38 thoughts on “50 Best Songs to Sing at a Talent Show

  1. Wow i like this note,it helped me when i was going to perform at Butiaba Red Scorpion Hall.
    Thanks for the help you have put on we rising musician’s

  2. I think the song “You Raise Me Up” should be there. Just a little thing i think should be there. Thank you for your time.

  3. i am in love with all of these songs i am only 11 but i hope to got on Americas Got Talent someday because i think i have a beautiful voice. I love to sing the cup song its by Anna Kendrick and i also love Lean on me and Don’t stop believin by journey. I love Journey he is a really big insperation to me and always will be i hope you do more of these websites becuase i adore them so much. Thank you

  4. Someone please help me asap! Auditions are tomorrow, and i still don’t have a song! I cant sing with a high voice, but I do have some vocal strength. Please any song suggestions?! This is for my high school! I want a calmish song like Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars. Not fast like Jitterbug.

  5. My 15 year old daughter is singing with a band at a fundraiser and we need a fun song. She sang Something in the Water last year at this event, but wants something more upbeat this year. It’s a bar type atmosphere. She can hit almost any note. Would love some suggestions.

  6. I have a huge talent show coming up and I don’t know if my voice is good enough so I’m going to try out all these song thanks

  7. I want to sing something this year in the talent show since it will be my last year in the middle I want to surprise people with a really nice song but I don’t know what to sing.

    1. Try Me myself and I by Bebe Rexha. you will need someone to do the rap part. BEWARE there is one cuss word. its the f word

  8. I need a song for my high school talent show but I am debating between so many different songs. I NEED HELP!!

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