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These Language teachers are highly rated by students in the Minneapolis area, including Hamel, Dayton, South Saint Paul, Saint Francis and Cottage Grove.

Dale S.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Dale

As a performer I have been playing for over fifteen years on the piano. I have received training at Vanguard University where my teacher's were graduates from Juilliard and Yale. I currently accompany the choirs at Desert Ridge Junior High. I have received a Masters in Music from Baylor University and a Doctorate from ASU and currently teach Music at Grand Canyon University. I am a published choral composer, and have had music performed in Europe and Canada.

In August of 2012 I began teaching piano on a part-time basis. My teaching philosophy has always been to make sure the students understand why and not just how to perform something. I emphasize music theory along with piano lessons and expect the students to take the time to practice every week. I have taught children of all ages from 4 to 16 years old.

If you would like a

female teacher please contact my wife who is also a teacher on take lessons:


*** Studio Equipment ***

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***

May 19, 2016
Tristan F.
Great first piano lesson experience. My child was fully engrossed in learning, he can't wait till next week!
March 15, 2016
clark A.
Great first lesson! We are excited to continue on a weekly basis with Dale.

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Dale S.



Jonathan "JC" C.

Minneapolis, MN 55423


About Jonathan "JC"

Hello! Bonjour!
I believe the best way to teach is to make it simple and fun! I am patient and dedicated to your success.
-------- QUALITY FIRST --------
Everybody wants the best. I believe quality is the most important. I also believe each person is unique, therefore each student should have tailored lessons.
-------- HAPPY TEACHING --------
Teaching should be a positive and fun experience. I believe in a personalized and genuine approach. In my experience the benefits are enormous: we save a lot of time, energy, and since it is way more suited to the student, we are more efficient = happy! Hopefully Wisdom will come out of this process. All we need is a little support to all grow together.

-------- PHOTOGRAPHY --------
Photography has been my full-time job since 2003. I am a 34-year-old French-American man living and working

in Minneapolis Minnesota. I have +16 years of expertise as a professional photographer. Recent clients include Porsche Minneapolis, Taste of the NFL, Medal of Honor Convention Twin Cities, and Women's Leadership Trust Forum. I will be your teacher today.

-------- WHY THE MOVE TO THE USA? --------
I am a husband and step-father who moved to Minnesota in 2015 to live with the wife Sophia and 2 kids: Blake and Samara, 16 and 14. They all are musicians or artists.

-------- MY FRENCH HERITAGE --------
From 1995 to 2002 I primarily I studied French literature, English literature, and German, and even Russian for 3 years when I was in high school in France.

I was born in France so the language is my mother's tongue. My parents are Monique and Alain, typical French names. I have an older brother (Frédéric) and a younger sister (Johanna) who lives in Québec, Canada now. I do not practice German and Russian at the moment but I am a specialist of French language. If you want to test my French here I am!

-------- LE TEST FRANÇAIS: BIEN, OU QUOI ? --------
Comme on dit en français: "quand on me cherche on me trouve !" Le français, on l'appelle aussi la langue de Molière par opposition à l'anglais qui est la langue de Shakespeare.
Le français c'est facile car il suffit de pratiquer souvent avec un bon prof' qui sait ce qu'il fait. Et voilà les amis c'est comme ça qu'on doit bien faire les choses en bonne et due forme ! Y'a pas d'secret vous pigez le truc on quoi? Si tu es d'accord dis-moi oui oui hoche de la tête mon ami ! Alors, tranquille le chat? T'inquiète biquette ? Ça roule ma poule ?

-------- MY PASSION FOR SOCIAL WORK --------
In 2015, before I moved to the USA, I was the President of nonprofit organization Association Sunyoga France, French branch of the main NPO from India called UNIVERSAL PEACE CENTRE, for scientific and spiritual research, agriculture, clothing, taking care of orphans and elderly people, with a health center and an education center.

Our 7 humanitarian programs focus on creating a Self-Dependent and Sustainable Global Family Home University. As we speak, we have people from +14 countries working together towards that goal.

I know the organization well since I have been working with them since 2012 in France, India, Serbia, and now in the USA!
I am now working on creating the American branch of the association. It is called Universal Peace Centre • SUNYOGA AMERICA.

