6 thoughts on “30 Fantastic Musical Theater Audition Songs for Kids [Videos]

  1. Some great songs here and some great ideas. I’m looking for a song for my 9/10 year old daughter to sing at festivals/competition next year.

  2. This is for my daughter (9 years old) audition. I m looking for 16 bars of a children’s ballad as well as something more upbeat, anything from Disney works.
    Thank you.

    1. My daughter is singing A part of Evil Like Me from Descendants. Maleficant’s song to her daughter. She is 6 and it’s just a chunck of it but when you take a sassy queen with a little vabrado and a lot of personality, like my daughter hahaha jk, it’s a great song to show young vocals off but maybe even more so to show off the attitude she can sing with and that she isn’t scared to move away from Somewhere Over The Rainbow or Twinkle Twinkle. Only teeny issue is the missing teeth. Hahaha, makes it hard to annunciate as well as she normally would. Those darn “th“‘s and “S”’s do sssssound a different. But hey, we all have to lose our teeth at some point so they have to be a little forgiving. It’s kinda cute essspecially when she is singing a song of one of the most evil queens ever.

      1. This has helped my daughter so much. She had to audition to get into her Poco Voce and this website helped me so much find her the right song to sing to get it the part.

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