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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Rae L.

I offer online sessions with standard Mandarin Chinese and simplified Chinese characters. There are two types of sessions that I provide. One is homework help, test preparation, etc. You can send me the documents that you want to work on. The other type of session that I do is structured lessons with vocabulary, sentences, dialogues, and so on. I follow a set curriculum so you have the option to order the textbook online to go with your study. I also use powerpoint presentations for the sessions.
I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker from northern China where Mandarin Chinese is born. I graduated from a Chinese university and learned how to teach a second language from a graduate school in the US with a 3.9 GPA and scholarships. I have two years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese as well. I have worked with students from 5 to 80 years old, ranging from K-12, college, and working and retired adults. Right now I am specialized in beginner Chinese. I'm currently studying Language and Learning focusing on teaching a second language. My passion is to be a language teacher. I think it would be awesome if I could help you learn Chinese while doing what I love. I am patient, friendly, and punctual. I can be flexible with the schedule, too. I am in the Eastern time zone. My availability can be found on my profile. Looking forward to hearing from you.
And in case you are wondering, I do not offer free trials.
大家好! 我的母语是中文, 我能够准确地使用普通话和简体字。我教过中学生中文, 辅导过在校学生的中文作业, 也帮助过职场人士提高汉语水平。我在本科毕业后移民到美国, 现在在读语言习得专业。我对语言教学很有热情。如果可以在你学习汉语的过程中助你一臂之力, 那将是我的荣幸。中文并不像大家想的那么难学, 而且学起来会相当的有趣。选择一个好老师很重要。所以赶快联系我吧!如果可以,请告诉我你曾有过的任何和中文相关的学习经历,你的学习目标, 以及你想要上课的时间。我会尽我最大的努力来满足你的需求。

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  • Speaks Mandarin Chinese, English
  • Teaches students Male: 10 and up; Female: 5 and up
  • Awarded Graduate Diversity Fellowship Scholarship from SUNY

Reviews (18)

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Marianne S. Dec 22, 2019

Love my Mandarin lessons. Rae, the instructor is patient, kind and informative.

Rose Dec 15, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

My son had his first session with Rae and he enjoyed the conversation. He went to a mandarin immersion elementary school but is now at a school that doesn’t have mandarin so we wanted something to keep his mandarin going. Rae did a great job of getting him to speak and figuring out where he is. She kept him engaged, was patient, and the session seemed to flow great.

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Leif B. Dec 3, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

I've only had my first lesson so far, but I was extremely pleased with Rae's approach and patience. I'm excited to keep the lessons going and see how far I can progress in this new challenge for me.

Dylan Nov 18, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Rae is a wonderful teacher. I have a couple learning disabilities and have had many different Chinese tutors. Rae is by far the best because she is incredibly patient, genuinely wants you to understand the material, and makes sure to go at your own pace. She wants you to understand what you are learning and wants to minimize the stresses of learning a new language. Rae is fantastic at making me less intimidated with learning Chinese by breaking down the grammar of the language and learning it step by step. Her mission is to help you learn and not frustrate you. She is incredibly patient, intelligent, kind, and most importantly she genuinely cares about her students. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Chinese.

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Shelli Nov 13, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

My boy has really enjoyed the lessons with Rae so far. She is helping him with his pronunciation as well as learning basic vocabulary and handwriting.

Carlos E. Oct 31, 2019

Hard worker, nice materials, makes learning very enjoyable.

Travis Oct 29, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Very patient and a strong knowledge expert. Took the time to understand where the gaps were in order to properly close them. Looking forward to continue to work with Rae.

Megan Morris Oct 22, 2019
Mandarin · Online

She focuses on practical learning and being able to speak and understand chinese you are likely to use on a daily basis. Patient with pronounciation correcting and adaptable to your level of learning.

Carissa Oct 20, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

We tried several tutors before deciding on Rae and she was excellent.

Charlie Sep 30, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

She is very patient and gives me a lot of time. I really enjoy the lessons. Highly recommended!

Olga Jul 30, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Rae is very knowledgeable, I plan on continuing lessons with her. The lessons are very well structured. Also she is good at communicating and responding to all my question between the lessons.

Aaron Jul 9, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Rae taught me the basics of Chinese tones and some vocabulary. She was very organized and explains things well. Will definately book another session soon! Thanks

Miracle Jul 7, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Rae 老师,was absolutely fantastic. She helped me with several pages of homework that I had already completed. She answered my questions and helped me to create more natural sentences. She also was wonderful with helping me to improve my pronunciation. She is patient, friendly, and very good at what she does. I will definitely be back for more lessons with this wonderful teacher!

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Miles Jul 5, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Rae is really well prepared and is excellent at breaking everything down so that it is easy to understand. She uses detailed PowerPoints and her lessons can be structured or relaxed depending on your learning style. Very good.

JUSTIN C. May 23, 2019
Mandarin Chinese · Online

I thought the 1st one class was great

Carola C. Oct 22, 2018
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Excellent teacher! Rae is patient and understands the kids' pronounciation problem. I am confident that with Rae's lessons, kids will advance and take the HSK exam next year.

Carola C. Oct 5, 2018
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Excellent teacher! Patient and makes sure you have it right. A+

Arielle Sep 21, 2018
Mandarin Chinese · Online



Chinese tutor
Apr 2018 - Present



M.A. Language and Learning
Jan 2017 - Present


B.A. Economics
Sep 2007 - Sep 2012

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, China



Professional Proficiency

Mandarin Chinese

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Graduate Diversity Fellowship Scholarship
Sep 2018


Robert and Elinor Grennell Scholarship
Sep 2017


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