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Popular GRE Tutors

Valeria F.

Los Angeles, CA
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Ilona M.

Pompano Beach, FL
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RaShelle M.

Nashville, TN
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Valeria F. Los Angeles, CA

GRE Math Lesson Topics Include:

- Absolute values
- Arithmetic Operations
- Congruent and Similar Figures
- Coordinate Geometry
- Decimal Representation
- Descriptive Statistics
- Elementary Probability
- Estimation, Percent, Ratio, and Rate
- Factoring and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
- Graphs of Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
- Linear and Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
- Properties of Circles, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals
- Properties and Operations of Exponents and Square Roots
- Pythagorean Theorem
- Random Variables and Probability Distributions
- Sequence of Numbers
- Systems of Equations
- Three-Dimensional Figures and Analysis (area, perimeter, volume)
- Word Problems

About Valeria

Dear Parents, I’m sure you remember what it feels like to be disconnected in class, whether it was during Calculus, Latin, or Art History. This is the feeling your son or daughter is most likely experiencing. It’s not life threatening, but education is of the utmost importance in this technical era. For this reason, I've developed over time an effective approach to teaching students how to tackle their academic challenges. I create fun and entertaining lessons for them, while subtly explaining the subject matter in a way that enhances their understanding and learning capability. I strive to enlighten my students, not merely to regurgitate information. Lessons will consist of concepts of their homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, and final examinations. In addition, I tend to ...


Brian W. April 20, 2015
Calculus · Online
Verified Student
Very helpful!!!!
Jasmine April 19, 2015
Biology · Online
Verified Student
Ms. V is wonderful! Well communicated and well planned for lesson. She tries to get to know her students and give the best to adapt their learning capability. Super terrific to work with!!!
Val M. April 14, 2015
Math · In home
Verified Student
My 5th grade daughter was struggling in math so before we had Valeria as a tutor, we had a non-Take Lessons tutor for 1 year. With the middle school teacher/tutor, my daughter was slowly starting to come around in math but he would dismiss her small accomplishments. The last straw was when he said that my daughter would probably not make it into algebra by the time she got to high school. Of course we left and we found Take Lessons. Through Take Lesson I am able view each tutors Education, Experience and Awards to which I found Valeria to be the best. On day one, I expressed to Valeria I would like my daughter to be tutored to enter High School at an Algebra II level and Valeria told me" Let's try for Calculus." Wow!! I was hooked. Valeria has completely turned my daughter's perspective on math in a positive direction. Her math scores have improved and her content understanding has increased significantly. To my surprise, my daughter has even noticed her Math teacher makes mistakes. Valeria has brought to her lessons more than math but confidence to my daughter.
Ilona M. Pompano Beach, FL

Preparation to all sections

About Ilona

For my tutoring sessions I use skills that include goal-directedness, I teach how to organize learning in small steps and how to set them up; I always strive to motivate and engage my students to make the learning interesting and fun; I also use self-control skills to teach how to avoid distractions and I use different focusing strategies. I use positive mind set skills to teach how to use failures as a learning opportunities. I have a Master's Degree (2012) in teaching English to speakers of other languages, and Bachelors in Music Education (2010), both from Florida Atlantic University, as well as degree in violin performance from Poland. I studied piano in Poland for 10 years & taught both piano & violin for over 20 years. I also teach flute & cello for the past 5 years, as I ...


Marilda J. January 10, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Ilona is a funny and patient teacher. She makes learning piano fun while making sure to learn and improve on the technique and skills. I enjoyed taking lessons with her and would recommend her to anyone else.
Kari B. November 8, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Ilona has been teaching piano to my 12 year old daughter for a few weeks now but already I can see a dramatic improvement in my daughter's playing! Ilona is a wonderful teacher who is able to not just provide piano playing instruction but also provides instruction on music theory to students to really provide a comprehensive musical education for her students!
Maureen A. August 6, 2013
Verified Student
Excellent teacher!