Teaching is a big responsibility. Parents and teachers, it is our duty to teach the best. Let's do our best together. Thank you for your trust and friendship.

Wishing us all best success, peaceful, blissful, healthy, and enlightened life.
Merci! Gratitude.

Jonathan C.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Voted Top 5 MN Photographer by CBS News Minnesota
🇺🇸-🇫🇷 French-American
🌏Internationally published and awarded
🐣Photography Workshops Teacher/ Coach for ↪beginners ↪advanced ↪pros💯
🙌President of nonprofit organization Universal Peace Centre • Sunyoga America
👔Board Member of the Minnesota Medal of Honor Memorial

January 27, 2019
Jonathan is a very skilled teacher that takes you expertly through SunYoga meditation. His guidance and humor has allowed my spirituality to grow boundlessly.
January 17, 2019
Kelly M.
Jonathan was awesome! He was very helpful and did a great job working through all of the questions that I had. I will definitely be signing up for more lessons!

Plus it was great to learn how to add my cats in all photos! A new Photobombing level of greatness!!
January 7, 2019
Leila A.
Trying to learn adobe on my own almost to push me to become alcoholic ! Since I started to take classes with Jonathan Finally starting to understand the process.
Jonathan is patient, very knowledgeable and happy person. He transform adobe in a fun activity and that is a miracle!Bravo

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Jonathan "JC" C.

Minneapolis, MN


Simone M.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Simone

Hello! My name is Simone! Let's speak English! I have taught English since 2012 to both children and adults of all levels. I try my best to make learning fun! I'm an open-minded, friendly person who loves languages. I like to focus on speaking, because it is often the most difficult or frustrating part of language (especially when you want to express yourself!). However, I also have a strange passion for grammar! I try to make grammar rules as clear and simple as possible, and will show you how to use them in everyday conversation. I'm here to work through your difficulties, so don't hesitate to ask me any and all questions!


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Simone M.


Abby V.

Saint Paul, MN 55124


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Abby

IMPORTANT NOTICES: AS much as I have enjoyed my Minnesota students, PLEASE NOTE that I am moving away from Mn. winters to the Phoenix Az. area at the end of September 2019 when I will be taking students ONLINE ONLY UNTIL November 2019, then my home studio will reopen.

** Because my private lessons are sporadically scheduled between other teaching, all lessons for age 12 and over are a minimum of one hour.

Due to my maternal grandfather's career as a Chicago vaudeville orchestra leader, from early childhood, the performing arts have been in my blood. Starting to study classical flute at age 12, then playing in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras and taking professional jazz/classical flute workshops/master classes, I've been teaching and playing all styles of flute music professionally since my 20's.

Vocal study began at age

15 with some great artists/educators in SF, Seattle, and Europe, including Bobby McFerrin, Mark Murphy, Broadway singer Adrian West, David Tigner- SF Opera, Davida Kagan-Seattle Opera, and Roland Wyatt- Manhattan Transfer coach /NY Academy of Dramatic Arts. Through many years of teaching experience, I've developed a very successful, uniquely simple 8 part method to help cross cultural individuals/groups of all ages , styles, and levels, sing optimally from their hearts. The necessary basic vocal techniques can be taught effectively in 4 to 8 lessons (depending on one's previous experience), though integrating the technique into your own style can take longer and usually continues throughout one's lifetime.

With a BA in Theater Arts from San Francisco State University, and over 50 years directing, acting, and musical experience, including the last 15 years also working successfully as an ESL educator, I have gained the confidence to help almost any student achieve their educational and/or professional goals.

December 6, 2017
Good teaching philosophy, experienced, patient and kind.
November 8, 2017
Excellent teacher on the subject
July 15, 2017
Elizabeth D.
Wonderfully encouraging and knowledgeable.

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Abby V.

Saint Paul, MN


Natalie J.

Minneapolis, MN 55434


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Natalie

Hey there music students! My current students and I are having our Spring Recital on Monday, June 3. My students are super excited and super ready!

Wouldn't you love to be a part of this! Sign up for lessons on any instrument that I teach and join us for fun! We'd love to have you be a part of our group!

I am an enthusiastic and experienced educator of music and academics. I am currently an area public school instrumental music teacher. I have 15 years of experience teaching privately. I currently play flute in a local professional band organization, and when I complete my Masters program, I will be adding an orchestral experience back into my agenda.

