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These American Sign Language teachers are highly rated by students in the Queens Village area, including Woodside, Ridgewood, Monmouth Junction, Somerset and Great Neck.

Carla C.

Portland, MI


I've been teaching American Sign Language for 5 years, and signing myself for 18 years, and my students have gone on to develop a love for ASL, Deaf people, and Deaf culture. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to carry on a simple conversation in the language, and as time goes on you'll be able to feel totally at ease with Deaf people. I have great online tools you can use for free to practice between lessons, and I'm flexible with any other resources we use. I can't wait to meet you!

About Carla

I have been signing since 1998, spending every chance I can among my Deaf friends and immersing myself in the language as often as possible. I received my BA in Music with a certification to teach at Lubbock Christian University in 1998. Later I attended the Interpreter Certification program at Burlington County College in New Jersey from 2009-2011, and during that time took a summer course at Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington DC. Then in 2014 I received my MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with Instructional Technology from Houston Baptist University. I have been teaching ASL at the high school level since 2011. I am also one of the interpreters for the Deaf at my church in Fort Bend County, TX, outside of Houston, where I am a member and actively involved in the Deaf Ministry.

Please feel free to ask me any questions y

ou have. I'm happy to get back with you, and I look forward to teaching you!

August 17, 2019
Sofia P.
Very professional!
August 14, 2019
Juan E.
She is very clear, professional & patience. I enjoyed my first class.
August 11, 2019
She is very helpful,caring, great listener and is passionate about her work. Great friend and mentor! Thanks Carla for everything.

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Carla C.



Victoria G.

Mission, TX


Bgcheck Background Checked

I love sign language! It is not only something I use as a Sign Language Interpreter but as an everyday language amongst friends.
What experience do I have?? I have had a lot of experience teaching sign language both for work and pleasure.
I have had experience working with many age groups teaching Sign Language. Some Elementary School-High School Level, Businesses and Employees seeking to learn ASL to enhance customer service opportunities, and even young children with multiple disabilities.
I cater to many different needs as well! I have taught many children and young adults learning just for fun! Others are more advanced and wish to pursue careers in Deaf Ed and Interpreting. Another one of my highly effective areas is helping those in the medical field learn to better assist their patients belonging to the deaf community.

What can you get from my class that you may not get from others? For starters, in teaching my own courses I have found the best ways to make learning ASL

About Victoria

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria and I am looking forward to having you join me in the ASL classroom! I have a degree in the field of Sign Language Interpreting, a job that I love with all my heart. I have worked with Deaf students from elementary to college levels and weekly enhance my skill with my constant contact with the Deaf community. I've had the joy of teaching ASL to students with multiple disabilities from the ages of 3-8 and taught group classes for all ages from the months of June - August in my community.

Teaching has allowed to me to experience a whole new love of Sign Language because I am able to help others not only learn fluent and correct ASL, but teach them about deaf culture! If you are a beginner interested in learning because its on your bucket list, let's get you started right with the true understanding o

f what American Sign Language is!

If you are an interpreting student or deaf ed student in need of some extra tutoring, or you're going back to school and would like to brush up on those skills, let's sharpen away!

If you are a business owner, employee, or otherwise that has contact with the Deaf community and would like to be able to provide services in a more effective way, your goal is my passion!

No matter what your ASL goals are, learning with me means you are going to reach them in the most productive, efficient, and personal way with a curriculum tailored to YOU.

ASL is a BEAUTIFUL language. Come learn with me, and no matter what your goals are for learning, we can accomplish them successfully together!

August 14, 2019
Dobry Lockett
August 13, 2019
August 8, 2019
Victoria's knowledge, professionalism and fun lessons made it very easy for me to understand vocabulary, grammar and ASL rules. She is a great instructor!!! Thank you, Victoria!!!!

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Victoria G.



Ava H.

Houston, TX


Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language, but couldn’t find out where? Here is an opportunity for you to learn at your pace and your convenience. I first began learning Sign Language back in 2nd grade. In high school my school offered both ASL 1 and 2. I then became more interested in the Language and decided to major in Deaf Education. I have been in the Deaf Education field for 6 years now and I enjoy helping my students communicate using ASL. I hope to connect with you soon!

About Ava

I am a certified teacher of the Deaf. I currently teach 2nd grade. I have also taught PK-2 and 5-8th grade. I graduated from Kent State University in Ohio. I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Deaf Education.

