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Popular Language Teachers in Villa Ridge, MO

Profile-background-check Background Check

Anthony P.

3 Reviews
Chesterfield, MO
Starting at $34
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Teaching since 2017
  • Graduating High School / Will go to College for Spanish Major from Parkway Central High School
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Anthony P.

3 Reviews
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I have a huge passion for languages, especially Spanish! I feel that EVERYONE should speak a second language. So I would love to be able to share my passion of the Spanish language with others by teaching it!

I have always loved the Spanish language and there are a million reasons why, There are so many Spanish speaking countries! All with there own unique culture, way of speaking, and people. By learning Spanish, you are learning to talk to all of these people and getting amazing new opportunities and friendships! (Not to mention the new vacation options it opens up! :) )

As I said in my bio, I have a huge passion for languages, especially Spanish! I feel that EVERYONE should speak a second language. So I would love to be able to share my passion of the Spanish language with others by teaching it! I am fluent in Spanish and I speak it everyday, making me perfectly able to help you learn any and all levels of Spanish. I also am extremely fascinated by the different variations of ...

About Anthony

Hey, I'm Anthony and I have a huge passion for languages, especially Spanish! I feel that EVERYONE should speak a second language. So I would love to be able to share my passion of the Spanish language with others by teaching it! I have always loved the Spanish language and there are a million

Recent Reviews
I needed some lessons for my trip to Puerto Rico. Anthony showed up on time and prepared.

I was very surprised at his level of fluency and how much he knew about the different dialects and overall knowledge of learning the language.
His profile and stated he had a passion for languages I had and he was not kidding.

In addition to getting exactly what I needed in learning some Spanish, Anthony even talked to me about other languages he knew including Italian.

His teaching style is very relaxed and friendly. However, the real beauty of this tutor is his complete knowledge of the subject matter and His ability to teach it in a way that you understand and learn.

I would highly recommend Anthony Pieron to anyone who wants to learn Spanish the right way.
Been struggling to learn Spanish for years (I'm currently in AP Spanish at my high school and still didnt know it). A few lessons with Anthony gave me just as much knowledge if not more than 5 years of spanish ever did. I already feel comfortable speaking it to native born speakers! Highly recommend Anthony, phenomenal teacher.
Great teacher!
Makes learning super easy
Profile-student-favorite Student Favorite

Francesca S.

16 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $55
  • Speaks Italian, English, French, German
  • Teaching since 2001
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Student Favorite

Francesca S.

16 Reviews
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I was born in Italy and lived there for 36 years. I went to school there and I have a Bachelor Degree from one of the oldest Universities in Europe, the University of Verona. Before college, I attended the Liceo Linguistico, where I extensively studied Italian Grammar in connection to Latin, French and German. I can honestly say I master the Italian grammar in all of its structures.
I have been working in Customer Service for an American Bank in Italy for the last 10 years. In addition to that, I have been tutoring students of different ages, Elementary School all the way to High School, since I was in college. The subjects I covered were for the most part English, Italian and Math. I was also tutoring adults who wanted to learn English as beginners or improve their conversation skills. I loved my job at the bank, but at the same time there was nothing more satisfying than seeing my students succeed: I have always enjoyed helping people improve their communication skills and improve ...

About Francesca

I was born and raised in Vicenza, an hour west from Venice. My husband is American, we met in Italy and after living together there for 15 years, we decided to move back to the US last Summer. We have two kids, 7 and 4, who are perfectly bilingual. I have always enjoyed teaching English to little

Recent Reviews
Justin K.
Very thorough and patient!
Francesca is very professional. She is easy to talk to and extremely organized. Her structured and disciplined style is adaptable to all student levels. She is an excellent coach and can easily flex her approach to the style of learning thats best for her student. Highly recommended.
Greg A
Francesca is fluent in both italian as well as english. She has excellent teaching skills and adjusts to her students abilities with ease. She is great to talk to, personable and funny. All around an exceptional instructor.

Johnny P.

Teaches Online
Starting at $34
  • Teaches Advanced
  • Teaching since 2020
  • Teaches students 18 to 25
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Johnny P.

Book Now

It’s my primary language and it’s beautiful

About Johnny

What’s up guys this bio thing is weird let’s just learn

Meet Online Language Teachers Serving Villa Ridge, MO

Merve Ü.

Teaches Online
Starting at $17
  • Teaching since 2018
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Merve Ü.

Book Now

I speak fluently English, beginner level German and Spanish.
Learning language is a passion for me. By learning language i learn how to teach the best way depends on your level.

About Merve

I am friendly and easygoing person. I am 25 years old and lived in 3 different continents so far. I have worked immigrant and refugee center as a social worker. That experience led me to discover my teaching skills. I taught Turkish and help kids homework in English.

karina S.

