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Natalie G.

I had phonics as an official course from 1st to 6th grade - in total, 6 years. I am also a native English speaker. Using a systematic approach, I have helped elementary-age students build their knowledge of phonics, including vowel recognition, through a variety of enjoyable exercises. I also use online resources for homework and practice outside of lessons. Older students review the basics and then focus on prefixes, suffixes, and Latin and Greek roots, also supported by regular vocabulary study on the side.
/60 minutes

Julie L.

DISTAR method Combine subjects for a price break. Simply choose ONE subject for the amount of tutoring TIME desired, and notify me which subjects you'd like to cover.
/30 minutes

Tom S.

My specialty! Jolly Phonics Certified Teacher @2016 Jolly Phonics, teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics, which is widely recognized as the most effective way to teach all ages to read and write in English. That was over 25 years ago. Since then our immense progress has been studied in numerous research projects, the results of which led to phonics becoming central to the UK and US curriculum. Today we are now used in over 100 countries worldwide. As the leading synthetic phonics publisher, and the most experienced, we offer a 7-year school program that teaches not only phonics, but spelling, punctuation and grammar too. Systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation across the school years Teaching is multi-sensory and active, with fun actions, stories and songs Independent research supports the outstanding results achieved around the world with the program Continues to revise and extend children’s phonic knowledge Flexible and easy to implement in your school Developed by teachers for teachers
/60 minutes

Amber J.

As a music performance major and also a student of English I have extensive training in and teaching history with phonics. I work with children, teens, and adults of all ages for personal, school and business needs.
/30 minutes

Tim K.

I have been teaching for 25 years. I have worked with students of all ages from pre-kindergarten to university. I have tutored students in a wide variety of subjects, including phonics.
/30 minutes

Sara G.

I have taught three-year-olds first learning to read and international graduate students preparing to present their dissertations, so I am prepared to meet you wherever you are in your language journey. Phonics are the building blocks of any language and I am excited to explore them with you!
/30 minutes

Barbara D.

This is a weekly *PRIVATE* Phonics Program with a 45, or 50 minute Tutoring Session or Full Comprehensive Course per week I use Several learning enrichment programs and other supplemental material that are age and grade appropriate. I love teaching little ones AND ADULTS and unlocking the mystery of words and sounds through fun activities, a variety of animated characters and music, general games and computer games as well as step by step presentations in just the right segments, increments and repetition for comprehension and retention. I taught my own children and grandchildren and have taught and tutored hundreds of other children in a variety of educational settings. However, I am partial to helping them to start on their journey to phonics and reading. Adult Literacy is also available!!!
/30 minutes

Matthew H.

I teach phonics to younger children to develop their reading, writing and speech. I put a heavy emphasis on developing the child's awareness of phonemes, which are the most basic building blocks for all words in the English language. I will improve your child's ability to hear, identify, and manipulate over 40+ phonemes, and teach them how they correspond to the intricate spelling patterns that are found in our language. I have taught all forms of English and language arts from pre-school to adults in their 50's from foreign countries. I am an expert on pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing as well as more complex mechanics such as sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, comprehension, etc.
/30 minutes
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she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

she was a good teacher I leaned a lot

Siyana (Phonics lessons with Barbara D.)

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