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Popular GMAT Tutors

Matthew H.

Cleveland, OH
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Andrew I.

Philadelphia, PA
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Ben U.

Columbus, OH
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Matthew H. Cleveland, OH

I have taught 10+ GMAT and GRE students and focus on both Math (Data Sufficiency and Quantitative) as well as English/Verbal.

Using my broad teaching expertise and coursework in mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry) English (reading, writing, grammar) I have helped prospective MBA students get the scores they need to gain acceptance to their top school choices.

Let me show you how successful you can be!

About Matthew

Dear Parents and Students, May I be a personal tutor for you or your child? I have been successfully tutoring for over 12 years. I have some glowing letters of recommendation, and among the highest ratings in this region. I graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University, where I made the Dean's List. I also earned a Provost Academic Scholarship for my excellent test scores, including 34 in ACT mathematics and 780 in SAT mathematics. In addition to teaching for Cleveland schools, I currently teach 20 private sessions each week, 1st through 12th grade, as well as college students and business professionals. I have also served on the faculty at Cuyahoga Community College. I am patient, friendly and many students tell me that I explain concepts more ...


Lyn D. March 3, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Verified Student
We switched my son from clarinet to saxophone in the middle of the school year and hired Matt to help get him caught up with his bandmates. Matt relates very well to an 11 year-old boy, and although he was serious and got to work immediately, he put Josh at ease from the start. I was initially worried that a 90 minute lesson would push the limits of my son's endurance, but he has really enjoyed the sessions, and the longer time has been very beneficial. Overall a 100% positive experience
Fran R. August 12, 2014
LSAT · Online
Verified Student
Exc dialog/connect that Matt picked up on fairly quickly. He became familiar with my learning style; I became familiar with his teaching style. A win-win for both!
Matthew H. July 17, 2014
Basic Math · In home
I would like to start off by saying, I was very nervous about hiring a tutor for my first grader! I wasn't sure about the dynamics of my daughter with someone she didn't know in our home working on "school stuff" that was already a topic of anxiety. But all that went out the window when we met Matt! My husband and I sat at the table with Matt and my daughter and presented her strengths and weaknesses. Matt jumped RIGHT IN and picked up on exactly what she needed help with within minutes. He kept it fun and exciting for her, even when she started to get tired. He used a calm voice and steady lessons to keep her engaged and LEARNING. Matt came right down to a first graders level and used simple words and instruction. After only two hours and the end of our session, she was mocking Matt's instruction and repeating numbers and sequences to her dad and I with confidence! Matt continued to encourage her through out the lesson and kept thing light and humorous. Evee was laughing and smiling with him from the first moment. My daughter is quite shy around strangers and by the time Matt left, out daughter not only shook his hand, but gave him a giant hug and asked me when he was coming back again. Matt is an amazing tutor and I would very HIGHLY recommend him to any parent looking for the extra help. He was energetic and made learning fun for my daughter. After only two hours, she had A LOT more confidence about Math and numbers and coins. Without any hesitation, I would tell any parent to not be nervous about hiring a tutor, and to feel assured and relaxed to hire Matt. There is not a single thing I would critique about his lesson or his ability to work with a 7 year old. He got right down to work and didn't waste a single moment of time. His lessons were full and easy-going and targeted our specific area of need. My husband and I absolutely loved working with Matt, he was an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend him to any one! Thank you Matt and WyzAnt for putting our fears at ease and helping my daughter get up to par! Confidence in school work for my daughter is PRICELESS to me and I have Matt and WyzAnt to thank for taking a lot of the fear and panic out of getting there ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karla D. - Cleveland, OH
Andrew I. Philadelphia, PA

About Andrew

Teaching and tutoring has been my calling from early in life. It started with tutoring my friends, up to when I was hired through my high school Calculus class to tutor 10th grade Geometry students. Since then, I've taught GRE, ACT and SAT prep and I've been a classroom mathematics teacher (from 7th grade to 12th grade) for almost a decade. I have two specialties that make me fairly unique in the domain of Mathematics and Test Prep teaching and tutoring: First, I help students to understand the topic on a much deeper and more interesting level, by connecting it to related topics and skills, providing historical background, and elaborating on how it's been used and how it's currently used. This makes the material much more interesting, and, hence, much more likely to be recalled it ...


Christine W. August 20, 2014
GRE · In studio
Since he is an experienced teacher, I invited Andy to speak to my graduate students in the teacher certification program at Temple University. He was very well received. Andy spoke to the pre-service teachers about classroom management, adolescent development, and test anxiety. His presentation was well organized and engaging, and the students learned much from his words of wisdom and concrete examples from urban teaching.
Lisa S. August 12, 2014
Algebra 1 · In home
Andy has been working with our middle-school-aged son this summer, to help him prepare for a challenging Algebra I class next school year. We didn't want to overwhelm our son with endless lessons, so we prioritized finding a tutor who would tailor both his teaching style and the material for optimal understanding. Andy did exactly that. He rapidly got to know our son's learning style, motivations, and concerns-- and structured his lessons to complement them. Andy's deep understanding of math pedagogy enabled him to devise a novel teaching plan that has previewed key algebra concepts with our son, laying a firm conceptual foundation and boosting our son's confidence as the school year approaches.

