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Mary Lou H.

Mary Lou H.

Are you ready to improve your grade in Algebra? I'd love to help you understand the math course you're taking and have fun with it. No matter what the course is called – Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 - if you need assistance to understand the way it is presented in the book, I’ll help you comprehend every lesson. We can even try an alternate method until the light bulb comes on. Because once you understand a concept, you can return to the required method. My only goal is for you to succeed! Concepts in Algebra: Measurements – time, length, weight, volume, area Place Value Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Order of Operations Decimals Fractions Equations Inequalities Properties – Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Identity Simplifying - Distributive, FOIL Exponents Polynomials Negatives Substitution Method Angles Graphs & Graphing Slope of a Line Factoring Square Roots and Radicals Probability & Statistics Pre-Algebra Geometry Word problems I’m also a devotee of grammar and proofreading skills. I have been hired be several published authors to proofread their novels prior to publications. So if you need assistance with improving your Writing Skills, I am available for this as well – two tutors for the “price” of one.
/30 mins
Joanne T.

Joanne T.

Learn all of the basics of Algebra
/30 mins
Julissa F.

Julissa F.

I teach Algebra to high school and college students.
/30 mins
Matthew H.

Matthew H.

I have taught over 30 math students at all levels, elementary through high school and college, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and standardized test math (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, GED). I have turned D's and F's into B's and A's. Let me show you how successful you or your child can be!
/30 mins
Christopher A.

Christopher A.

I have taught Algebra for over five years and it is probably my favorite math to teach. Its foundation is a few simple rules that with repetition are easily memorized and then can be used throughout the rest of your time studying it.
/60 mins
Daniel F.

Daniel F.

Master in all algebra concepts. Can identify student shortfalls and address them through the subject fundamentals approach.
/30 mins
Katrina Z.

Katrina Z.

I've been teaching the subject for 9+ years and my students have gone on to significantly improve their grades. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you! Coming from a background of online education and homeschooling as well as attending an Ivy League university, I am extremely capable of not only helping you reach your goals, but pushing you further in accomplishing amazing achievements! Learn from the comfort of your own home – I have expertise in online education software (so no more Zoom fatigue!) Boost your scores by learning with a knowledgeable and warm tutor who puts YOU first!
/30 mins
Ashwini S.

Ashwini S.

Algebra is very simple and easy. Application of algebra needs a stronger foundation at the beginning level. I enjoy teaching algebra , teaching is for self satisfaction sake.
/30 mins
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Andre (Algebra lessons with Marina K.)

Joanne is awesome! After having just one tutoring session with her I've learned so much.. She teaches very thoroughly and clearly so that you understand everything she goes over. She is patient and ve

janea Barraza (Algebra lessons with Joanne T.)

He was very attentive in algebra I needed tutoring in. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.

Brandon (Algebra lessons with Daniel F.)

Awesome great teacher excellent thanks

Cathalbyrne (Algebra lessons with Mary Lou H.)

Great at explaining math concepts

Andre (Algebra lessons with Marina K.)

Joanne is awesome! After having just one tutoring session with her I've learned so much.. She teaches very thoroughly and clearly so that you understand everything she goes over. She is patient and ve

janea Barraza (Algebra lessons with Joanne T.)

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Algebra Lessons

Algebra is one main branches of mathematics and can be useful in many parts of life. TakeLessons has certified algebra teachers with years of experience.

Algebra is a branch of math that assists in representing problems in the form of mathematical expressions. It uses variables such as x, y, and z and addition, subtraction, and multiplication to form these expressions. There are different types of algebra, including linear algebra, abstract algebra, and commutative algebra. Algebra has been used in software programming, graphics, facial recognition, and other types of technologies.

We believe that learning algebra starts with the best online algebra lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Certified Algebra Teachers

TakeLessons has put the work into finding the best teachers, so you don’t have to. All our tutors are background-checked and certified, bringing years of experience in mathematics to our lessons.

We also make finding your ideal algebra teacher a simple process. We offer full profiles for all our teachers. While you browse, you can read through their background and experience, compare student reviews, and see their rates and lesson offerings. Once you’ve found the one that fits your budget and schedule, sign up and get started with algebra lessons for you or your child!

The cost of the best online algebra lessons and in-person sessions on TakeLessons is an average of $38 for a 30-minute lesson.

Online Algebra Lessons for All Ages

Algebra is important to learn at any age. For school-aged children, it’s a vital subject in most curriculums. In college-age courses, it’s important to master algebra to move on to courses such as statistics and calculus.

Our teachers are experts at crafting algebra lessons for kids, emphasizing the sense of wonder that something like math can invoke. TakeLessons’ tutors can demonstrate how the world of mathematics is integral to the world of technology and science, and how they can be a part of that. Adults can benefit from learning algebra as a hobby or for professional pursuits such as engineering.

All ages of students can find the best online algebra lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Algebra Lessons for All Levels

Wherever you or your child are with your mathematics knowledge, we’ve got algebra lessons designed just for you. Our certified teachers have experience with every level of learner, from math newbies to academic-level math students.

That’s why TakeLessons features private lessons that work around each student’s particular needs. Algebra lessons for beginners from our experienced instructors build your mathematics knowledge from the ground up. As you or your child begin to understand more complex subjects, you’ll be amazed at how fast you learn the material. Advanced mathematics students will find professional-level teachers ready to help them pass strenuous exams and enter into math-centric fields.

We’ve got something for everyone with the best online algebra lessons and in-person learning available on the web!

Algebra Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Algebra Lessons

  • How algebra works
  • Basic equations
  • Using X, y, and z
  • The building blocks of math

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Algebra Lessons

  • Abstract algebra
  • Linear algebra
  • Matrices
  • Solving linear equations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Algebra Lessons

  • Applied algebra
  • Polynomials and expressions with radicals
  • Quadratic functions
  • Conic sections
  • Preparing for AP exams

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The algebra lessons at TakeLessons are more than just lessons, they are stepping stones on the way to your goals. On our platform, you can find the perfect teacher for your lifestyle and schedule, whether that’s taking the best online algebra lessons or studying in-person in a teacher’s studio. With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backing every lesson, you should sign up today!

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Can I teach myself algebra?


You can absolutely teach yourself algebra. There are many educational resources available out there, including books and courses online and at the library. The important thing is to remain consistent with practice and learning time. The best way to learn algebra is with instruction from experienced algebra teachers who can help you learn the fundamentals of the subject before moving on to more advanced equations. At TakeLessons, you can find a selection of the best online algebra lessons and in-person sessions available today.

What is the easiest way to learn algebra?


The easiest way to learn algebra is with a private tutor helping you learn the tips and tricks of solving equations. Math teachers understand how to learn the subject, guiding each student through a progression of increasingly difficult equations to as they build on past knowledge. If you or your child need to study for a big exam, for example, a tutor can get you prepared. The algebra teachers at TakeLessons can design each lesson around your goals, helping you learn the right skills to help you succeed.

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