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About Cody

With my two Bachelor's degrees in Music Composition and Technology, I began tutoring students in piano, voice, and composition as it was part of my training. I also have experience writing and editing essays, books, and more for several independent clients. I have experience writing my own books as well. I have written two so far, but am getting ready to write a third. I am a copious editor and can catch grammatical and other errors with ease. This is why tutoring in English would be great for me.
I thought I would add basic math for those school-aged children that are having a little trouble with it in their classes.
Usually, I teach lessons in my home in Diamond Bar or online, but if the need arises, I could surely work out coming to the students' homes for one-on-one tutoring help. With me, most students click after a few lessons and

understand what they couldn't in the classroom. I help the students by teaching in innovative ways that will catch their attention more than standard teaching methods. Students should consider me for I can make learning fun and never a chore!

*** Lesson Details ***
I use a wide variety of techniques to sing, play piano and other instruments. Techniques include straight vowel singing (no words) to test how long to hold notes, using color to help people sight read, using improvisational techniques in order to play jazz, rock, classical and many other styles of music.
I use what they student has under his or her belt as a starting point to see what lessons we could start them on.
I also assist with online lessons to make transportation a thing of the past. If you've got a webcam or Skype, I can do long-distance lessons with you! So, I am here to help!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Alesis Recital Keyboard
Music sheets
Web cam
Mac computer (MacBook Pro)
Finale music notation software to help in composition and theory lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Music paper for away lessons.
Finale for composition and music theory lessons.
Can use macbook for more elaborate teaching or demonstration if need be.

*** Specialties ***
I do teach classical composition with specialties in ensemble and chamber music. I also specialize in songwriting for pop and other media.
I teach voice and vocal techniques of sacred choral and vocal music.
I teach classical and jazz piano and improvisation. I also have the distinction in being able to teach students with special needs or learning disabilities as I have a mild form of cerebral palsy and understand what students with special needs go through.

Reviews from Others:
Gohar S. Said: Cody is a great teacher - my daughter loves learning piano now (it was difficult to convince her before).

Paul G. Said: Cody is a very knowledgeable teacher! He is very patient with students as well! I am looking forward to seeing what my own musical path will take with his help!!

Minna S. Said: Cody was very prompt in his response and made himself available so my son could take lessons. He was very polite and patient with my son. We look forward to seeing our son's progress with Cody's instructor.

Judene B. Said: Corey is a wonderful piano teacher! He is kind and supportive, and motivates you to work at your best. I highly recommend!

Grace C. Said: Cody is very patient and accommodating to my learning needs.

So, if you need lessons online, come take lessons with me! I'll help you!

March 18, 2019
Cody has been teaching piano to my son for at least 2 years. Justin really enjoys Cody and looks forward to lessons every week. Cody is good communicating with my son who has autism
March 18, 2019
Cody has been teaching piano to my son for at least 2 years. Justin really enjoys Cody and looks forward to lessons every week. He’s great with kids
March 18, 2019
Best vocal teacher ever! Learned alot from him!

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Cody W.


About Natanya


Hi! I'm Natanya Ruth, M.A. Ed.(E-RYT, YACEP, The Clearing Yoga), and I spent most of my life listening to my inner critic and punishing thoughts about my body, my appearance, and where I was in my life. These negative thinking patterns were addictive, and manifested themselves in unhealthy relationship patterns with partners, food and substances.

In 2013, everything changed when I invested in regular Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork and Nutrition. I could hear my heart's true voice, and was no longer going to hide in a job, relationship or situation that wasn't in alignment with my calling. So, I quit my classroom teaching job, created original theater productions in NYC, traveled the world learning and teaching Yoga in In

dia, Thailand, Bali and beyond, and came back to my home state to open The Clearing Yoga Studio and be with the love of my life. The inner work brought me out into the world, and I'm committed to that authentic, healthy expression every day!

If you're seeking the tools to bring about transformation in your life, or simply want to feel a strong sense of direction with steadfast and loving guidance from someone who lives the inner practices to bring about transformation, I'm now offering personalized Yoga, Meditation and Transformational Coaching Sessions!

I guide Yoga and Meditation practitioners of all ages, genders and ability levels, as well as Wellness Professionals, Yoga Instructors & Soulful Women to experience true Yoga, Meditation, Breathing practices and the resulting SELF LOVE, CONFIDENCE, Focus & Daily Joy that results from investing in these powerful practices! I can't wait to share these life-changing practices with you!

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Natanya S.


About Priti

Priti is a graduate in Physical Therapy and a teacher by passion. She has significant teaching experience for over 12 years personal tutor in subjects including Math, Science, Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, ACT/SAT Test Prep Math, Geography, Language Arts, Hindi (foreign language), School projects, along with Anatomy & Physiology to Grad Students.

She is a patient and methodical teacher who believes in making learning a fun process and success achievable.


January 6, 2018
Todd B.
Outstanding first lesson.
September 17, 2017
Steve Beekharry
Priti is a great instructor! She has taken the time to plan out lessons suited to my needs. From the short time I've spent with Priti I can tell she is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and quite patient!
Two thumbs up!

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Priti G.


About Marie

I am bilingual English-French
I have a Ph.D. in English Literature with particular focus in English Renaissance Studies Shakespeare
I can teach ESL as well

I work in different fields all related with languages such as Interpreting, translation, teaching foreign languages, ESL


March 2, 2019
February 3, 2019
April 22, 2018

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Marie R.


About Chieko

Nice to meet you, My name is Cheeky.
I am currently studying English in America.

Since I was a national literature school at a junior college, I studied the basics of Japanese.
When I finish studying English, I'd like to start Chinese.

