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Benjamin K.

Benjamin K.

With a bachelors degree in biology, I have studied a large majority of the natural sciences. I taught high school biology at Tippecanoe Valley High School and had the privilege to inspire the next generation of scientific minds. I currently tutor several college students in their more advanced classes, as well as high school students.
/30 mins
Aron H.

Aron H.

I'm a science teacher with a bachelor degree in education and biology. I believe a good teacher can make a livelong difference. In my 8+ years experience with tutoring and teaching I've learned that studying is more than just the knowledge of the subject. For each student the way of learning is different; for this I provide personal and customized tutoring based on your needs. - Licensed science teacher with a bachelor degree in education and biology - Over 8 years experience with tutoring and teaching - Personal and customized tutoring - More than just biology
/45 mins
Jaid P.

Jaid P.

I teach anatomy concepts from my own worksheets and materials, such as interactive websites and games, as well as from a student's specific resources if they would like to share. This includes organ systems, muscles and bones, and any other concepts a student wishes to learn! My lessons consist of vocabulary, functions, structures, and applications of learned materials.
/60 mins
Kiera G.

Kiera G.

I have a BS in Biology with a Biomedical Concentration, so I have taken a range of anatomy and related classes and am excited to help you in studying for yours! We will work together to make overwhelming subjects interesting and practice study habits that will lead to your success! For ongoing weekly sessions we will form a habit of going over the topics learned that week, discussing the concepts in general to fill in any understanding gaps you may have, and then going over specific questions that you may have regarding the material. Finally, we will talk about what is coming up the next week and how you can prepare.
/30 mins
Allison K.

Allison K.

Good day everyone!!! My name is Allison and I have been teaching A & P for years. I am a physical therapist, by profession but have spent the majority of my career teach anatomy, physiology, gross anatomy and kinesiology classes. My experience is mostly on the college level but can definitely help with High School A & P as well. A & P is probably the most challenging and rewarding class out there. The sheer volume of material feels like putting your mouth on a fire hose but the reward of successfully navigating this class is indescribable!! I have mnemonics devices and tricks to help get the info absorbed and ready to access and use. Whether you are a high school student trying to get into an amazing college or a current college student trying to ace A & P to get into nursing, medical, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental, etc programs, I can help you get there!!!
/30 mins
Nicklas B.

Nicklas B.

Anatomy and Medical School go hand in hand, let me use the knowledge I've gained so far to work with you in achieving your goals!
/60 mins
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Aaaron was an excellent teacher and explained the subject very well. Thanks to him, I could learn some new words in english

Fernanda (Anatomy lessons with Aron H.)

Aaaron was an excellent teacher and explained the subject very well. Thanks to him, I could learn some new words in english

Fernanda (Anatomy lessons with Aron H.)

Aaaron was an excellent teacher and explained the subject very well. Thanks to him, I could learn some new words in english

Fernanda (Anatomy lessons with Aron H.)

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Anatomy Lessons

The study of anatomy involves identifying parts of the body and studying different body systems. It covers everything from muscles and bones to the digestive tract and circulatory system. Studying anatomy helps us better understand how our bodies function.

Looking to get ahead in your anatomy studies? That’s where we come in! At TakeLessons, we invite you to work one-on-one with a certified anatomy teacher. In addition to offering amazing in-person sessions, our tutors also teach some of the best online anatomy lessons available. If you’re ready to put yourself on the path toward success, sign up with us today.

Certified Anatomy Teachers

We understand that anatomy can be a challenging subject to master, and that’s why we’re eager for you to work with one of our certified tutors. Our professional, qualified, and background-checked anatomy teachers have the skill set to help you work toward all your academic goals.

Ready to find your ideal match? Check out each tutor’s profile to learn more. You can read about their expertise, check out reviews from previous students, see their availability, and review their starting rates. Rates will vary on a number of factors, such as the teacher, location, and focus of your lessons. In general, you can expect to pay between $15 and $100 an hour. The average hour-long session costs $53.

After you’ve browsed our class options and selected your teacher and schedule, you’re almost there. All you need to do is choose your lesson package, and then you can get started on your studies ASAP!

Anatomy Online Lessons for All Ages

While many students begin studying anatomy as high school or college students, it’s never too early to start introducing your kids to the study of the human body. If you’re looking to start with the basics, our anatomy lessons for kids is a great place for them to learn about the bones, muscles, digestive tract, and more!

However, we also teach anatomy lessons geared toward older students and more advanced learners, such as those in high school or college. No matter how old you are, our certified teachers can help you grasp this fascinating subject in no time!

Anatomy Lessons for All Levels

At TakeLessons, we take pride in teaching students of all skill levels. Have you already taken several anatomy courses and want to focus on a specific subject? Or are you taking your first anatomy class in school and having trouble keeping up? Regardless of where you are in your learning journey, our anatomy teachers are here to assist!

We feature anatomy lessons for beginners just starting out, along with more advanced sessions for students looking to take their studies to the next level. Sign up with us today and your tutors will personalize your lesson plans.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy lessons for beginners will provide you with a high-level introduction to the human body. It will create a foundation for students to expand their understanding of anatomical and medical terminology.

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Anatomy Lessons

Intermediate courses will go into more detail about the inner workings of the human body. This level may include a focus on dissection.

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Anatomy Lessons

Advanced anatomy courses are usually centered around college or post-college level classes. These lessons will dive deeper into the components of the human body, likely focusing on topics like homeostatic mechanisms and their relationship to blood, fluids, electrolytes, and more.

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What are the lessons in anatomy?


The study of anatomy includes the structures of the body and physical properties. Depending on your individual instruction, you may cover topics such as the nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and so much more. The beauty of taking private anatomy lessons is that your tutor will focus on whatever aspect of this subject you’d like to cover. Whether you need help preparing for an exam on red blood cells or want to explore more about the body system, our tutors can help.

What is the best way to learn anatomy?


Signing up for private anatomy lessons is by far the best way to learn this subject. After all, nothing compares to getting one-on-one attention from a certified instructor extremely knowledgeable in anatomy. During your sessions, you can focus on whatever areas most interest you. Maybe you’re struggling to grasp a certain topic or want to spend more time on a specific aspect. Whatever it is, your tutor is 100% committed to your success, helping you work toward all your academic goals.

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