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Popular Language Teachers in West Henrietta, NY

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Joseph B.

Rochester, NY
Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Speaks Ukranian, Russian, English
  • Bachelor and Master Of Music Degrees from The Juilliard School
  • Teaching since 1990
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The key to reducing your accent is a sensitive, objective hearing. We hear what we project from our minds. Very often it is not the same as what comes out of our mouths. The listener is also a judge that effects our speaking and thinking as well as our emotional state. That as you may know, effects the way we speak and also the way we perceive what we hear. The accent actually changes every day.

There is your first lesson and its free! There is much more to learn and to explore in accent reduction. I speak multiple languages and I am a professional musician with an unusually refined hearing. I possess perfect pitch, being able to identify frequency to within a range of a tuning instrument. As a conductor, I am able to hear which section and which instrument in that section is sharp or flat on a given note in the middle of playing a symphonic work.

Why is this important? It is vital to being able to identify what and where is needed to be moved as you speak to reduce

About Joseph

~ Teaching beginners to professional students and coaching professionals for over 30 years. All levels and ages are welcome! ~ Hello my friends! I am an internationally respected concert pianist and composer who comes from a family of renowned musicians. I earned my degrees from the Jull

November 14, 2019
I have been studying piano with Joseph for nearly five years. In that time, I’ve learned more about the piano and musical interpretation than I ever thought possible.

Joseph’s technical ‘short cuts’ are amazing! He illustrates ways for your hands and your mind to work that are tailor made for you. Learning from him is so fun it seems almost effortless.

The way Joseph teaches allows you to develop at your own pace. The atmosphere is always relaxed yet everything moves along quickly.

At the open classes I attend, his other students are progressing very rapidly too. After each class, we share our impressions. The mood is elated because it feels like we stepped back in time and into history.

Joseph often quotes inspired wisdom of his historic teachers in our lessons. He is a great inspiration on his own with great musical insights.

I’m playing Beethoven and Chopin works I never thought I could approach at this stage of study, with great depth of understanding. I now play with greater passion and skill, get compliments from everyone I play for, and no longer worry about playing in public.

I look forward to each and every lesson with Joseph. His encouragement and support makes learning so rewarding! Anyone who finds this musical treasure is a lucky person and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
November 12, 2019
Joseph shared his composition at the bedside of a dying man. Everyone listened and stopped crying for a moment. We were transported from the terrible tragedy into his world of beautiful music. His compassion and sensitivity of spirit touched us. When he teaches this gift to others, the world becomes a better place.
November 12, 2019
A great teacher and an amazing pianist! This was an experience of a lifetime for me. I have studied for many years but have never met anyone who can explain and demonstrate with such depth and clarity. In one lesson I learned more than I have in the past year! I am so grateful and would recommend this masterful teacher to everyone.
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Samantha S.

Starting at $75
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks Italian
  • Teaching since 2010
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Benvenuti! I have been teaching Italian for almost a decade. I've lived in 3 different regions of Italy and have studied graduate and doctoral work exclusively in Italian. I am confident that my unique approach to Italian pedagogy can work for you.

About Samantha

¡Hola!/ Ciao! My name is Samantha. I am a NYC based language teacher in both Italian and Spanish. I have experience teaching levels from corporate, to University , to college preparatory high schools! I have been teaching my unique language acquisition techniques around the world since 2010. I wo

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Amrita M.

Starting at $20
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Speaks English, Hindi, Bengali
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2009
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Namaste everyone

Being here from eastern India I know how difficult it is to make kids understand the value of hindi. With me I make the subject interesting and beautiful with them. I have taught hindi to various age groups here. I will teach them grammar, how to connect different words to form a sentence and various other things.

I hope I will be able to share my knowledge and experience with you all and keep my good work.

About Amrita

Hello All This is Amrita.. An accountant by profession.. Currently taking Hindi, English Maths and accounting classes at home. Teacher/ Tutor focused on implementing highly effective instructional practices to improve student learning & academic success.Highly motivated & skilled educator who

October 24, 2019
I've had about 3 lessons with Amrita so far and she's really great. Accounting topics that professors talk about in class that can be hard at times Amrita breaks down and makes it really easy to understand. She definitely knows her stuff and you can definitely depend on her to teach you and help you in every way. I highly recommend her!!! :)
July 22, 2019
Vivek T.
Thank you Amrita for helping my mom learn English.
July 18, 2019
Awesome teaching skills. She is very adaptive and changes her teaching style as per student need.

Meet Online Language Teachers Serving West Henrietta, NY

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Tien P.

Starting at $29
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2017
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Quick view profile

I believe in finding out what the student needs and interests are and teaching according to those needs first.

Next, using the newest, most up-to-date content is a must! This allows students to relate to the content and see its usefulness.

Many teachers teach in a predictable manner. I believe in creating fun activities and challenging students accordingly.

About Tien

Hi, my name is Tien, I go by T. I’m currently an English Teacher in Vietnam. I have experience in online and classroom teaching. I’m so passionate about my work and want to see my students succeed. My style teaching involves activities, games, and use of the newest, most up-to-date content. I hope

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Fred S.