I also like traveling and have been to Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East.

Because I like to go on a trip alone with a hobby, I have experiences in traveling and Japanese culture
I am good at tea ceremony, kendo, stilts and origami.

Also, I know a lot of traditional Japanese cuisine.
Thank you.


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Chieko S.


Marcela C.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Marcela

I'm a rock blues guitar player, graduated from the Los Angeles College of Music. I've played with some of the most renowned musicians of nowadays, such as Guthrie Govan and Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai).

My debut album was released in 2016, featuring some special guests such as the guitar legend Scott Henderson. I've toured all over Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. promoting my original music and giving guitar masterclasses. I have over 10 years of experience teaching guitar (electric and acoustic), ukulele and bass.


February 11, 2019
Marcela is an incredible teacher! She is really great at teaching the basics while working you up to playing styles of music that interest you. I'm really excited for our next lesson!

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Marcela C.



Ronica W.

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Ronica

I started tutoring as a volunteer with the Ozark Literacy Foothills Project in 2012; I had one student I worked with for a year or so. In 2014, I became an Americorps member, and continued to work at the Literacy Project as an Americorps member. I took on more students, tutoring mostly adult ESL students. I enjoyed it, but struggled with feeling like the lessons were a little "dry". I realized that if I was bored, my students probably were, too. I started looking for creative ways to make the lessons a little more fun, and started making index cards for my students to take with them to study. I also used the cards for sentence building games, and started really focusing on grammar. The Literacy Project sent me to a few training sessions, and I learned how to make the lessons even more hands-on and relevant, and how to have the student do

most of the talking in class. My students had enjoyed my lessons before, but the effectiveness really took off when I applied what I had learned in my training!

After two years with Americorps, I left to go to India for five months. I took language lessons while I was there, and it really gave me some perspective on what it's like to have to learn a new language to get around and to be able to communicate with other people. When I came back, I realized that I really enjoyed helping people learn English; I enjoyed the relationships I built with my students, and I loved watching them start to understand a concept of English, and to have fun doing it! I realized that teaching English was something I wanted to do for a living, so I went for my CELTA certification, and finished July of 2018.

I firmly believe that you're not too old to learn, until you think you are. The youngest student I've tutored was sixteen, and most of my students were my age or older. I've tutored parents and grandparents. Everyone learns at different paces, but everyone is able to learn. If you are struggling with a concept, that's okay. We can go over it as many times as you need to, and if you find yourself getting frustrated, we can move on to something else, and come back to it later.

You can expect to be an active learner; you won't just listen to a lecture. You will get plenty of practice speaking and listening, and I will probably assign listening and reading homework to help seal in what you've learned. If you want, we can set "fluency goals", so you can see your progress.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Ronica W.


About Alex

Hi there! I'm Alex. I have been learning and speaking Spanish for over 8 years and I love every second of it.


View Details

Alex S.


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Language Reviews

Stephen K.
"An absolutely fantastic Italian instructor. Her command of the language is second to none. Moreover her deep knowledge of Italy and understanding of Ita
lian culture inspires you to keep learning."
"So to give some info on me, I have two jobs and I really want to become fluent in Korean, and Youngju is one of the most patient people on this earth, bec
ause she is easy to work with on schedule and she is also a great teacher, my understanding of Korean grows from week to week. She understands where your level is at and where to start from Lesson plans come with homework and she gives you tools so that way you can work on Korean throughout the week . On top of being a good teacher she is incredibly nice and has good sense of humor. Would highly recommend."
"I have been working with Gregorio for about 9 months and it has been so helpful. He has helped me with my pronunciation, reading and listening comprehens
ion, and my writing. He has a gentle manner and always gives me feedback I can trust. He is flexible and willing to work on the questions I have but is also ready to provide an activity that fits my level."
"Ana is my Spanish teacher through the Fuentes company in the Netherlands. We're a group of 8 people. Ana is very enthusiastic during our classes and she t
eaches with a lot of humour. She makes sure that every student gets to participate during classes. And she creates a great learning environment."
"The lesson today was very valuable and challenging. We worked on things that were top of my mind to go forward and Fabrice spent a good deal of time layin
g a solid ground in pronunciation and conversation."
"I can honestly say I am very lucky to have Christina as a Korean teacher. Learning a new language from the ground up can be very daunting, however, Christ
ina makes learning Korean fun and easy to grasp. She is very helpful in creating a strong foundation in which you can easily build an understanding of more advanced words and sentence structures. Of course, much of the learning experience involves your own effort in studying, Christina helps properly guide your course in learning efficiently. Many of my Korean friends are very impressed at how fast I am learning and have commented at how great a teacher Christina is based on my progression. If you are considering learning Korean with the right teacher, look no further, Christina is the right teacher for you!"
"He was right on time, and gave his all during the hour. I am very hopeful that with his help, I will see improvement in my thought process on taking tes
ts and choosing the right answer for a sentence or a challenge question for verbs, etc"
"I'm taking Farangis' class for my job. She is by far the best teacher I've ever had. Looking back on my work from just last year, I realize how much stron
ger my speaking skills and vocabulary are. She is passionate, organized, and shares her lesson plan every week. Definitely, I'd recommend her."
"Professora De Hernandez taught me more about Spanish in 1.5 years then I learned in 4 years of HS spansih. She definitely has the gift of teaching with th
e ability of coming down or going up to the level you need to be challenged. I lived in San Antonio and worked with Army South (South America) and she vastly helped me to stay relevant with my job and environment and for that I will be forever grateful! A+ teacher and person"

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