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Colin S.

Colin S.

I view algebra like a game: there are simple rules that govern what you can do, and if you know and understand the rules, the game is a whole lot easier. If algebra seems to be a struggle for a student, I can help them identify the basic concepts (i.e. rules) on which they need to strengthen their understanding. Algebra is an essential tool I use to solve a myriad of problems every day as an engineer, and so I am intimately familiar with its many different topics, and perhaps because I understand its value, I genuinely enjoy teaching algebra to others. I remember what it was like to personally struggle with algebra, and I know the most common pitfalls which make it seem more difficult than it actually is. Because of this experience, I am quite adept on picking up on my students' weak points, and helping them clear up fuzzy understandings of the rules of algebra. I started teaching algebra six years ago when I first started teaching it to myself. Since that time, algebra has been the subject I have tutored the most, and I believe I have become quite good at helping students master concepts that were once most challenging for them. My goal is to help my students not only raise their algebra grades to all As, but more importantly, to help them establish a rock-solid base in algebra on which to build higher math skills. I do this by: 1. Providing each algebra student with a thorough, in-depth review of the basic concepts in which they have not yet mastered 2. Demonstrating central problem-solving techniques that are essential for all levels of math (and science) 3. Providing them with practice problems to do in between our sessions so that they have the opportunity to solidify the information and skills they learn. There are amazing careers waiting for those who are educated in higher mathematics, and everyone should have the opportunity to pursue them. It all begins with a solid foundation in algebra.
/60 mins
Dr. James G.

Dr. James G.

Hello Parent: I work in the DC metro area, at school, or your home. I have worked in my office as a child psychologist, and in many home in DC and Maryland as a tutor. I am licensed in Florida as a teacher in the above subjects. I tutor/teach both online, (by computers) and in homes/schools. I worked for Child Development Center, (US Military) and have a background clearance for children. I would be happy to tutor your son at your home or the nearby library. My method of teaching is called “student center”. As you might know, this method looks at what the student needs now to do well in the course, and not how a tutor might teach the same way for all his/her students. Sometimes, I have found that students have some opposition to math. Many times they are quite bright students, but the math subject is just not present to them in a method that works best for them. Having been a teacher and a psychologist, I use different teaching methods to communicate the lessons. This seems to work. I believe I can make it work for your child. My background as a psychologist working with the school system does help to understand students general attitude toward certain school subjects. I adjust my teaching methods with each student I tutor. This helps me do a better job at teaching your child and the students feel that they are getting the information they need for their classes to be successful in the courses. I have been teaching and tutoring students from preschool to Graduate school for more than 20 years. I am retired military and US government. I taught at more than over 5 universities and many elementary, middle, and high school. I was also a child psychologist in the DC metro area for many years. I have a Ph.D., MBA, MS, and BS from University of California, Berkeley. I taught also in Germany with UMUC (Maryland) and many places in China (6 Years) and Africa. I taught at the child development center, (CDC) for the military. The areas I do most tutoring in are math, business, engineering, science, physics, English. I have a TEFL, (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from England. I taught in China, preschool, middle and High school. Boland T.E.F.L. Diploma - International T.E.F.L Diploma. The Boland School T.E.F.L Diploma program is geared towards preparing native speakers of English who would like to teach English as a foreign language. I would be happy to answer any additional questions. Dr. James T G., Ph.D., M.B.A. M.S. B.S.E.E.,
/45 mins
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Colin is a wonderful instructor. I am so pleased with how much my daughter has learned and how much confidence she has gained. He is quick to respond to any questions.

Kelly Burke (Algebra lessons with Colin S.)

Joanne is awesome! After having just one tutoring session with her I've learned so much.. She teaches very thoroughly and clearly so that you understand everything she goes over. She is patient and ve

janea Barraza (Algebra lessons with Joanne T.)

Awesome great teacher excellent thanks

Cathalbyrne (Algebra lessons with Mary Lou H.)

My son said he showed him a new approach to algebra that really helped him understand. My 14 year old said it was very helpful.