As parents we are also grateful for Andy's accessibility via telephone and email to discuss our son's progress. He has thoughtfully incorporated our input and input from our son's future schoolteacher.

We are also delighted that our son enjoys his tutoring sessions with Andy, and looks forward to his visits! We highly recommend Andy and are glad that we found him.
Shelly M. August 12, 2014
SAT · In studio
Mr. Andrew is an exceptional educator that truly cares about the success of his students. Our daughter was part of his SAT prep
class the summer before her senior year. Mr. Andrew
gave her the skills she needed to improve her test score by more than 200 points. But more importantly than her test score she was confident and comfortable before taking the test. Mr. Andrew provided her with really good insight into what the test preparers were looking for and help to fine tune skills that she has worked during her early high school years. We are proud to say our daughter was accepted at all four of the schools she applied to. She was accepted early decision to Drexel University and will be a freshman there in merely 34 days!!!

Thank you Mr. Andrew we couldn't have done it without you.
Ben U. Columbus, OH

I did well on the ACT and SAT and have tutored the GMAT before. Preparation for these tests requires not only knowledge of the subject matter but test-taking strategies such as time management.

About Ben

Music Lessons & Tutoring Welcome to my studio, where I will instruct you in your musical and academic endeavors. What sets me apart is that I offer diverse instruction in two different areas. In my music studio, I give lessons in piano, violin, guitar, and composition. In my tutoring center, I teach in multiple disciplines, from arts and sciences to SAT prep. I instruct students of all ages at different skill levels. My in-studio lessons are given on a grand piano. Education BM Music Composition --“ Ohio State University, Autumn 2012 BA Classics (Greek and Latin) --“ Ohio State University, Autumn 2012 Classics Fellowship --“ Indiana University, 2013-2014 Piano Training: Collegiate lessons from Steven Glaser and private lessons from George Haddad ...


Tara B. April 10, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
I am an adult beginner piano student and am very pleased with Ben as an instructor. He is patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Ben is able to help explain concepts and techniques that I struggle to grasp so I am able to make real progress every week. I highly recommend Ben as a piano instructor.
Freya N. April 4, 2015
Latin · Online
Verified Student
Very Patient and explains thoroughly.
Linda M. March 18, 2015
Violin · In home
Verified Student
Ben is an exceptional teacher. My wife has prior violin experience but has special needs today that Ben works through showing great patience. We are so pleased and can highly recommend him.

Paul G.

Bryn Mawr, PA
Learn More

Paul J.

Vero Beach, FL
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Richard L.

Boston, MA
Learn More
Paul G. Bryn Mawr, PA

I have been teaching the GMAT exam for admission into MBA programs for over 4 years, working for companies such as Next Step Test Prep, Catalyst Prep, and Kaplan Inc.

My teaching goals with the GMAT are a minimum improvement of at least 75 points given a time frame of at least 2 months. I am able to guarantee this type of improvement in any student, as this is what I have consistently produced for people with whom I have worked over the years.

My teaching style is to keep the material as exciting and vibrant as possible! Learning should not be a dry and dull experience, it should be highly interesting and involving. There are many aspects of the GMAT that once properly learned can become problem-solving strategies in real-life applications as well!

About Paul

Hey Guys! My name is Paul, and I graduated from The George Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. After acquiring a job in finance upon graduation, I decided to pursue further education, this time in the field of Computer Science. This post-baccalaureate training has allowed me to acquire more satisfying opportunities than I had available to me previously. Consequently, my knowledge-base in software development and in mathematical areas has grown prominently. To talk of my tutoring experience, since 2011, I have tutored for several prominent tutoring companies. Most recently, the 2 nationwide companies that I tutor for include Next Step Test Prep and Catalyst Prep. I have worked with hundreds of kids at improving their approach and strategy to ...


Abby C. March 26, 2015
ACT · In home
I'm a high school student that is preparing to take both the SATs and the ACTs. Paul helped me across all areas on these tests and I felt very confident taking the tests. I have a busy schedule and Paul was able to work with me to figure out what I could accomplish each week in preparation for our sessions. I feel totally comfortable challenging him on certain questions and asking him to further explain some answers if I don't fully understand. Overall, Paul is a great tutor that truly wants his students to succeed.
Donna G. March 15, 2015
GMAT · In studio
So my situation was that I wanted to go to Duke's MBA program and needed at least a 710 on my GMAT. So I saw Paul was a student favorite on take lessons for the GMAT and he was in my area so I used him. He had gret quant and verbal strategies, like creating a table for the data sufficiency problems. Overall, Paul was able to raise my score by 70 points! I was so relieved.
Tyneisha B. December 15, 2014
Java · In home
Paul was a great tutor! I was taking Intro to Computer Science and needed help with Java, and he was able to come in and explain the concepts nice and clearly for me. I was able to boost the scores on my homework, which was nice.