During my college years, I won "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" for my performance on violin and flute, and my academics. I attended a Juilliard summer mus

ic program in NY State, and studied my senior year with A. Casey from Case Western, Cleveland, OH

While a younger student, I spent each summer at the International Music Camp on the border between the US and Canada, studying with teachers from around the globe and playing with international students as well. Through this experience, I learned to value professionalism and enjoyment of music.

My mode of study and performance is very classical, and well-founded in solid repertoire of the genre.

I am planning a Spring/Summer recital for all of my students, and I would love you to join us!

March 25, 2019
My daughter Anna, LOVES when its violin practice.
Natalie is the best violin teacher ever. I rate her 5 stars!♡
March 19, 2019
Natalie is a wonderful instructor who really cares about her students. My daughter very much enjoyed being taught by her, and felt listened to and understood.
March 19, 2019
Our 10 year old daughter loves taking weekly violin and piano lessons from Natalie. Natalie is very patient and encouraging with all of the lessons. We have seen much progress with our daughters violin and piano performance, and she is having a lot of fun learning!

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Natalie J.

Minneapolis, MN


Linda L.

Elk River, MN 55330

About Linda

I have an extensive background helping people achieve their goals. It is so rewarding to watch a student grow and know that I was able to help them. I teach ESL locally and work with students from around the world. My main focus is conversation and I look forward to meeting you!


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Linda L.

Elk River, MN

About Sara

I have years of experience teaching both Spanish and English. I taught conversational Spanish as a TA in both a High School and College settings. I've also taught English lessons in private academies in Spain - working with students of all levels and ages.

I grew up in Spain and lived there until I was a teenager. My accent is European Spanish, however, my father is Dominican, so I also have experience with Latin American Accents and language differences.

A lot of the students I've encountered in the past feel insecure and nervous when speaking a language they're not fully fluent in. My main focus is to make sure all of my students feel comfortable so we can take full advantage of our time together. I cater every lesson to your particular needs. Whether you want to start from the very beginning with some basic grammar or you just nee

d someone to practice your conversation with. I also have lesson plans that are centered around "traveling Spanish" or "Professional Spanish." Whether you want to travel and interact with the locals or further your career by speaking a second language - I have a plan for you!

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Sara C.


Cihan G.

Minneapolis, MN 55403

About Cihan

LGBTI+ activist, Volleybal player, Language lover, Digital Marketing Specialist, Dog lover.

I am very talkative and good listener person and i believe the best way for learning a foreign language is the communication.


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Cihan G.

Minneapolis, MN

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"I had a couple of sessions with Meriem during the transition between my French 1 and 2 classes. We went over rudimentary things that I didn't get in class
and now everything makes so much sense. Good pronunciation is definitely the key and Meriem knows how to lead you there. I also really enjoyed the examples she gave based on songs lyrics. That's a great method!"
"Great first class!"
Diana Mejia
"Very good class. Marcia, is very professional, she follow up and is willing to help me in my learning process. D. Mejia"
"Mrs.Prajakta is a wonderful teacher.Her flexible teaching style helped my daughter to improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.she is a thorough and
patient teacher.she focus many concepts like paragraph reading,grammar.she recommends for additional ways to learn and practice by giving worksheet s.My daughter Dharshna loves to learn with Prajakta Ji."
"Very good teacher! He is professional and fun. Easy to understand and good structure to the lesson. I recommend Nicolas!"
"Joy has been such a wonderful instructor! I started a couple month lesson plan with her and ended up continuing on form many many months after because she
is so great. I'm learning a ton of stuff and it's so convenient and fun that I keep the motivation to keep going. She's super friendly and understanding."
"Jihye was really fun and easy to talk to, and learning and progressing came easily. She was great!"
"I just started taking lessons with Prajakta and so far it has been wonderful. She is very patient, flexible, and encouraging. She also has put a lot of wo
rk in providing the proper materials students need to start learning Hindi even with no prior experience. I have also asked her to share with me about Indian culture and so far she has taught me several interesting facts and cultural traditions as well as tied in hindi with hinduism and india. I'm looking forward to many more lessons!"
"Good introduction to the language and start with the alphabet and sentence structure."

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