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Super good at explaining why things worked and making sure that I knew how to do everything. Going into my test tomorrow with confidence that I will get a 100%.

Gavin Meese (Physics lessons with Colin S.)

Colin is very knowledgeable and helpful. He does an excellent job of teaching the concepts and has been more than helpful with specific word problems. He is very thorough and has made additional co

Diana Wolff (Physics lessons with Colin S.)

My lesson was very helpful and she was very nice to work with. We worked on an assignment that I was struggling with and now understand how to do it.

Haliah (Physics lessons with Jennifer W.)

In school I feel stupid. With Brett I feel normal. Thanks for teaching me something new and teaching me that I am actually normal. If you have a bad teacher in your high school Brett will SAVE you

Nero (Physics lessons with Brett K.)

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Physics Lessons

Physics is a science subject dedicated to the study of energy and matter. It involves all sorts of topics, such as light, electricity, heat, and sound, and how they relate to one another. When you study physics, you’ll have a better understanding of how and why the universe behaves the way it does.

As fascinating as this subject is, it can be challenging to learn it all on your own. If you’re looking for a little extra help, we have you covered. Here at TakeLessons, we offer the very best online Physics lessons and in-person sessions. Sign up with us today!

Certified Physics Teachers

Physics can be a tricky topic to understand if you don’t have the right instruction. That’s why we only work with the best physics teachers around. All of our teachers are certified and have undergone background checks, so you know you’re getting the best possible instruction.

Since it’s important that you work with a teacher who aligns with your preferences, we let you choose your preferred teacher. To narrow down your options, check out their profiles. You can read about their background, qualifications, schedule, rates, and more.

If you’re concerned about the cost of taking our lessons, don’t be. We strive to keep our lessons low-cost, as the average hour-long session is $77. Prices will vary based on a number of factors, but you’ll find rates between $15 and $175 an hour.

Now that you’ve selected your ideal match, simply choose your schedule and favorite lesson package to begin your physics studies with us!

Physics Online Lessons for All Ages

The study of physics is usually reserved for students who have mastered a certain level of mathematics, such as algebra or calculus. However, depending on the specific teacher, you may be able to find physics lessons for kids that will introduce your child to the very basics.

That said, our physics lessons are more geared toward students at the high school or college level, as much of this science subject requires a strong understanding of advanced math.

However, regardless of your age, our teachers can help you master this subject in no time!

Physics Lessons for All Levels

When it comes to learning physics, there are a lot of different levels to master. If you’re starting out with your very first physics class, you’ll begin with the basics, and that’s where the teachers who instruct our physics lessons for beginners really shine. They can help you build a strong foundation.

However, if you’re already taking more advanced courses, our lessons for intermediate and advanced learners are better suited for you. In these lessons, your teacher has the knowledge to help you make sense of even the most challenging concepts.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Physics Lessons

Physics lessons for beginners will start with the basics, giving students a high-level look at this subject.

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Physics

Intermediate lessons will build off of what students learned in their introductory lessons. Students will dive deeper into this subject, exploring everything from kinematics and satellite motion to momentum, energy, static electricity, and more.

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Physics

Advanced physics courses are reserved for those who are ready to focus on more complex topics. This course will likely be geared toward students at the graduate or postgraduate level.

Sign up Today

When it comes to learning physics, our teachers are here to help you every step of the way and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. To sign up for our in-person or online physics lessons, begin selecting your teacher, schedule, and lesson package today.


How can I learn basic physics?

One of the very best ways to learn the basics is to sign up for physics lessons for beginners. These lessons will provide you with an introduction to this natural science, giving you a foundation you can use to learn more complex and challenging topics in this subject. The beauty of these lessons is that your teacher will go at a comfortable pace and create a customized lesson plan that aligns with your preferences, goals, skill sets, learning style, and more.

Can I learn physics for free?

While we don’t offer free lessons, we do offer affordable physics lessons that accommodate any budget! Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can find rates as low as $15 an hour. That said, on average, the cost of an hour-long session is $77. Although we do charge for our lessons, we are so confident that you’ll appreciate the investment that we offer all students our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When you sign up for our lessons, you know you’re in good hands.

What do you learn in physics first?

If you’re just starting out with your physics studies, you’ll begin with the basics first. In many cases, this will involve learning classical mechanics and then moving on to electron dynamics and special relativity. However, because your lessons are tailored to you, your physics teacher will tutor you in whatever subject most interests you.

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