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Ekaterina Z.

Teaches Online
Starting at $42
  • Teaching since 2002
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Ekaterina Z.

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Private English Teacher

Experienced English language tutor.

About Ekaterina

Experienced tutor, born and raised in Russia. I currently hold 2 Bachelor Degrees, in linguistics and biology. I have been tutoring for over 10 years and am ready to tailor to your learning needs.

Recent Reviews
Jeffrey Hicks
I selected Ekaterina because she was local and had a designated studio in which to conduct the lessons. When I spoke to her, she was concerned about maintaining social distancing due to the Coronovirus concerns and offered online as an alternative. I specifically chose her because I did not want online lessons so she then agreed to meet outside at a park bench where 6 feet distance could be maintained. However, some days later, I was contacted by her that she changed her mind about meeting due to her health concerns. There was not enough time for me to get a refund because the TakeLessons staff was unavailable to assist. Unless the staff corrects this, she will get paid a lesson credit for a lesson not conducted, and I will be out a paid credit I did not receive. I am very disappointed and I hope she updates her profile to reflect her online-only restriction.
Profile-background-check Background Check

Isabela M.

101 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $20
  • Speaks Romanian, French, Italian, Spanish, German
  • Awarded "Spirit of Excellence" from United States Coast Guard (USCG) Training Center Yorktown, Virginia
  • MBA International Business from Florida Metropolitan University
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Isabela M.

101 Reviews
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Private English Teacher

I am a Certified Interpreter in five languages with the US Defense Language Institute Monterrey, California.

English is my third language but I didn’t stop here. I taught my mother and so many others tips on how to learn this language faster in a correct way, with love for proper command in vocabulary and grammar.

If you speak a Romantic language, even better; I’ll find “anchors” to help you connect the dots and allow you to find English words faster.

If your native language is not among the Romantic ones, don’t despair (though my assumption is that you stopped reading by now). Mentors are critical, and I’ll teach you ways to find balance, consistency, and discipline in learning English as a First or Second Language.

About Isabela

Before reading about me, I'd like to share up front the honor that my newest student, R., has brought to me by choosing to learn Romanian. Nothing special so far except that he is 100 years old!!!! Yes, you read that correctly: a century old. He is the outmost inspiring person in my life by teachin

Recent Reviews
My father truly enjoys his conversations about the Romanian language and culture. Thank you, Isabela. You’re the best!
Susan T.
I am finishing my first set of lessons with Isabela. I can tell a big difference in how I am able to hear the language. Already, words pop into my head in French. I am pleased with how much I have learned already!
I have taken 7 lessons with Isabela. I can tell that my confidence is increasing and I am remembering more and more in French. I like how she includes written, verbal, and auditory (like YouTube) in our lessions.

Elizabeth T.

13 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $16
  • Speaks French, English, Spanish
  • Teaches students 7 and up
  • Geographic and Environmental Engineering from University of the Armed Forces - ESPE (Sangolquí, Ecuador)
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Elizabeth T.

13 Reviews
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Private English Teacher

With about 4 years of experience as an English Teacher, one of my passions in life is the opportunity to share knowledge constantly, as well as, to help individuals eager to improve even when some details appear to be insignificant.
At the age of 19, I formally started working as a professor of Exact Sciences at the Stephen W. Hawking Institute in Ecuador, my home country.
We all should be determined to find an objective/career that would be our passion and reflects our life goal as well. This perspective encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to move to USA thanks to an Ecuadorian scholarship which financed the commencement of my journey in Environmental Eng. focusing on Nanotechnology at Vincennes Univ. IN. There, I had a training at different Departments as a STEM, English and Spanish tutor; which eventually, gave me the chance to learn about the teaching-learning process of Higher Level English and Spanish Classes from Basic Level Classes (focused on the four ...

About Elizabeth

I am a Science teacher besides my experience as an English and Spanish tutor, about 13 years of experience in this field. I graduated from Vincennes University with an Associate Degree in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Environmental Enginee

Recent Reviews
Elizabeth is an excellent conversational Spanish tutor for my 11 and 10 year old children. She is patient and fluent in Spanish and English. We are happy about the curriculum she created for the kids as well. We are so pleased with our kids progress, that we signed up for two lessons per week.
Nicki ..
Ms. Elizabeth is thorough in her explanations of calculus, going to different depths and taking on different sources for mastering the mathematical techniques. She is always well-prepared and ready to teach.

Meet Online English Teachers Serving Pomona, NJ

Profile-student-favorite Student Favorite

Maryna A.

24 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $30
  • Speaks English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian
  • Teaches students 15 and up
  • Teaching since 2006
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Student Favorite

Maryna A.

24 Reviews
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Online English Teacher

Native speaker of Russian with a near-native proficiency in English. Balanced diet of grammar focus and fluency building. Communicative approach, based on your interests, portfolio, meaningful tasks, and real-life scenarios. Looking forward to working with you!

About Maryna

Hi, my name is Maryna! . I'm from Crimea. I've been living in the USA for over 10 years, which helped me develop a near-native proficiency in English. This is very helpful when it comes to grammar explanations and helping my students understand the subtleties of meaning. . I'm a full-time ed

Recent Reviews
С Мариной я занимаюсь больше года. За это время я многому научилась.

