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About Thomas Y.

Gaithersburg, MD
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I have tutored American Sign Language (ASL) during my time as a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and as a federal employee.

With my Deaf experience and experience with tutoring ASL, I can make tutees feel comfortable with talking in ASL and talking with Deaf people, Hard-of-Hearing people, and Deafblind people.

As for a book, I recommend “Basic Course in American Sign Language” authored by Tom Humphries.

About Thomas
I am born and have grown up Deaf. I regularly communicate in American Sign Language (ASL).

During my time at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), I weekly met a few students and helped the
m with their ASL courses. I signed words and sentences to these students when they asked me questions.

After I have graduated from RIT, I have worked at two federal agencies for three years. At one of these federal agencies, I have participated in ASL courses by one-on-one signing words and sentences to tutees and by having these tutees copy these words and sentences in ASL.

I can provide ASL lessons in the alphabet, common signs, visual description, classifiers, sentence structure, facial expression, body language, specialized signs, and ethical or professional relationships with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. In addition these lessons, I can explain how signs and sentence structure form.
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Thomas Y.

Thomas Y.

Gaithersburg, MD 20878
starting at
$15 / 60-min

About Sarah M.

North Little Rock, AR

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This class can be done various ways.
1) I can tutor you for a ASL class you are currently taking.
2) I can help you keep fresh on ASL you already know (we can spend class practicing communication skills.
3) We can learn the basics (ABCs, Counting, Colors, and so on) Basically start from the beginning as an ASL 1 class and we can work our way toward understanding and communicating.

I have students who are doing this for their career in order to communicate to deaf people they come to contact with in their professional life. For those students I base our classes around signs they would use in there place of work. Some occupations of my current students include: Nurse, Social Worker, Santa, US Military, Flight Attendant, and more.
I also teach students who have zero ASL background and we start with the very basic signs and work our way to forming sentences and battling the ASL grammar.
No matter where you are in your journey of sign language, this class will be perfect for you.

About Sarah
Hello and Welcome!
My name is Sarah and I am honored you have chosen to look at my profile. Finding the right teacher is so important! I always try to make sure that I accommodate what is best for t
he student when I approach teaching. Now a bit about me! I graduated from Lees-McRae College in May 2017 with a BFA in musical theater and a minor in art and design. I know at a glance it may be overwhelming how many classes I teach. You see as Musical Theatre Major I had to learn all about dance, makeup, singing, acting, and all of the sub categories that go with it; not to mention with my minor in art and design I know my way around with a paint brush. Art, in all forms are has always been my way of expressing, feeling, and embracing life. I took an internship at the Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre and I had to learn ALL aspects of theatre and work with kids every day.

I was training American Sign Language at Northern Virginia Community College back in 2012. In 2015 I studied under an ASL master from Gallaudet University. I have continued to further my knowledge of ASL every day. I was recently the ASL captain at work who helped make sure all signs were done correctly and expressed properly.

My goal is to help you learn what you are craving to know! I try to not charge too high for lessons, I know that this is something that is for fun and is not always a possibility so I try to keep it at a lowish price so that everyone has a chance to learn. I am very flexible to schedules. I am willing to have a regular time or switching it up weekly; I have students who travel for a living so they are always on a different time zone; no matter the obstacle I will make it work for you!
Something that is great to know about me is that I never stop training, pursuing growth and knowledge. I read books in these various fields to learn more and more, take master classes, and train with my own vocal coaches. I think art - on any platform, is a great way to get out of your head, free your mind, and open up yourself. So this can be for professional training, a hobby you always wanted to pursue, or a dream you wanted to chase after.

In my class with you, or you child, I will make an individualized lesson plan that focus around what skills you already have, what skills you aim to improve/gain, and how you learn. I am very familiar with the fact that we are ALL different, which means we will all learn DIFFERENTLY. I am willing to explain something in as many ways as one needs in order to understand. I like to think of my lessons as a “safe place” to explore, have fun, grow, and be okay with making mistakes. We will always start with the basics, understand the core of the craft - for example in singing that would be our vocal anatomy and how it all connects together. I use props to help make the concept more visual and graspable as well as diagrams. This is not something someone will pick up in one lesson, so don’t come in saying “I can’t”, you can, you just have to learn HOW. I will show you the how. Remember, this is a learning process, we must embrace each step of our growth.
Some background of how I came to do what I do:
I have been working professionally for theatres for five years now; which has had me living in various towns in NC, OH, AR, and traveling nationwide for tours. I have a lot of experience under my belt for my years. I began taking performance classes as young as age 2 when I started ballet, then I began singing in choir in third grade. I started being in awe of sign language when I saw an interpreter working her magic around age ten and I asked my mom for a sign language book. Expanding my knowledge is what I do for fun, so when you pick me you pick someone who is constantly growing and learning more which will ultimately benefit the student.

