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Maya M.

Maya M.

I am excited to work on coursework and concepts in the most engaging way possible! We can work together on determining your most effective learning method and creating a study plan that works for you.
/60 mins
Amy I.

Amy I.

I've been through it all, from high school bio to defending my dissertation. Now I want to help you survive! I can help with any biology subject, with specialities in biomedical neuroscience (PhD), anatomy & physiology, vertebrate anatomy, medical subjects, micro, cell bio, and gen bio. Nobody learns the same way, even though we are all often expected to fit into certain molds. I strive to be flexible and learn the needs of every student, finding ways to communicate on your level. No judgement here. I am familiar with the needs associated with neurodiversity (being ND myself), so anyone struggling in a neurotypical academia is more than welcome, or anyone at all who is looking for a new perspective. Let's work together and find a way tht works for you.
/60 mins
Dr. Veronica O.

Dr. Veronica O.

Struggling or want better grades in AP Biology, Cell Biology, Ecology, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Physical Science, and Earth Science, please reach out to an experienced Science educator. My goal is to empower students with adequate knowledge, literacy, critical-thinking skills, and the ability to use questioning and investigation to learn and comprehend curricula outlined in the subject. My unique philosophy of personalized instructions -meeting students where they are, initial assessment to identify subject strengths/weakness, learning styles, customized lesson that meet the needs/goals of the student, and my ability to connect the abstract concepts of science to real-life phenomenon make my lessons effective, easy to understand, and applicable, which in turn enhance learning. Through research, teaching, College board AP certification, professorship, and real-life experimentation in the concepts outlined in AP Biology, I engage the student in a partnership that allow the student to take ownership of the learning process through questioning and observations using the Internet. This has been very effectiveness in conceptual understanding and applications, enjoyable learning experiences, improved grades, and setting a solid foundation for future careers in STEM. As an advanced Biology Instructor, I am familiar/current, with all AP Biology tools and resources -like the College Board AP Classroom that enhance success and a high score in AP Biology. Dr. Okwoche
/45 mins
Yazmin A.

Yazmin A.

My tutoring process revolves around 4 central components: knowledge, empathy, honesty, and humor. This allows me to build a relationship with my students, so that I can understand who they are and adapt my tutoring style to best fit their needs. We all learn best in different ways, and my job is to help you figure out how you learn best so that we can create the best study habits to help you succeed academically. During my AP Biology lessons, I go above and beyond in breaking down the complex topics to simple and easy to understand for my students. I also engage my students in active learning, through my experience, I've learned that engaging my students in active learning doesn't only improve their understanding of the concept but it also increases their confidence. Lastly, through my many failures and successes as a student myself, I have found it is best to take one step at a time towards learning a difficult subject and being especially patient as we build the critical-thinker/problem-solver in you.
/30 mins
Nicklas B.

Nicklas B.

Techniques such as test timing, strategic question choices, multiple choice dissection, speed reading (even if you're not used to reading), and stress management are all included in the various methods I use to ensure you're as prepared as you can be on test day.
/60 mins
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Malia, French (Online)

I was able to connect my son to a live, interactive Spanish lesson within 24 hours...We're having a blast!

Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

I can't even explain how great this made me feel. I suddenly felt like I could actually achieve this bucket list dream of mine.

Kyle, Country Guitar (In-Person)

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