Liam (Algebra lessons with Colin S.)

Colin is a wonderful instructor. I am so pleased with how much my daughter has learned and how much confidence she has gained. He is quick to respond to any questions.

Kelly Burke (Algebra lessons with Colin S.)

Joanne is awesome! After having just one tutoring session with her I've learned so much.. She teaches very thoroughly and clearly so that you understand everything she goes over. She is patient and ve

janea Barraza (Algebra lessons with Joanne T.)

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Algebra Lessons

Algebra is one main branches of mathematics and can be useful in many parts of life. TakeLessons has certified algebra teachers with years of experience.

Algebra is a branch of math that assists in representing problems in the form of mathematical expressions. It uses variables such as x, y, and z and addition, subtraction, and multiplication to form these expressions. There are different types of algebra, including linear algebra, abstract algebra, and commutative algebra. Algebra has been used in software programming, graphics, facial recognition, and other types of technologies.

We believe that learning algebra starts with the best online algebra lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Certified Algebra Teachers

TakeLessons has put the work into finding the best teachers, so you don’t have to. All our tutors are background-checked and certified, bringing years of experience in mathematics to our lessons.

We also make finding your ideal algebra teacher a simple process. We offer full profiles for all our teachers. While you browse, you can read through their background and experience, compare student reviews, and see their rates and lesson offerings. Once you’ve found the one that fits your budget and schedule, sign up and get started with algebra lessons for you or your child!

The cost of the best online algebra lessons and in-person sessions on TakeLessons is an average of $38 for a 30-minute lesson.

Online Algebra Lessons for All Ages

Algebra is important to learn at any age. For school-aged children, it’s a vital subject in most curriculums. In college-age courses, it’s important to master algebra to move on to courses such as statistics and calculus.

Our teachers are experts at crafting algebra lessons for kids, emphasizing the sense of wonder that something like math can invoke. TakeLessons’ tutors can demonstrate how the world of mathematics is integral to the world of technology and science, and how they can be a part of that. Adults can benefit from learning algebra as a hobby or for professional pursuits such as engineering.

All ages of students can find the best online algebra lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Algebra Lessons for All Levels

Wherever you or your child are with your mathematics knowledge, we’ve got algebra lessons designed just for you. Our certified teachers have experience with every level of learner, from math newbies to academic-level math students.

That’s why TakeLessons features private lessons that work around each student’s particular needs. Algebra lessons for beginners from our experienced instructors build your mathematics knowledge from the ground up. As you or your child begin to understand more complex subjects, you’ll be amazed at how fast you learn the material. Advanced mathematics students will find professional-level teachers ready to help them pass strenuous exams and enter into math-centric fields.

We’ve got something for everyone with the best online algebra lessons and in-person learning available on the web!

Algebra Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Algebra Lessons

  • How algebra works
  • Basic equations
  • Using X, y, and z
  • The building blocks of math

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Algebra Lessons

  • Abstract algebra
  • Linear algebra
  • Matrices
  • Solving linear equations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Algebra Lessons

  • Applied algebra
  • Polynomials and expressions with radicals
  • Quadratic functions
  • Conic sections
  • Preparing for AP exams

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Can I teach myself algebra?


You can absolutely teach yourself algebra. There are many educational resources available out there, including books and courses online and at the library. The important thing is to remain consistent with practice and learning time. The best way to learn algebra is with instruction from experienced algebra teachers who can help you learn the fundamentals of the subject before moving on to more advanced equations. At TakeLessons, you can find a selection of the best online algebra lessons and in-person sessions available today.

What is the easiest way to learn algebra?


The easiest way to learn algebra is with a private tutor helping you learn the tips and tricks of solving equations. Math teachers understand how to learn the subject, guiding each student through a progression of increasingly difficult equations to as they build on past knowledge. If you or your child need to study for a big exam, for example, a tutor can get you prepared. The algebra teachers at TakeLessons can design each lesson around your goals, helping you learn the right skills to help you succeed.

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