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Mary Lou H.

Mary Lou H.

Are you ready to improve your grade in pre-Calculus (aka Trigonometry)? I'd love to help understand the math course you're taking and have fun with it. If you need assistance with your Trigonometry class to understand the way it is presented in the book, I’ll help you comprehend every lesson. We can even try an alternate method until the light bulb comes on. Because once you understand a concept, you can return to the required method. My only goal is for you to succeed! Concepts in Trigonometry: Angles Triangles Complex Numbers Trigonometry Functions – arc, sine, cosine, tangent Logarithmic Functions Graphing – Polar, Rectangular Pythagorean Identity Radians & Degrees Exponential Functions Word problems I’m also a devotee of grammar and proofreading skills. I have been hired be several published authors to proofread their novels prior to publications. So if you need assistance with improving your Writing Skills, I am available for this as well – two tutors for the “price” of one.
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I barely passed trigonometry and am now in pre-calc! she really knows how to explain it and dumb it down ! 100/10

Carries (Pre Calculus lessons with Junia M.)

This was the first lesson for my son. He was actually surprised and thought that it was a great first lesson. He said that Daniel reviewed the concepts with him which allowed him to solve the problems

Clayce (Pre Calculus lessons with Daniel M.)

Daniel was a great help to Skylar in math analysis and really helped her build her skill and confidence.

Julie (Pre Calculus lessons with Daniel F.)

Colin is conscientious, has true interest in the subject, puts extra time and effort into his lessons even outside the allotted time. We feel lucky to have found him.

Alina (Pre Calculus lessons with Colin S.)

I barely passed trigonometry and am now in pre-calc! she really knows how to explain it and dumb it down ! 100/10

Carries (Pre Calculus lessons with Junia M.)

This was the first lesson for my son. He was actually surprised and thought that it was a great first lesson. He said that Daniel reviewed the concepts with him which allowed him to solve the problems

Clayce (Pre Calculus lessons with Daniel M.)

In the press

Calculus Lessons

Modern calculus is credited with being developed by Sir Isaac Newton and the lesser-known Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, published contemporarily in the 17th Century, but there are elements in ancient Greek and Chinese mathematics.

Calculus is used in the category of every physical science, such as physics, and has applications in behavioral science and economics, among others. As such, calculus can be useful in every aspect of our lives.

Whether you’re looking to get ahead in class or master calculus for a job, at TakeLessons, our individualized classes are designed to help you improve your understanding and master calculus.

Certified Calculus Lessons Teachers

If you’ve ever had a math class and were lost in what the teacher was saying or had a tutor that made you more confused than before you started, you know how important quality teachers can be to your education.

At TakeLessons, our instructors are background screened and certified as professionals that specialize in helping students just like yourself excel. Every class is designed to cater to individual students' needs and interests, making it the perfect vehicle to learn at your own pace.

What’s more, we make signing up easy and hassle-free. Simply browse our catalog of student-reviewed and 5-star rated calculus teachers to find the right match for your needs. Next, meet with your teacher and discuss your requirements, agree on pricing, choose between online or in-person instruction, and schedule your first class.

The average price of our calculus lessons ranges from $38 for half an hour to $66 for a full hour of instruction, making them the best online calculus lessons available.

Calculus Online Lessons for All Ages

If you’ve ever been curious or need to learn calculus for your job but are worried that you may be too old (or young) to learn, there’s nothing further from the truth.

We match your needs with a teacher that specializes in teaching your age. For example, while rare, if you are looking for calculus lessons for kids, we have teachers specializing in educating younger people.

For adults, we have instructors that know how to communicate and teach adults in a way that makes the material stick with you, helping you learn faster than in other similar programs.

So whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to begin learning with TakeLessons.

Calculus Lessons for All Levels

Regardless of your experience and knowledge of calculus, at TakeLessons, we craft our classes to our students' abilities, making it easy for them to learn. We know that everyone has different interests and backgrounds, so our instructors will create the perfect lesson plan for you whether you’re experienced in calculus or need calculus lessons for beginners.

At TakeLessons, the classes are designed for you, meaning online calculus lessons for a working adult will cover material at a different speed and depth than introducing calculus to a teenager. The flexible teaching model aids each of our students in learning and mastering calculus faster than in any other program, regardless of the student’s background.

Calculus Lessons Curriculum

We all know that math can be complex, and calculus can be more challenging than almost any other type of math. Our teaching style empowers our teachers to create flexible, individualized calculus lessons to allow the students to learn at their own pace, regardless of their age and ability.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Calculus Lessons

If you’ve never attempted to learn calculus or have a small amount of background experience in the discipline, the beginner calculus lessons are ideal for you.

In our beginner classes, a sample curriculum may include topics such as;

  • Introduction to key concepts and applications in calculus
  • Defining concepts and terms such as limits, derivatives, differentiation, and integrals
  • Learning basic computation of calculus

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Calculus Lessons

For students that have some experience in calculus and are continuing their education, then the intermediate level courses are best.

A sample of intermediate calculus lessons may include:

  • Differential equations
  • Fundamental theorem of calculus
  • Practice equations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Calculus Lessons

An advanced class in calculus is perfect for the serious student, whether to be applied in engineering, science, economics, or advanced mathematics.

A sample curriculum for advanced calculus lessons may include concepts such as:

  • Construction of real numbers, limits, and sequences
  • Derivatives and series
  • Riemann integration, and more

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Is calculus hard to learn?


Yes, calculus is one of the more challenging than other advanced mathematics disciplines to learn in STEM classes. The difficulty of advanced math requires patience and guidance to understand and grasp the fundamentals, and it is necessary to have an experienced teacher or tutor assist you.

What do I need to know before taking calculus?


Before starting a class in calculus, students should have a firm grasp of algebra which is the building block, the “language” of calculus. Additionally, students who have a firm understanding of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry will have an easier time learning calculus than a student who doesn’t have that background knowledge.

At TakeLessons, we provide instruction and classes to be building blocks for life-long learning. So if you’re interested in calculus but don’t know where to begin, we offer everything you need, whether it’s algebra to precalculus to advanced math.

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