Занимаемся по сериалу Друзья. В течении недели смотрю по одной, две серии, потом перессказываю о чем там, потом готовлю пересказ на бумаге. На занятии мы с Мариной активно обсуждаем мой пересказ и мои ошибки, ещё успеваем обсудить повседневную лексику. На уроке узнаю много тонкостей в переводе английских слов. Слова не зубрю, но словарный запас пополняется с каждой неделей. Марина большое вам спасибо за уроки, мне очень нравиться учить английский именно с Вами. Вы несомненно талантливый учитель, ваш подход в обучении мне нравится.👍🤗
Спасибо, Мариночка, за интересный подход к обучению, когда уроки английского превращаются в увлекательную игру, а ученики становятся дружной весёлой командой! Ты-лучший преподаватель английского из всех, что знаю🌸🌸🌸! Когда отшлифуем этот язык , пойдём с тобой к следующему , ведь так ?

Translated Using Google Translate:

Thank you, Marinochka, for an interesting approach to learning, when English lessons turn into an exciting game, and students become a friendly, fun team! You are the best English teacher I know🌸🌸🌸! When we polish this language, let's go with you to the next, right? 😉
Марина, Вы прекрасный учитель! С вами очень приятно работать! Потому что Вы очень хороший человек , и я многому с вами учусь, особенно по урокам в Скайпе! 😃
Рада быть в вашей команде 😀

Matias D.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Awarded Fulbright FLTA Scholarship from Fulbright
  • Teaches students 18 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Matias D.

3 Reviews
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Online English Teacher

I have over 14 years of experience teaching both English and Spanish as a foreign/second language in classrooms and as a private tutor.
I love to make my lessons fun and memorable using interesting materials, songs and games.
I make most of the material I use and I always put emphasis on oral communication which is the main reason why people study languages!
I can help you get ready for international exams (TOEFL, Cambridge English, IELTS, etc), get ready for college, and improve your chances of getting a job!

About Matias

MA in Linguistics BA in TESOL Over 15 years of experience teaching both, English and Spanish as a foreign/second language Content Creation (TpT) Teacher Trainer and Presenter Fulbright Scholar Alumni (2008-2009) Cambridge University Best Practice in State Education Scholarship (2011)

Recent Reviews
Very relaxed nature, but we covered a lot of content in our 90 minute lesson and I already feel like I'm making progress.
He's an awesome teacher, innovative, curious and energetic. You go to classes knowing it's going to be good, and that by the end of it you will learn something new.
Daniela Cerbino
Matías and I first met through the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching program in 2008 and have remained in touch ever since. We have worked together and collaborated thtoughout the years in various ways. Matías is a dedicated and experienced teacher who strives to create memorable and practical lessons. He likes making students think out of the box and often brings his interests to the classroom, making for a content-based class. He is creative and tries new methodologies and ideas, as he is up-to-date on the latest language teaching trends. He is also fun and kind-hearted. I strongly recommend Matías and doubt you'll find a better language teacher.

Ulises A.

7 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $15
  • Speaks Spanish, French, English
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2011
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Ulises A.

7 Reviews
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Online English Teacher

I have taugh EFL for several years now, I don't have a preferred age to teach. I have taught General English, English for young learners, Business English, TOEFL preparation, English for tourists and others.

I enjoy creating new and alternative English courses

About Ulises

My name is Ulises and if you want to learn English and have fun doing it, join my class! I would be very happy to teach you some English. I enjoy teaching using props and realia to make the lesson more interesting and interactive. I believe the most effective way to learn English is to enjoy your l

Recent Reviews
The teacher ulises is great teacher, he is very dinamyc with the excersices and fluent in english and learn english with him is so funny, really he teach side by side, Thank You so much for all support
Ulises is a wonderful teacher. He is a dependable professional and cares about his students' needs. He is a very helpful individual.

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"I think it will be nice experience. A lot of speech, a lot of practice. It is the most important things for language knowledge."
Took English lessons from Jared G.
"Mrs Ghada is the best teacher ever .. she tries to deal with her students as a mother rather than a teacher .. she owns so many tools to improve the student's skills .. as well as having good vessels in sending her own messages .."
Took English lessons from Ghada E.
"Although Karen was my High School Dance Teacher, she also helped me after school with my other classes, especially those related to any Writing assignments. She first started tutoring me when I was a Sophomore. I confided in her that I was having a hard time in my English class, and so she offered to stay after school and help me with my assignments. Through her tutoring me my grades improved in English class. She continued to help me for the next few years even through my Senior English class. Karen is an incredibly caring teacher/tutor that cares about other people’s learning. She is patient. She encouraged me a lot. Even when she told me the areas where I needed improvement, she was supportive and nice. Now that I am going to start Pima College pretty soon, I’m definitely going to hire her again as my English tutor to help me do well in college English classes. I would highly recommend Karen as a Writing/Reading Tutor for anyone who needs to improve in these areas."
Sarais Lopez
Took English lessons from Karen G.
"She is a very good teacher and I’m looking forward to my next lessons!"
Took English lessons from Julie L.
"This was my first session,but it was great."
Took English lessons from Elisha O.
"Great teacher! Listens and patiently instructs you to get better at English."
Took English lessons from Erol G.
"Best English teacher! I highly recommend her."
Took English lessons from Alexandra A.
"Simply the best!"
Took English lessons from Rosita R.
"We had good lesson today. Thank you Ms. Anna"
Took English lessons from Anna E.
"I like Christine and her lessons very much!!!"
Took English lessons from Christine K.
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