully and expressively as native Russians with the orchestra. Some of the most amazing literature and poetry is in the Russian language. Feeling its music and beauty is a gift to be cherished. Such memories and moments in life are so rewording! Translating to my friends and family the movies we watched together is more precious than even a photograph. I would like to help you reach such moments in your life and to be comfortable in your speaking and reading if you wish. The lessons or conversational and easygoing. Like friends meeting over a cup of coffee or tea. If that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!
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Roman N.

Roman N.

*****Your progress begins as you are reading this intro***** There are three simple things you need to know about my tutoring program:  1 Making the right choice requires two things. First, collect the info:  Watch my videos, read my profile and my reviews.  I provide a well structured curriculum,    various sets of input and comprehensible grammar sheets which are all included.  Second, try a few classes and see if you get the feeling "I like this guy and I trust he can help" because YES: chemistry is important since it creates a special bond that will help us achieve our goals. 2 Always record your sessions so you can stay focused during your interaction with the teacher because that’s when the real learning is happening. After you can watch it and take notes. This approach has proved itself as the most efficient way to improve retention. All those tons of material will be well organized in your notebook and in your head. It’s like you are creating your own textbook which is an additional but very valuable bonus to the investment you are making. 3 One of the ways I prove my loyalty to my students is to always keep the same rate no matter how long it will take you to get to the level you desire. The reason why my students succeed is because they enjoy the process. When you have the trust, right program and chemistry: And when all three come together, the sky's the limit. Don't forget to watch my "Russian FAQ" video.
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Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

We are learning conversational now...thanks!

Jackson (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Amazing! I've learned so much

sophie (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

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Learn Russian in San Francisco

Want to learn Russian? Since Russian comes in eighth worldwide among spoken languages, you'll find more than enough people to practice your skills with! Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia all consider Russian their official language. You'll also find a lot of Russian speakers in Armenia, Ukraine and Israel.

Whether you plan to do some sightseeing abroad, want to use your language in international business pursuits or simply to communicate better with family members, taking Russian classes in San Francisco can be just what you need to reach your goals.

The Benefits of Taking Russian Classes in San Francisco

San Francisco is an excellent setting to learn Russian. Because San Fran is the fourth most populated city in California with over 800,000 residents, you'll find many native speakers right where you live.

Known for its diversity, San Francisco is a beautiful place to take in local Russian culture. You'll be able to appreciate Russian art in your region, such as seen at the Museum of Russian Culture. You'll also be able to read "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy in its original language, while possibly enjoying the atmosphere of Pier 39.

And don’t forget to attend the annual Russian Festival in Pacific Heights. There, you'll enjoy Russian dance, music, art and food. Try borsch, piroshki, pelmeni and many other tasty Russian dishes! Russian lessons in San Francisco can significantly enhance these experiences, and finding a quality teacher is your first step.

Finding a Russian Tutor in San Francisco

When you're ready to take Russian language classes in San Francisco, you'll need to find the right teacher. What should you look for in a Russian tutor in San Francisco? It's a good idea to check their reviews, education, credentials and how long they've been teaching.

One well-loved teacher in our directory is Olga C., who’s been teaching since 1999. Olga C. received her Master's Degree from Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory and tutors students ages six and up.

Roman N. is another worthy consideration. Roman has been teaching since 2010 and has over 60 positive reviews. He is also a member of the National Language Service Corps and received his education from The Institute of International Studies (Academy of Paris).

When and Where to Take Russian Lessons in San Francisco

After deciding on a Russian Tutor in San Francisco, the next step is to decide on a time and place to meet. Our tutors are flexible, so no matter what your schedule is like, you’re sure to find a good match for your needs. If you’d prefer, you can even take lessons online from the comfort of your home.

Lessons may be held at your instructor's home, your home or a public location. For getting to and from lessons, public transportation in SF is one convenient option. You can take the Muni Metro or a Muni bus to lessons, and you might even pass a number of landmarks on the way such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Coit Tower.

If you're looking for a public meeting place, one of San Francisco's many parks including Crissy Field makes for a peaceful setting on a nice day. You can also choose a local cafe such as the Buena Vista on Hyde Street.

Before and After Russian Language Classes in San Francisco

In addition to taking Russian classes in the Bay area, there are a few other ways to maximize your success. Before your lessons begin, consider picking up some supplies to make studying fun and easy. This could be anything from notebooks, flashcards or pens and pencils. Kelly Paper, on Howard Street, or a similar stationery store should have all you need.

You can also check out your local library such as Park Branch Library to find resources on the Russian language and culture. If you're looking for materials to keep, consider visiting a bookstore near you. Alexander Book Company is a local favorite.

In between lessons, remember to immerse yourself in the Russian language and culture as much as you can. Pushkin on Bush Street offers a variety of authentic Russian dishes to enjoy, and can be a great place to practice your vocabulary.

You can also visit the Russian Center of San Francisco, which has the goal of preserving Russian heritage with several local events. As you can see, learning Russian in San Francisco is an exciting cultural adventure to embark on, and we’re here to help every step of the way!

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