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Nedra P.

Nedra P.

I dedicated ten years to teaching preschool. Many subjects are taught when you teach preschool, phonics being one of the most essential. I taught phonics everyday during preschool because phonics is the necessary building block needed, to decoding and reading fluently. As a present day homeschool mom, I continue to teach phonics to my 3 year old, and have in the past to my other kids. During my phonics lessons, students will learn letters A-Z and the sounds associated with the letters. They will also learn blends and new words that are associated with the sounds and letters. Students will also practice writing skills in these lessons, as they learn their letters. Students can expect to learn by use of power point presentations, puppets, hands on activities, open ended questions, repetition, songs, and video clips.
/30 mins
Barbara D.

Barbara D.

This is a weekly *PRIVATE* Phonics Program with a 45, or 50 minute Tutoring Session or Full Comprehensive Course per week I use Several learning enrichment programs and other supplemental material that are age and grade appropriate. I love teaching little ones AND ADULTS and unlocking the mystery of words and sounds through fun activities, a variety of animated characters and music, general games and computer games as well as step by step presentations in just the right segments, increments and repetition for comprehension and retention. I taught my own children and grandchildren and have taught and tutored hundreds of other children in a variety of educational settings. However, I am partial to helping them to start on their journey to phonics and reading. Adult Literacy is also available!!!
/30 mins
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she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

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