Teaches Online
Starting at $34
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner
  • Teaching since 2015
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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karina S.

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My name is Karina and I love teaching Spanish! I am from the Dominican Republic and grew up in New York City. I teach conversational Spanish with cultural topics including music. I believe the best way to learn Spanish is by immersing yourself into the culture.

About karina

Hola! I am a native Spanish speaker who lives in New York City. I teach conversational Spanish with cultural topics. Exposing my students to the culture and traditions while learning Spanish is very important to me.

Gustavo V.

1 Review
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Teaches students 16 and up
  • Teaching since 2011
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Gustavo V.

1 Review
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Learn with a native Spanish speaker from Bolivia. I have a passion to teach and help while sharing my culture and knowledge. My classes are adaptable for every student, an I will tailor the learning experience to each student's specific goals and needs.

There are 20 countries in the world that have Spanish as their official language, but Spanish is not exactly the same everywhere. I enjoy sharing insights into regional colloquialisms to help you prepare better for your unique circumstances.

About Gustavo

I started teaching Spanish in 2011 in Bolivia, helping people visiting my country learn the local language and customs. In more recent years I have helped Spanish learners prepare for trips to Spanish speaking countries, to write documents and letters in the appropriate style and tone, and to de

Recent Reviews
Gerald W.
Today was my first lesson with Gustavo. From the start, he was super warm and welcoming. We had already worked the details before meeting today on where I wanted to focus my learning and he had a plan and peripherals ready to go. He really stretched me today, allowing me to engage in the language and corrected where needed. At the end of the lesson, he gave me some homework to help me prepare for our next lesson. I'm really excited about our future lessons together!

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"She's a wonderful teacher. I recommend her all the way!!!"
Took French lessons from Aurore V.
"Morgan was great. I’m learning a lot about how to study more effectively and efficiently even after one lesson. Can’t wait for the next one."
Took French lessons from Morgan M.
"I appreciate her willingness to accommodate me and my schedule and, although I have only had 1 lesson so far, can feel that I am already growing in knowledge and confidence. I really like that she gives me assignments I can work on between lessons so that I can make the most of my lesson time with her."
Took Spanish lessons from Christy V.
"Nehal was very patient with me. As an English speaker, it can be very hard to learn to make some of the Arabic sounds. She gave detailed resources and instruction to learn to make the back of the throat sounds that I couldn't get."
Took Arabic lessons from Nehal G.
"Prajakta has been great so far. Her lessons are very structured and she teaches you at your own pace. If you don't understand she will take the time to explain every little detail. Overall a fantastic teacher."
Took Hindi lessons from Prajakta R.
"Mrs. T is just amazing. Thank you so much for teaches me Brazilian Portuguese. Now I'm already and confidence to go to Brazil."
Orlando catena
Took Portuguese lessons from Tarcisio H.
"Amani is an amazing teacher! I have taken the Rosetta Stone Arabic course, but their scope with Arabic is limited to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Amani has helped to bring Arabic to life for me. Here is what I have discovered in the lessons I have taken so far:
- she is extremely patient
- she answers all of your questions
- she starts the lessons at your level (I am a beginner)
- she is willing to discuss any and all topics
- she is very knowledgeable in Arabic- Modern Standard Arabic or "MSA" (also known as "fus-ha" / formal Arabic) and a range of Colloquial Dialects.
(Remember that MSA is not a native tongue to any Arabic-speaking country. If your goal is to communicate with others, you will have to learn a dialect). I have asked for the translation to words in MSA and she has given me the versions in Syrian (a branch of "Levantine" Arabic which is also understood in Lebanon and Palestine ); Gulf Arabic (for those travelling to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar); and she has also offered the translations in Egyptian Arabic which seems to be the most popular spoken dialect.
- she is also a lot of fun to talk to

So all that to say - I am looking forward to the next lesson!!! :-)

Cyril S.
in Bermuda"
Took Arabic lessons from Amani A.
"I hired Mrs. Hernadez to teach my daughter Skyler spanish . She was so patient with her . Her teaching skills are amazing! My daughter looks foward to her next lessons . Sh"
Took Spanish lessons from Veronica H.
"Ashwini is very kind, patient, and teaches according to your level. I highly recommend!"
Took Hindi lessons from Ashwini S.
"My child worked with Connor of FrostForward Learning as a tutor for Mandarin. Connor was excellent; he has both the necessary substantive knowledge and the interpersonal skills to work well with a teenager. He is professional, reliable, and easy to work with."
Took Mandarin Chinese lessons from Connor F.
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