Starting at $34
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaching since 2019
  • Teaches students 30 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Quick view profile

A mature soon-to-be retired individual. Interests include: Interior Design, healthy cooking, gardening, ancestry research and music. Speak and understand U.S. Spanish.

About Fred

I have always had an interest in languages. Spanish was my first language, so my ear for it is good. Since I was not educated in Spanish and didn't take Spanish literature until High School my command of Spanish is not that great, but I understand it quite well. In the military service in Korea

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Stephanie Q.

Starting at $45
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Teaching since 1980
  • Awarded Merit Scholarship winner from Eastman School of Music
  • BA from Eastman School of Music
Quick view profile

Whether you need copy-editing of your professional document, better pronunciation, or simply to reduce your accent, and sound more 'American', If you need longer lessons just book them consequently. (For example: 30+30) I am well able to help you!

About Stephanie

I am a career musician, and conservatory trained violin, piano and vocal instructor with over 40 years teaching experience, and a resume spanning many pages. I also am a well endorsed composer and public speaker. Furthermore, I LOVE teaching! I am a competition judge, member of National Music T

November 25, 2019
I am an adult beginner violinist. When I first met Stephanie, I had barely touched a violin, but I was determined to learn how to play it. With her help and patience, I am progressing through the Suzuki method as well as doing ear training and music theory. Stephanie is an excellent musician as well as instructor! Her method of teaching keeps the students engaged, encouraged and excited about learning music from all sides of it.
November 13, 2019
Naomi G.
I strongly recommend Ms. Quinn. She is amazing. I love a teacher who is passionate about what she does and Ms. Quinn has motivated me to love the violin and work harder to improve. She is slightly strict but very patience and kind, always pushing you to work hard and do your best. I learned to play violin a few years ago as a beginner and stopped playing for a few years. I was nervous to begin online violin lessons considering that I learn better face to face. However, Ms. Quinn has done an amazing job at teaching me, I have been taking lessons with her for a year now and have learned so much I didn’t know before which has also grown my love for violin.
November 6, 2019
Hui F.
Stephanie helped my younger one prepare for competition. She was highly skillful, supportive yet strict. Initially, my girl was a bit nervous to work with Stephanie because of her high reputation. Stephanie was very kind and fun, using metaphors to help my 10-year old understand the music. She not only helped my child overcome barriers to master the music piece but also shared much practical advice for competition. We did not expect this but my 10-year old won the first prize and was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall New York. Highly recommend Stephanie!!!

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"Julia is a great teacher!
I picked up the lesson very quickly."
- Charles
Took Korean lessons from Julia P.
"Nice teacher!"
- Dino
Took German lessons from Tatiana Z.
"Mohamed is an incredible tutor , he is very patient and takes the time to explain an questions that may arise. He went above and beyond during our lessons several times. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Arabic on any level."
- Yolanda
Took Arabic lessons from Mohamed A.
"It was so much fun. My computer wasn't working and she made it work on my phone. She goes at your speed and comes up with fun ideas."
- Anna
Took American Sign Language lessons from Victoria G.
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"A great and fantastic start! I am very grateful that I had found Karin as I am fascinated with the culture, language, and people of Switzerland. Moreover, I will be making a first time trip to Switzerland soon and I could not have found a better instructor! Her approach is comforting, patient, and will adjust to your comfort level. Danke Sehr Karin!"
- Rich
Took German lessons from Karin N.
"Gregorio is a wonderful teacher! He was kind and patient with me. I was nervous about starting my very first lesson with Gregorio. He made me feel comfortable speaking Spanish, gently corrected my mistakes, and took the time to give me the origin of the words he taught me. He utilized different scenarios to practice my Spanish. I highly recommend Gregorio. I am already looking forward to my next lesson with him."
- Wendy
Took Spanish lessons from Gregorio M.
"I'm preparing for an extended trip to Japan, and I really wanted some in person help to make sure I didn't totally flounder once I got there. Amy was a super friendly and super patient teacher. I never felt uncomfortable practicing or asking for help multiple times on things that I wasn't getting. I would absolutely recommend Amy to anybody trying to learn Japanese."
- Andy
Took Japanese lessons from Amy L.
"Valentina is a great teacher. She is very patient and is extremely accommodating with the pace, content and timing of our lessons. I hope to be speaking more fluently very soon!"
- Wayne
Took Russian lessons from Valentina K.
"Finished my first lesson with Youngju, she's a great teacher! The way her class is structured made it very easy to understand and learn. She really fits the class to how the student learns. Even in the first class I'm already reading Korean! I can't wait for my next class & to see how far my Korean goes in the next months. (:"
- Kimberly
Took Korean lessons from Youngju S.
"Very good teacher! He is professional and fun. Easy to understand and good structure to the lesson. I recommend Nicolas!"
- Cheryl
Took Spanish lessons from Nicolas R.
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