I have tutored students that need extra help with reading and math. I have also tutored parents of children that are deaf. I volunteer at my church and teach American Sign Language.

If you are deaf, your child is deaf, or you simply want to learn a new language. I recommend you choose me as your American Sign Language teacher.


July 15, 2019
Tc T.
She’s really wonderful. Great teacher. Very patient. Lots of fun!
June 22, 2019
Ava Haynes is a phenomenal force. The Young Beauty Academy had ASL teacher Ava Haynes and the girls were signing in sentences within 1 hour. I never have seen a person so gentle and thorough with children. The children had the best experience because of Ava Haynes expertise. We will definitely have her for the next group of Young Beauties.
March 3, 2019
Excellent instructor

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Ava H.



Ariel L.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Hello, my name is Ariel and I am excited to be ASL teacher. I am immersed in the ASL language everyday as an Interpreter which has allowed me to become fluent. With experience in medical, educational, and teaching settings, I have learned the best and most effective ways to learn this language.

Why should you take lessons with me?
First, I work at the pace of the student, consider your goals, and your strengths/ limitations. Every lesson will be custom-made for you only. Second, I have received training and teachings from professors and interpreters from College and Universities. So, I am trained to be familiarized with different settings and subjects, such as medical, educational, astronomy, computer/technology, and law.

I am dedicated to teach ASL to every student ready to learn. I am very eager to teach you this extremely unique and amazing language. I am also excited to meet you and begin our learning adventure! See you in class!

About Ariel

My name is Ariel. I am excited to be your teacher! Everyday, I am involved in ASL as a Sign Language Interpreter, which has allowed me to become fluent. I have received training on a College Level and a University level. I have worked with different settings or subjects such as medical, educational, astronomy, computer/technology, and law. I have also been trained to interpret ASL into english or vice versa.

I work at your pace, for your goals, and according to your strengths/limitations. I am dedicated to each and every student, and your goals/learning of ASL will be my number one priority. My goal is for my students to become fluent as well. I am so excited to get to work with you one on one!


July 31, 2019
Ariel is an awesome instructor! I highly recommend him.
July 23, 2019
Vivian M.
The lesson was perfectly paced. We covered a lot of ground. Ariel included review of terms covered and practice in using the terms in sentences. All of this aided my ability to retain the information in the lesson. This is excellent!
July 8, 2019
Great lesson, this is my first time video online course with him. he is very nice, experienced.

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Ariel L.



Brandy W.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Embraced by the Deaf community in the state of Massachusetts over 10 years ago, I was submerged in the language and the culture during and after losing what was left of my hearing. I’ve never felt so much love and support in my life. It was quite touching. During the whole “losing my hearing” process, I quickly picked up American Sign Language and began teaching at TLC Deaf.

My family relocated to a different state and I began teaching homeschooled students ASL online via other video chat apps like FT, Skype, etc.

I had no idea that this (TakeLessons) existed and I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this app. I’ve been seeing various vocabulary signed differently compared to what I learned so I’ve been joining classes as well. Furthermore, I believe that there will always be something for you to learn no matter how skilled you are.

I noticed that there were no morning classes during the week and figured that I could share what I know with those who prefer morning classes.

About Brandy Q

I’m fun, innovative, interactive and insightful. I believe that I am skilled at meeting people where they are, understanding how they learn, and adjusting my style of teaching to match their needs. My classes are voice off, but I have many visual cues along with text that will help students understand and flow.


June 22, 2019
Patient, clear, provide examples to explain concepts, a pleasure to be taught by her.
June 11, 2019
First lessons can be hard because you don't know what knowledge your new student is bringing. Brandy understood when we could speed up and when we needed to slow down. She is very friendly and relaxed. As a beginner, I highly recommend her!
April 11, 2019
Mrs. Williams is an awesome teacher. She is very patient and kind. I am not def and not very coordinated but I am actually learning and using what I learn, correctly, with my best friend who I recently reconnected with. Thanks Mrs. Williams for making this so much easier than I expected and working with me through my challenges!

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Brandy W.



Amanda W.

