5 thoughts on “15 Fantastic Jazz Songs for Female Vocalists | Take Lessons

  1. Wonderful Post!
    The selection shows great quality of sound and color in her voices. However I think you should write a post to include Eva Cassidy, even though I think she was more blues girl, her interpretation of Autumn Leaves is a unique one… well I like the colour she gives it making it sadder

  2. Cecile M. Salvant is the best female vocal jazz singer that emerget in the last 5 years.
    She has everything. Voice, presence, flow and style.
    She is also surrounded by an amazing group of musitians

  3. They didn’t add my favorite or one of my favorites ! The Late great Ms Phyllis Hyman.She really had a Delicious Jazzy Contralto style and really something to look at. She was Gorgeous in her own Wright,she had a voice to admire!

  4. How did Amy Winehouse make the list, and not Anita Baker. She has one of the best jazz vocals in modern times. I am at a loss on that.

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