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Video: How to Sing Better (Almost) Instantly | Singing Tips

May 22, 2023

Video: How to Sing Better (Almost) Instantly | Singing Tips

Want to know how to sing better in a short amount of time? There are a few simple tips and tricks you can do that will instantly improve your sound. You’d be surprised at how easy they are!

Two of the best techniques to practice if you want to sing better are maintaining correct posture and giving yourself proper breath support.

See what we mean in the video below by talented vocal coach Arlys A.:

How Can I Improve My Singing Voice?

If you want to improve your singing voice, the most important thing to do is practice, but here are some other tips:

  • Improving your range and technique involves regularly vocalizing in order to better understand your voice. 
  • Exploring different genres and developing a better understanding of musicality can be beneficial since it will help you master different styles and expressions. 
  • If you can, train with professionals that can provide specialized feedback on breathing techniques, pitch control, and rehearsal strategies. 
  • Incorporating warm-ups can also be advantageous before exercising your vocal chords, as this helps limber them up while preparing them for use. 

With practicing correctly and correctly using techniques developed by professional singers, it’s possible to improve your singing voice significantly!

Of course, one of the best tips for how to make your voice sound better when singing is to sign up for singing lessons. Your instructor will be able to work with you on a one-on-one level to give you the skills and techniques you need to succeed. Just take a look at the video below for proof of this: 

How to Sing Better Instantly

As you saw in the video, there are two foundations of singing that you should know if you want to become a better singer: proper posture and breath support. Master these fundamental techniques and you’ll be able to sing more of your favorite songs. Keep reading for more details and resources on how to sing better.

Step 1. Proper Posture

Always make sure you’re not slouching when you sing. Your body is an instrument, so you should be keeping an eye on how you’re holding it. Stretching and doing regular physical activity will also help you loosen up.

Check out this resource from ExpertVillage about proper singing posture. It goes into further detail about the necessity of keeping all of your body parts in check while singing.

If you want to learn more about the singer’s stance, here is a helpful infographic that will show you how you should be standing during your practice times and performances.

Step 2. Breath Support

Once you’ve situated yourself correctly, you can focus on your breathing. Avoid shallow breathing while you sing. Instead, you should feel your rib cage open as you breathe in. This will instantly change your sound for the better!

For more information on how to sing better, see this video by David DiMuzio with the best breathing exercises for singers. Practice these on a daily basis and you’ll hear your voice improving in no time.

Hissing is another excellent exercise to practice as you learn about proper breathing. Read the steps for this helpful exercise here.

Step 3: Practice the Right Songs

One of the best methods for how to get better at singing is to choose the right songs. Pick songs that match up with the genre of music that suits your vocal range best, so that it’s easier for you to hit high notes without straining yourself too much. Start off with some simple songs before moving onto more challenging ones as you get more comfortable with singing in general.  

Step 4: Learn How to Become a Better Singer With Ear Training

Ear training is an important part of becoming a better singer because it helps teach you how to match pitch accurately, which is essential if one wants to become good at harmonizing or blending into any style of music seamlessly. 

Practice listening to various recordings such as podcasts, radio shows or even choir practices and try humming along as soon as possible – this will help build strong ear muscles which will only lead towards becoming a better singer in the long run! 

Step 5: Practice Warm Ups and Cool Downs to Learn How to Be a Better Singer

Just like athletes need warmups before they perform their physical activities – singers need warm ups too.

A few simple exercises such as lip trills or tongue trills can help stretch out any tension from the vocal cords before beginning any serious practice session or performance – this way one can prevent any damage from occurring during prolonged use of their voice while also increasing its range.

Similarly, cool down exercises after practice sessions are just as important – this allows one’s vocal cords some time off from all the stress they go through during intense practice sessions. 

Step 6: Find Your Range

Another tip for how to get a better singing voice? Make sure you’re singing in the proper range.

Everyone’s vocal range is unique—and knowing yours can help you find songs that are more suited to your particular vocal abilities. To find out what notes you can comfortably hit, try starting with a simple exercise like humming or lip trills. 

Step 7: Record Yourself

Another great tip for how to make your singing voice better is to record yourself singing. This will give you an honest assessment of where your vocal skills stand. 

Plus, it can be incredibly useful when learning new material; listening back as you record will allow you to pinpoint problem areas and make corrections as needed. Just make sure that whatever device you use has good sound quality; otherwise, all that hard work won’t pay off! 

Step 8: The Absolute Best Tip for How to Make Your Voice Sound Better When Singing – PRACTICE!

Arguably the absolute best tip for how to make your voice sound better when singing is practice, practice, practice! It takes time and dedication to become a great singer, so don’t expect results overnight. 

But if you stick with it and keep practicing every day, eventually those small improvements will add up and before long, people will be asking “How did he/she get such an amazing singing voice?!” 

Learn How to Sing Better By Working With a Vocal Coach

Overall, the best way to learn how to sing better is to take singing lessons from an expert voice teacher. A vocal coach can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your skills and provide a plan tailored to make you a successful singer.

Want to learn more? Check out the live, online singing classes at TakeLessons Live, where you can sample classes for free from a variety of singing teachers on topics like warming up your voice and increasing your vocal range.


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