I would 100% recommend Paul!
Paul J. Vero Beach, FL

Doing mathematics is like traveling to a new place. It can be exciting and even a little scary. I can act as something like a 'tour guide of math' and show you what's important, what's interesting, and what's going to be on the test.

Ten years ago, I began tutoring. If I have learned anything over the years, it is that hard work pays off. I believe in setting realistic goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals. My advice to all students is to make a commitment and stick with it.

About Paul

Hello, my name is Paul J. and I love learning and teaching! I take pride in working with my students and love to see them succeed. My personality is fun and easy going. I believe that being in a comfortable work environment is very important to the learning process. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Mathematics, but I have been tutoring since 2005. In fact, this year alone I have worked with over 70 students. Over the years, I have learned that the keys to success are determination and hard work. It would be a pleasure to assist you, and I know we can be successful together.


Mike J. December 18, 2014
Algebra · In studio
Paul was patient with me. That's what I needed. I couldn't do it without him.
Stephen K. November 16, 2014
Calculus · In studio
I first started working with Paul for Calculus 2 at UCF. When we started I had just failed the first exam, and just wanted to pass the class. I ended up getting a B on the second exam and overall in the class. He motivated me to do better than I thought was possible. The next semester I was able earn an A in Calculus 3 with just a little help from him. Paul taught me to believe in my abilities. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with math. Thank you Paul!
Manfred A. November 3, 2014
Discrete Math · In studio
Paul and I met in the UCF library for our lessons (tutoring) on discrete math. I had a pretty strong background (calc 3, linear, stat mechanics), but this class was really busting me up. Paul had a way of communicating the information that was important for the exams and also he helped me get some of the fundamentals down by approaching the topics in a different way. In one example I will never forget, he was able to show me that prime number patterns (in regular series) were related to the virial coefficients in quantum-statistical expressions (when dealing with kinetic energy). The cool part was that this tied my boring math class into another two classes I also had to take to graduate. These connections were NOT made by my professors. So, it was like having three tutors in one! Paul is polite, handsome, and well-mannered and he never sat too close or stared at me when I was working. I like that his profile sign is an A+ because it shows what he can do. We can't get an A+ at UCF, just a regular A, but that is what I got in the class. Every penny worth it.
Richard L. Boston, MA

As a Harvard graduate trained in education, my students' learning success is guaranteed! I have been teaching GMAT prep with a focus on both verbal and mathematics for eight years. My business students enjoy guaranteed score increases that accompany our lessons, homework, and clear study/life balance plan created just for them.

About Richard

My passion for teaching comes from a lifelong love of learning and discovering how subjects like math, English, foreign languages, etc... work and why they are useful for us. Since starting my career as a tutor seven years ago, I've had the pleasure of working closely with my students and seeing them succeed in reaching their goals. What's the secret? A combination of patience, personality, persistence, insightful challenges, and framing concepts and problems in an unthreatening, easy-to-grasp light is key. This is my speciality.


Ashley M. February 9, 2015
Essay Writing · Online
Richard is a one-stop-shop! I came to him for help with Algebra but he helped me with my English essays too. I got all As after I started working with him.
Ashley M. February 8, 2015
Algebra 2 · Online
Richard was great! Patient but challenging. My grades went up in math from a D to a B+ after only a month. Highly recommended!

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As more and more people pursue advanced degrees, a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college may only be worth what a high school diploma was in the past. Many jobs now require an advanced degree and, regardless of the path you choose, you’ll still need to take the GMAT to get into a good graduate school.

The GMAT. or Graduate Management Admission Test, contains an Analytical Writing Section, a Quantitative Section, and a Verbal Section, and if you're not familiar with the exam's structure, you can find yourself easily challenged and often frustrated. While you can attempt to take the exam without GMAT prep tutoring by employing books, pre-tests and educational materials you find online, you may still find yourself struggling to master the skills necessary to tackle the test.

This is where the benefits of a TakeLessons tutor come in.

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Private tutoring can lead to a better score. It can be an intense and worrisome process to sit at a computer all day and try to work through complicated questions and procedures, but it will be a lot easier if you have a friendly and knowledgeable tutor at your side.

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• Customized lessons to ensure you’re getting exactly the guidance you need.
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• The flexibility of lessons in your home, online, or in a convenient location like a library or coffee shop.
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