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Hi, I'm Krista. I am a professional sign language instructor as well as Certified Baby Sign Language instructor with many years of experience teaching everyone of all ages this beautiful language from the comfort of their own home through online lessons here on! as well as private one on one lessons for those students in the local area. I gear each lesson to help my students learn to sign in a fun and educational way. I graduated from the University Of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sign Language and am also certified as a Baby Sign Language instructor with a specialty in teaching children and adults this beautiful language from the comfort of their own home! I have a passion for helping students learn in such a way that best fits their individual needs. Everyone learns in a different way, and I find that when you gear each lesson towards your student's individual learning style it not only helps put their mind at ease but it helps them learn faster as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my tutoring profile, and if you think I would be a perfect fit to help you with your tutoring needs, then please feel free to message me. I look forward to working with you.

Have a great day!


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  • Background Checked
  • Speaks English, American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Lindsay W. Nov 19, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Krista is awesome. She's very professional but also leaves room to be silly and to have a good time while learning! We've covered so much in such a small amount of time and I'm really happy with my progress.

Monica O. Oct 31, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Great teacher, patient and so fun ! I loved my first class !

Tamsin Oct 29, 2019

Krista took the time to learn what my level was and changed her teaching methods effortlessly to accommodate not only my level but also my learning style. Can't wait for the next lesson!

Elise Oct 20, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Great first lesson! She is patient, and she teaches at an appropriate speed.

Maureen Aug 6, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Krista is the best . She makes the class so interesting . I am excited to do the lessons

Maureen Jul 23, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Krista is a very effective instructor. i enjoy my lessons and recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn sign language. Best instructor ever,

Maureen Jul 9, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Krsta was very patient and demonstrated her knowledge in an easy to understand method. I am happy she is my instructor.

Thomas Jul 8, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

We had a great lesson. Good thorough instruction, taped for review and study before the next lesson. Couldn't be happier.

Isabella B. May 21, 2019
Sign Language · Online

The lesson was great ! my daughter loved it!

Meghan *. May 12, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Has been an excellent experience for my 14 year old daughter. We'd tried out two other instructors previously, but Krista was a better fit all around. My daughter looked forward to her lessons and was fully engaged during them. Krista had great communication, an easy manner, and crammed a lot of knowledge into each lesson.

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Casey Apr 24, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Great instructor! She was very receptive to my questions and requests on what to learn next. Has some intriguing insight on certain signs. She also made me feel very confident in my learning! I look forward to my next lesson with her!

Gregory Mar 15, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

i love you

Gregory Mar 8, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

i love you

Gregory Feb 22, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

i love you

Robin pettit Feb 12, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Even though my microphone wasn't working, Krista was excellent in communication with me. I was excited about how much we covered. I'm looking forward to our next session.

Nima D. Feb 11, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Gregory Jan 18, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

i love this teacher.

Ayisah A. Jan 5, 2019
American Sign Language · Online

Krista and I agreed on 30 minute lessons every week in august and yet the reciepts for my lessons that we recieved in december, say that we have been charged for hour long lessons the entire time. The lessons only lasted 30 minutes and she would always day goodbye after 25 minutes. When I tried to talk with her about this discrepancy she refused to resolve it and I was left feeling that she had been dishonest eith me. Indo not recommend taking lessons with her. I am very sorry to write this but it was truly and awful experience and I hope it doesnt happen to anyone else.

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Charles L. Dec 4, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Great teacher very helpful.

Meghan *. Oct 22, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Staci B. Oct 15, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Jason &. Oct 11, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

We have had the privilege of taking 9 classes with Krista and we can already communicate in sentences. She is very patient, willing to repeat, great at explaining how to form a sign and very encouraging. Krista will adjust the lesson to where you are without judgement. It is evident she has a lot of experince and is passoinate about her teaching. We look forward to every lesson. We would highly recommend Krista if you are interested in learning ASL!

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Mike M. Aug 29, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Krista is a terrific teacher and mentor. Knowledgeable, patient and energetic. I look forward to experiencing and learning ASL as my guide in the coming months.

Rebekah Mar 15, 2018
Sign Language · Online

Great Lesson!

I really enjoyed my lesson. She was able to find what level I am and build from there, since I've already have a little bit of knowledge in ASL. She was very helpful in teaching me new signs that I would use in my work environment and how to use in the correct way. I look forward to the next lesson!"

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Carla D. Mar 8, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Jason Jan 21, 2018
American Sign Language · Online

Very happy so far!

Today was my first ASL lesson with Krista. I can't wait to see how it goes on my next session. She has patience for people that have no experience with ASL.

Kelly Nov 9, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

"Knowledgeable and patient

Krista was very supportive and good at working with beginners. She was patient and willing to work with the small amount of ASL that l knew. I️ am excited for my next lesson. "

Isabelle Oct 9, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

Really fun! Myself and my daughter loved it. It's great when your instructor has a passion for what they are teaching.

Carla D. Aug 24, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

Afton Aug 8, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

I had to learn a lot of topics in a very short time. She helped me accomplish this by having great conversations using all the vocab she has taught me. She is a great teacher and I recommend her to everyone.

Connor Jul 5, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

You have taught me so much and soon I can speak a different language. I would want to learn muck more.
- Connor

Heather S. Jun 25, 2017
· Online

Excellent teacher! Very patient and helpful. Looking forward to many more lessons with her.

Jaclyn Jun 13, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Great teacher!! Very patient!!

Monie Apr 30, 2017
American Sign Language · In home

Krista is amazing!