I teach a variety of classes that, for the most part, circle around the arts! Some of my classes include, but are not limited to: Acting, Child Acting, Improv Audition Prep, Various styles of “Singing” classes, Ear Training, Musical Theatre, Music Performance, Various “Art” classes, Facial Exercises (Which is great for singers, and those who speak a lot day to day to help relieve tension in the face), and more!
For an explanation on each class, I will be recording a video that describes them and posting that on here soon! There is a video trailer of me singing and dancing that is currently available. If you want to know anything more at all please do not hesitate to send me a message and I will respond as quickly as I possibly can!
Ashleigh July 20, 2018
· American Sign Language · Online
Sarah is a great teacher and she makes learning ASL a lot of fun!
Magdalena J. July 19, 2018
· English · Online
I love to start a the day with my English lessons with Sarah!
Ines July 17, 2018
· Voice Acting · Online
First lesson and I'm blown away! Sarah put me to work -in the best way possible. She showed me that there is such a deeper level to go to in order to get the performance that I want. I've got a ton of homework and I'm excited to get started!
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Sarah M.

Sarah M.

starting at
$15 / 15-min

About Tonya N.

Broken Arrow, OK

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I am an American Sign Language teacher and I would love to share my love for American Sign Language with you. I have a Bachelors Degree in Deaf Education, which is where I found my appreciate for this beautiful language and unique culture! I have taught ASL for two years to high school students and would love to find even more people who are interested in learning this language!

Whether you need help just starting small conversations, want to learn simple signs for your baby, or want to become fully versed in sign I can help you get there by practicing vocabulary, grammar, fingerspelling, and other essential skills needed to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Everyone has to start somewhere when they learn a new skill and I believe we can accomplish your unique signing goals together!

About Tonya
Hi, there! My name is Tonya! I've been teaching American Sign Language since 2016 and have loved helping my students learn essential vocabulary and grammar needed to have meaningful conversations with
Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. I have grown up and lived in Oklahoma for my entire life. I went to the University of Tulsa and earned a degree in Deaf Education in 2016. I'm have been told that I am a fun person to work with and my classroom is usually filled with lots of laughter! I am hoping that teaching lessons online can help more people to enjoy sign language so we can close the language barrier between the hearing and the Deaf.

Please don't hesitate to ask me questions on my profile! I look forward to meeting you and starting your journey with sign language today!
Amy May 25, 2018
· American Sign Language · In studio
My favorite teacher! She is very caring and works well with students.
Carl S. April 30, 2018
· American Sign Language · Online
Tonya is an excellent teacher! I've seen her interact with her students, and she is very personable and has a thorough knowledge of subject matter. Her passion for teaching is very evident, and students and parents alike are very thankful for her efforts. Book Tonya today--you'll be glad you did!
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Tonya N.

Tonya N.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Jennifer F.

Woodbridge, VA
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Fluent in ASL. Use the ABC sign language book to maintain knowledge in Spelling, context and grammar. Do every week if you are flexible to move on to next chapter. Practice, practice and takes practice and go to Meetup Group (Location in Northern Virginia) to help to improve your sign language skills with people. Also knowledge read and write Spanish. Avid reader.

About Jennifer
I have been teaching ASL since 1988 as a tutor, professor at Montgomery college for a year, private class, and small classes in community. Also knowledge read and write in Spanish. Avid reader. I hel
d Masters degree in education. I also work full time as govt contractor. Host in Meetup Group for Silent supper in Northern Virginia for five years and counting. Looking forward to meet you.
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Jennifer F.

Jennifer F.

Woodbridge, VA 22192
starting at
$34 / 50-min

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