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If I could give Lauren 10,000 stars I would. She is a phenomenal tutor. Not only does Lauren have a thorough understanding of the material, she also has a thorough understanding of the MCAT. She preve

Amanda (MCAT lessons with Lauren N.)

Lauren has been excellent and extremely patient when lecturing. She makes it easy to understand the material. Without her I wouldn’t be doing well in my studies.

Hali (MCAT lessons with Lauren N.)

I didn't realize how much I need Lauren in my life and in my MCAT studies until I took a chance on her - and it has been the greatest decision in my career. Initially, I was wary over how our lessons

Anna (MCAT lessons with Lauren N.)

Lauren was an excellent tutor. She did a great job with strategy coaching which is what I really needed. She is also very dependable and approachable.

Shawn (MCAT lessons with Lauren N.)

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About Mcat

Developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Medical College Admissions Test is used to predict prospective students' likelihood of success in medical school. For over 90 years, this standardized, multiple-choice exam has been a trusted part of the medical school admissions process.

Almost all the medical schools in both the United States and Canada require applicants to sit for the MCAT. A large portion of graduate programs and health profession schools also accept MCAT scores. As a result, about 58,000 prospective medical students take the exam each year. 

Why Sign Up for an MCAT Prep Course?

Medical school admissions officials take MCAT results seriously, giving scores weight in competitive admissions decisions. Applicants should prepare for the MCAT adequately. Regardless of smarts, students shouldn't rely on their wits to earn high scores. You'll be most successful if you know what to expect, how to approach the exam, and get used to working through its timed sections. 

Studying with a private MCAT tutor will give you the opportunity to get used to the format of the exam and focus on the subjects that need the most improvement. With thorough preparation, you'll approach your test day with confidence. 

The Best Way to Prepare for the MCAT and What You'll Study in MCAT Prep Courses

You can find plenty of free MCAT lessons and prep materials online, but the best way to prepare for the test is by studying with a private MCAT teacher. In private preparation sessions, you'll receive your instructor's undivided attention and the kind of personalized instruction that simply isn't available with online preparation materials or in larger study groups. In MCAT lessons, you'll receive immediate feedback, overcoming challenges and improving your scores fast!

Plus, every private tutoring session is different. Private teachers design course content to meet each student's needs, taking into account your preferred learning styles and personal challenges. You'll benefit from the opportunity to focus on the subjects you need to improve the most. You'll also have a syllabus that keeps you on track, ensuring you'll be well-prepared by the time of your exam. 

Sample Curriculum for Beginner MCAT Preparation

At the beginning of your MCAT prep courses, your tutor will establish your starting point and reasonable goals based on the amount of time you have for preparation and your initial scores on a practice MCAT exam. You'll begin by working on the subjects that require the most improvement. In your first courses, your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Acquire a baseline score by taking a practice test in a setting that mimics the real exam
  • Set a personal test score goal
  • Identify subjects that need the most improvement
  • Outline a strategy to boost your score by the date of your MCAT

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate MCAT Preparation

As you become more and more familiar with the MCAT, you'll focus on learning unique approaches to each section of the exam. You'll practice strategies for taking the test and strive toward improving your scores on each section. Your teacher might cover the following subjects:

  • Introduction to strategies for taking the MCAT
  • Practice deductive reasoning and process of elimination strategies for multiple-choice questions
  • Learn what to expect from each section of the MCAT
  • Focus on improving your weakest areas

Sample Curriculum for Advanced MCAT Preparation

As the day of your MCAT approaches, your teacher will become increasingly focused on helping you prepare for the actual test day. You'll work to increase your confidence and maximize scores by reinforcing everything you've learned and reviewing past mistakes on practice tests. Your tutor might cover the following topics:

  • Review and understand previous mistakes made on practice tests
  • Learn how to reduce your anxiety during the exam
  • Practice time-management and learn how to prioritize questions on a computer-based exam
  • Take a final practice test to see how you've improved and boost your confidence

Get MCAT Help from an MCAT Tutor Near You

If you're preparing for the MCAT, you'll get the most out of your study time when you have a private tutor. Finding an MCAT teacher on TakeLessons is easy. A simple search will direct you to a list of highly qualified and experienced tutors who offer MCAT lessons for adults online and in person. (Since the MCAT is intended to measure the aptitude of prospective medical students, MCAT classes for children aren't typically offered.) Before you select a teacher, we recommend browsing several tutor profiles and reading reviews left by other prospective medical students. 

The cost of MCAT classes varies, but TakeLessons teachers base their rates on the length and frequency of tutoring sessions. With such a large selection of tutors, it's easy to find someone who fits your budget and your schedule. Plus, you'll find that investing in private MCAT tutoring pays off, as it boosts your confidence and scores, greatly improving your chances of admission to even the most competitive medical schools. 

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