Milford, OH

•Are you losing your hearing? Come sign with me!
•Is your spouse losing their hearing? Both of you, come sign with me!!
• Do you have a baby or toddler? ASL inspires early communication, eliminates terrible twos, tantrums, enhances sibling communication, and can inspire early potty training.
•Do you have a deaf child? Let me help you communicate!
• Need a foreign language for your homeschooler? Come sign with me!

I have a
•Associates in Sign Language Interpreting
•Bachelor’s in Hearing, Speech & Language Sciences
•ESL Teaching Certification
•5 years experience interpreting/tutoring.

About Amanda

Hello! 👋 My name is Amanda!!

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am married and have a silly, wonderful 2 1/2 year old Daughter named Ady.

I love to Run 🏃🏽‍♀️ crazy long distance races, snowboard, and do PUZZLES ! 🧩

I am goofy, fun and like to be loud, if we are learning sign language 🤟I’m “loud with my hands!!”

I have interpreted in classrooms k-job coaching programs and also homeschoolers.

Come Sign with me!

Come learn English with me!!

(Background check available)


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Amanda W.


As a deaf person in a full hearing family and world, I grew up bilingually which means I was taught to speak and sign.

I have the patience - it's TOTALLY ok to not know sign language and you don't have to feel guilty about that. That is what I am here for - I will help you.

Take a deep breath, join me on a 1:1, and you will pick up signs without realizing - and then you end up being able to communicate with many more people!

About Amelia

I took an extremely scary fall off a mountain in Alaska on a backpacking trip; however, despite the pains and extreme weather, I kept hiking and found the trail again.

That's who I am. I keep my words no matter how difficult it may be - a promise is a promise. I am an adventurously visual and creative individual who thinks big and aspires to collaborate both hearing and the deaf worlds by finding common grounds.

As a profoundly-Deaf raised person in a hearing-dominant world, I grew accustomed switching back and forth in both signed and spoken languages. I tend to get along with non-signers pretty well because there are ALWAYS ways to communicate as long efforts are given.

In addition, I have been a peer English tutor for the past few years at my college so I do have abundant experience of working with people 1:1 to comprehend a diff

icult topic.

If you truly want to learn ASL from a DEAF-raised person, what are you waiting for? I'm here and available online for you.

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Amelia M.


Edward S.

Long Beach, CA

I feel that my way of teaching sign language is great for beginners who do not know any Sign at all or those who are looking to learn signs related to the food industry!

About Edward

I have experience with ASL in classroom setting, real world experience, and in the workplace. Prior to a lesson, contact me with the subject material you would like to learn about (ex. types of coffee if you work at Starbucks), or if you would just like a general lesson. Feel free to ask any questions before choosing to learn with me!


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Edward S.


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"I really enjoyed my first lesson. Eduardo was prepared and patient during the lesson. I'm looking forward to continuing my classes."
"Amazing teacher with the sweetest spirit I’ve ever met! She cares about the language and culture! Allee is patient and works at my pace. She expects a lot
and that motivates me to do my best! I’m so excited to learn more from her!"
"Eduardo is a very personable teacher, and easy to work with. We even had some connectivity issues, but the experience was completely fantastic despite it.
He uses a lot of resources to supplement the lessons, and really challenges me as a student. I highly recommend him as a teacher, and am greatly looking forward to future lessons with him!"
"She breaks the information down into small groups and we review the information often during the class period so we have a better chance of remembering it."
Ashley Olsen
"I have taken two lessons with Victoria so far. My ASL skills have already improved and I am super satisfied with my lessons and would recommend this instr
uctor to anyone!"
"Kaitlin’s a great teacher: thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and great sense of humor. She should definitely be at the top of your list when picking an A
SL instructor."
"I have been working with Tony for over a year now and would recommend him to any person who wants to learn or practice ASL. Tony is very skilled at ASL, h
as lots of ways to help increase your personal skills, understands the regional differences in signs and strives to help people get a better understanding of a language he loves. He makes learning an enjoyable experience with his patience, knowledge and his humor."
"I take group lessons online. I absolutely love taking lessons with Victoria. She makes class fun and is great with seeing how fast or slow she needs to te
ach each lesson. She goes out of her way to answer any questions you have and she makes you feel comfortable to ask them! Out of all the interpreters I have tried. She is the best by far! If she can get me involved in group classes. Can you imagine what she could do one on one? Try her out on the free group lessons and you will see what I mean. You wont regret it!"
"So excited to have started sessions! :)"

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