As I've worked with Ilona and gotten to know her as my teacher, I realize that she really truly cares that I learn well and learn the proper way. She can be tough and gives me a good amount of work to do, but it's all because she wants me to learn and learn well. If I'm unable to complete an assignment she just laughs and says "Life happens" - she's very understanding. She's very patient and encourages me all the time. I often will make a comment such as "I stink at this" and she'll tell me I'm too hard on myself and piano is a learning experience. Obviously teaching is her calling in life and she's excellent at it! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the art of playing the piano.
RaShelle M. Nashville, TN

About RaShelle

From the age of 4, RaShelle composed music and played piano by ear, dreaming of the day when she would be able to hear her pieces played by full string orchestras and symphony orchestras. In high school, she began studying classical piano performance with Mrs. Patricia Randolph, graduate of Eastman School of Music. During her studies with Mrs. Randolph, she received “rating one” in 2003 and 2004 for her piano performances at the Nebraska Music Guild Competition. Later in college while studying jazz and tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina, RaShelle was inspired to pursue her passion for both electronic and acoustic composition. Upon returning to the United States, she studied electronic composition with Dr. Charles Nichols at the University of Montana, and acoustic composition with Dr. ...


Dylan S. May 3, 2013
Verified Student
Great with kids

My 4 year old daughter expressed an interest in playing the piano but neither my wife or I know how to play. I'm very pleased we found RaShelle. She's patient, positive and enthusiastic. Our daughter looks forward to each lesson, which is more than I could have hoped for. And, she's learning a lot.

What impresses me most is that RaShelle is also helping her learn to sing in key while she plays. My daughter is only 4 and already knows how to do things that I can't. That's pretty exciting.
Dee F. February 26, 2013
Enthusiastic Teacher!

RaShelle has a God-given musical talent and it shows in her enthusiasm for music - not only in piano, but guitar and singing, as well.

RaShelle's love for music~ is evident in the way that she teaches and inspires you as a student to want to excel to the same level of excellence.

I strongly recommend this young woman as a teacher.


Amber J.

Englewood, CO
Learn More

Cymbaline O.

Fullerton, CA
Learn More

Paul G.

Bryn Mawr, PA
Learn More
Amber J. Englewood, CO

About Amber

Growing up in Denver, I had a huge desire for singing and performing. By age 14, I was taking weekly singing & piano lessons, was acting constantly in local productions-many times getting the lead role. Some of the productions I acted in: The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Camelot, Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), How to Succeed in Business (Smitty), Carousel, Oklahoma, Les Miserables, and Oliver (Nancy.) I received a 4-year scholarship to the Conservatory of Music in Stockton, CA. at the University of the Pacific. Upon graduation, I entered graduate school at the University of North Texas to continue my singing and piano studies, along with music theory, history, and musical video production. Upon graduating UNT, I was chosen among 200 performing arts majors to be the featured soloist at ...


Susan S. May 4, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Amber is amazing with my daughter. She is a joy to be with and her methods have quickly brought great improvement in her voice and her confidence.
Geoff M. November 17, 2014
French · In studio
Verified Student
Amber was a great teacher, she was patient with me and my wife when we had trouble and helped us stay on task. We learned basic French faster than I expected.
Charles B. August 28, 2014
Singing · In home
Amber is our church's music director and as a member of the worship team I have had the opportunity to observe her interact with students, including my wife. Needless to say, I was quite impressed with her abilities. But, I didn't realize the scope of her wonderful expertise until I began taking voice lessons from her. The awesome thing about Amber is her ability to interact with the student on the student's level. In other words, Amber has the wonderful ability of sharing her musical expertise by teaching in such a gentle, encouraging and patient manner that makes taking lessons from her a joy and privilege. Although, her knowledge of music is second to none, she teaches in such a gracious manner that the student doesn't feel like they are being talked-down-to.
Cymbaline O. Fullerton, CA

About Cymbaline

Cymbaline has been performing all her life. She began dance training at age 5, singing on stage at age 7, piano instruction at age 8, and flute at age 9. She has pursued the performing arts in her training, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Vocal Performance and Education) from Azusa Pacific University, as well as a Masters in Education from Grand Canyon University. Cymbaline has been seen on stage in many musical theater productions, including playing Marian in The Music Man, Anna in The King and I, and the Blue Girl in Shout! She has also done theater and film, including playing Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. She has taught voice, piano, and flute privately, as well as voice and musical theater classes. She has a great desire to pass on the knowledge she has gained


Lara M. April 15, 2014
Very professional and patient

Ms Olsen has been giving my daughter piano lessons for a year. She comes to our home and is very professional, timely and patient. My daughter has made great progression with her piano, she looks forward to her lessons and practices without me having to remind her. It's so convenient that she comes to our house, and she communicate with me . I would highly recommend her.
Haley R. April 1, 2014
Vocal Training
Voice Has Never Been Better