Monie L. Apr 16, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Krista is a so patient and very encouraging. I have learned so much in a small amount of time. Glad I decided to take the lessons

Shawnna H. Apr 6, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Krista is the best!!! I enjoyed my first class!

Carla J. Mar 14, 2017
American Sign Language · Online

Chandelle W. Feb 21, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Margaret Feb 20, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Krista is fabulous! This was my first lesson with Krista and even though we had a few computer glitches....all on MY end....I still learned a lot and she worked with me in such a kind and positive manner, so appreciated! Very excited to begin this journey with such a positive energy, knowledgeable tutor!

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Karen Feb 5, 2017
Sign Language · Online

Excellent Knowledge Of ASL! Great Tutor! Krista is a very patient tutor, and gets excited when we successfully learn the different signs. She is full of encouragement and praise! She sincerely wants me to succeed in learning ASL. Thank you Krista!

Jennifer Dec 7, 2016
Sign Language · Online

Tara Oct 10, 2016
Sign Language · Online

Krista was great for my 8 year old daughter who showed a desire to learn sign language. She immediately showed me her name spelled out in sign language. Great job Krista!

Angelina Jun 10, 2016
American Sign Language · Online

Krista's professionalism and personal attention to detail shined through as I learned American Sign Language. She has a deep love for the language and provides individual personal attention to make sure you learn the most during each lesson while having a lot of fun. I would recommend her whether you have a child wanting or needing to learn or for yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced language learner in ASL. Thank you Krista for a great experience!

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Maureen Jun 10, 2016
American Sign Language · Online

We went over new vocabulary and she can be just as concise and comprehensive as you need her to be. She's also very encouraging and kind. Thank you so much Krista!

Michelle Jun 9, 2016
American Sign Language · Online

Krista has been patient and encouraging. We have skyped for our lessons and she is very reliable. She has never changed times or forgotten a lesson. She is happy to teach me whatever I am wanting to learn and provides examples for what we discuss. I am learning much from her and am enjoying the experience.

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Taylor Jun 9, 2016
American Sign Language · Online

I've been tutoring with her for a few weeks now, and I have to say she is a great tutor! She is very patient and accommodating, and when I struggle with a certain vocabulary term, she is there to break down each motion of the sign to help me understand what the motions are. My grades have improved and I am very grateful that I found such an awesome tutor.

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Cheyenne Jun 9, 2016
American Sign Language · Online

Having Krista as my tutor was one of the best decisions I ever made. Krista is impeccable in the way she prepares you to be successful, she points out the little pitfalls you might encounter so you're not surprised if and when you're faced with any difficulty during the lesson. I've found Krista to be a very positive and nurturing teacher, who sincerely cares about her students. Because of my positive experience with Krista, I look forward to further success in my studies.

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Jessica Jun 8, 2016
Sign Language · Online

"I took sign language courses about a year and a half ago. I decided to take up the language because I have an uncle who is deaf. I took private classes from the comfort of my home via skype. Krista was my teacher and she was absolutely amazing. We worked together to meet my goals. I would not hesitate to take courses again. I definately recommend classes to anyone interested. It is very important to learn sign language especially if you work for the community. I am a teacher and my students love that I can teach them signs.
Krista and I made a plan of what I needed to know, as well as things that I wanted to know. She is a great instructor and the company is fabulous! "
-Jessica S.

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Keith Jun 8, 2016
Sign Language · Online

"Good Evening-

I would like to provide some feedback:

My tutoring session was with Krista Duffy. I am more than pleased with her assistance. Krista has a very positive attitude and great energy. She was completely attentive to what I needed even though I was slightly ill-prepared for our first session. However, with her help, I realised what I need assistance with and will have another great session next time. She made me feel completely comfortable and gave me a renewed confidence with using Sign Language. Her signs are very clear and spot-on. I appreciate the fact that she has a formal education in Sign Language as well. I am grateful that she has knowledge of Deaf Culture that I can actually use in everyday existence and put to good use. I will continue to use her services as I book more sessions as soon as I am done writing this email!

Thank you for providing such a valuable resource,"
Keith Heerey

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Sign Language Teacher
Oct 2014 - Present

Private business

Teaching sign language to students

Private business
May 2014 - Present

Tutoring Services

Teaching sign language to children

Independent Sign Language Professional
May 2013 - Present

Self Employed

Providing sign language services to those in need.

Sign Language Teacher
Dec 2013 - Aug 2014

ASL Classroom

Teaching sign language to students

Sign Language Teacher
Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

GAP Program

Teaching American Sign Language to adults in the local area.


American Sign Language
Dec 2009 - Dec 2012

University Of New Hampshire

American Sign Language Immersion
Dec 2009 - Dec 2010

Northeastern University


American Sign Language (ASL)

Professional Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Baby Signing Time Instructor
May 2014

Signing Time Academy


Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Dec 2009
The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID), a national membership organization, plays a leading role in advocating for excellence in the delivery of interpretation and transliteration services between people who use sign language and people who use spoken language. In collaboration with the Deaf community, RID supports our members and encourages the growth of the profession through the establishment of a national standard for qualified sign language interpreters and transliterators, ongoing professional development and adherence to a code of professional conduct.
American Sign Language Teachers Association
Dec 2009
American Sign Language Teachers Association is a national professional organization of American Sign Language and Deaf studies teachers. Our mission is to perpetuate, preserve, and promote American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture through excellence in teaching. This includes teaching ASL as a heritage or first language, as a second language, and as part of Deaf Studies

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