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Colin's vast knowledge in so many subjects allows him to find unique approaches to teach and tutor. He knows the material so well that he is always able to find ways in which to break down the process

Gaby (Biology lessons with Colin S.)

Great chess teacher with expertise and control of the game and good at delivering the knowledge to his students.

mds020 (Biology lessons with Muhammad Daud S.)

It went amazingly well

Jabeen (Biology lessons with Muhammad Daud S.)

very nice and good at teahing

Raana (Biology lessons with Aron H.)

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Biology Lessons

Biology is the study of living organisms and their vital processes. There are many diverse fields inside of biology, including botany, genetics, physiology, and zoology, making it a subject with a lot of entry points into interesting careers and academic pursuits.

The term Biology first began to be used in the 1700s by prominent scientists such as Carl Linneaus and Michael Christoph Hanov. Throughout the 1800s, the field was expanded as people like Charles Darwin made discoveries of new species and wrote books that dramatically altered the horizons of science and the perspective of biologists. Since then, the field has made big leaps in the understanding of life and cataloging of species.

TakeLessons has a catalog of experienced biology teachers for virtual and in-person lessons. The best online biology lessons are only a few clicks away. Sign up and start learning!

Certified Biology Teachers

Finding great biology teachers can be tough. TakeLessons has made that easier by providing you a wide selection with different backgrounds, specialties, and teaching styles, allowing you to choose the right teacher for you.

Picking from our biology teachers and getting started with private lessons is easy. On our website, you can sort through available teachers, accessing their rates, biology experience, and the level and age of students they teach. Though rates vary from teacher to teacher, the average cost of a 60-minute lesson is $65.

Sign up today to find your ideal teacher and start diving deeper into the exciting world of science.

Online Biology Lessons for All Ages

It’s always a great time to start learning more about biology. You or your child can benefit from the best online biology lessons on the web to accelerate your learning.

Many of our teachers specialize in biology lessons for kids, assisting your child in gaining a deep understanding of the subject, while also curating a curiosity that will keep them engaged. Your child will soon find biology to be an exciting world as they understand more about the building blocks of life.

Older learners will also benefit from the close attention of a biology lessons teacher. With the help of TakeLessons, students can craft lessons to fit their needs. University students, for example, will be able to bolster their studies and do well on tests with the help of a tutor.

The best online biology lessons (and in-person sessions) are available at TakeLessons. Sign up today!

Biology Lessons for All Levels

There’s something for every student at TakeLessons. We’ve enlisted teachers with experience in beginner, intermediate, and advanced biology lessons. All you have to do is choose a teacher that specializes in your level of learning.

Our teachers offer biology lessons for beginners that allow students to get a broad idea of what biology is about before they dive into its diverse subfields. Advanced learners will dig deep into topics such as genetics, metabolism, and much more.

Our biology lessons teachers can help you upgrade your skills. Sign up now!

Biology Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Biology Lessons

  • Biology foundations
  • Diversity of species
  • Levels of organisms
  • Cell structure

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Biology Lessons

  • Zoology
  • Intro to genetics
  • Metabolism
  • Adaptation
  • Energy processing

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Biology Lessons

  • Evolutionary biology
  • Writing academic papers
  • Biomedical science
  • Cell division

Online Group STEM Classes

From elementary to college and beyond, our new TakeLessons Live membership gives you a leg up in STEM topics (from biology and math to anthropology) and will satiate your curiosity about the world around you.

Our interactive group STEM classes are taught by expert instructors who provide real-time feedback, answer questions, and lead lively discussions that will rekindle your love of learning. Master STEM concepts, watch demonstrations, and have fun as you learn!

Taking group classes online through TakeLessons Live gives you access to experienced instructors when you need it. You can learn where you are most comfortable while retaining the traditional camaraderie and peer input of in-person school. In our group STEM classes, your teacher will work with you and your classmates to ensure that you master the material at hand.

Your TakeLessons Live membership allows you to take as many online group lessons as you want (at an affordable rate), regardless of the subject. You can dabble in piano, develop your grammar skills, and cultivate your love of STEM, all in one place. With classes every day of the week (300+ monthly), the possibilities are endless!

If you need help on a topic or want to read ahead to prepare for your next class, we’ve got your back. In addition to live classes, your TakeLessons Live membership gives you access to a library of on-demand videos and reading material covering a variety of topics. There’s even a mobile app so you can study anywhere! These tools are available to you 24/7 as a way to continue learning outside of class.

Your membership comes with course guides, online progress tracking, and an unlimited number of online group classes. Whatever your learning goals, our TakeLessons Live membership will help you achieve them with the support of caring instructors.

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We’ve got biology lessons for learners of any age and any level. Signing up gets you connected with effective in-person tutors and the best online biology lessons. If you’re hesitant about making the leap, you’ll be happy to know we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that backs up all our lessons. Sign up today to get started!


Can I self learn biology?

You can learn biology by yourself with the help of online courses, YouTube videos, and private lessons. Having a basic understanding of biology going in will help. But even more helpful will be the knowledge you gain from working with a biology lessons teacher. The teachers at TakeLessons will guide you through the various parts of biology, making this complex subject easier to digest.

How do I learn basic biology ?

Learning basic biology begins with understanding the essentials of the subject. Those include how cells work, photosynthesis, and the organization of life into different groups. Learning basic biology is a lot easier with a proper textbook, clear lesson plans, and a great teacher. The biology lessons at TakeLessons will help you understand the subject on a deeper level and ace your next biology exam.

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