In my now four years with her, Ms. Olsen has been an amazing, kind, and awesome teacher to have and work with. If it wasn't for her, my voice wouldn't sound as beautiful as it would have sounded without her teaching me. Going from classical songs to Italian songs to now modern/pop songs, my voice has gone through many different techniques to help my singing become better, which it has. Overall, I have learned a bunch from Ms. Olsen and I wouldn't want a different teacher either way. I am really happy my mother asked me if I wanted to take voice lesson. Thank you Ms. Olsen! :)
David W. April 1, 2014
A shining star

Cymbaline Olsen is a shining star. Her talent and energy is boundless. Her ability to calmly listen, to sculpt, and to mold vocalists of all ages, ranges and abilities is second to none. Many acclaimed vocalists have minimal strengths in terms of "coaching-up" less competent vocalists. Cymbaline, however, is a natural teacher. She is a rare talent in that regard. Cymbaline's strength is teaching and performance. Her expertise in music theory, vocal phrasing and vocal scales is extraordinary. Cymbaline can teach you that Can Sing....And Yes, you will!
I highly recommend Cymbaline for your Vocal Lessons.
Paul G. Bryn Mawr, PA

I have been teaching the GRE exam for admission into graduate school programs for over 4 years, working for companies such as Next Step Test Prep, Catalyst Prep, and Kaplan Inc.

My teaching goals with the GRE are a minimum improvement of at least 15 points (on the 170/170 scale) given a time frame of at least 2 months. I am able to guarantee this type of improvement in any student, as this is what I have consistently produced for people with whom I have worked over the years.

My teaching style is to keep the material as exciting and vibrant as possible! Learning should not be a dry and dull experience, it should be highly interesting and involving. There are many aspects of the GRE that once properly learned can become problem-solving strategies in real-life applications as well!

About Paul

Hey Guys! My name is Paul, and I graduated from The George Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. After acquiring a job in finance upon graduation, I decided to pursue further education, this time in the field of Computer Science. This post-baccalaureate training has allowed me to acquire more satisfying opportunities than I had available to me previously. Consequently, my knowledge-base in software development and in mathematical areas has grown prominently. To talk of my tutoring experience, since 2011, I have tutored for several prominent tutoring companies. Most recently, the 2 nationwide companies that I tutor for include Next Step Test Prep and Catalyst Prep. I have worked with hundreds of kids at improving their approach and strategy to ...


Abby C. March 26, 2015
ACT · In home
I'm a high school student that is preparing to take both the SATs and the ACTs. Paul helped me across all areas on these tests and I felt very confident taking the tests. I have a busy schedule and Paul was able to work with me to figure out what I could accomplish each week in preparation for our sessions. I feel totally comfortable challenging him on certain questions and asking him to further explain some answers if I don't fully understand. Overall, Paul is a great tutor that truly wants his students to succeed.
Donna G. March 15, 2015
GMAT · In studio
So my situation was that I wanted to go to Duke's MBA program and needed at least a 710 on my GMAT. So I saw Paul was a student favorite on take lessons for the GMAT and he was in my area so I used him. He had gret quant and verbal strategies, like creating a table for the data sufficiency problems. Overall, Paul was able to raise my score by 70 points! I was so relieved.
Tyneisha B. December 15, 2014
Java · In home
Paul was a great tutor! I was taking Intro to Computer Science and needed help with Java, and he was able to come in and explain the concepts nice and clearly for me. I was able to boost the scores on my homework, which was nice.

I would 100% recommend Paul!

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For students looking to pursue an advanced degree, the GRE is the most widely accepted test for graduate admissions in the world. The test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. While not subject-specific, the test requires an incredible amount of preparation - and a TakeLessons GRE prep tutor can help.

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One of the biggest advantages any GRE test-taker can have is knowing ahead of time what kind of material will be on the test, and how to effectively approach each section. GRE prep tutoring from Takelessons assists aspiring graduate and business school students by providing them with guidance in the development of the important reasoning and writing skills necessary to successfully - an

d confidently - complete the test. GRE tutors can also guide students through practice tests, helping you to be well-prepared for the real thing.

Benefits of GRE Tutoring with TakeLessons Include:

• Prep sessions that are customized to your specific needs and learning style
• Prescreened and friendly tutors committed to your success
• Choice of locations - in your home, online, or at an agreed-upon location with your tutor
• 100% Money Back Guarantee with your first tutoring session

GRE prep tutoring is the best way to make sure you go into the test without finding yourself stumped. And the more confident you are, the more successful you’ll be!

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