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Ginni A.

Ginni A.

Moms and Dads, I'm here to help! This is a challenging time and whatever I can do to relieve your burden, I'll do it. Whether it be math, reading, spelling, social studies, history or any other subject that you've been designated as the teacher, I'd love to help you and your child. I've been teaching for 25 years, focusing on how each student needs to learn and helping them to succeed. You can do this! Your child can too!
/30 mins
Stephenie G.

Stephenie G.

Experienced English teacher of 10 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of spelling skills. I specialize in learning the typical spelling rules in English as well as quick tips and tricks to remember those rules. This will enable the student to confidently be able to spell a large vocabulary of words. I typically use during lessons: worksheets with spelling rules and examples. I also teach in a communicative way, so that the student learns to spell while communicating in writing rather than just memorizing rules that are not used and easily forgotten.
/30 mins
Tom S.

Tom S.

Step One Begin to memorize this rule: A. If a word with the accent on the last (or only) syllable B. has a single final consonant C. that is preceded by a single vowel, D. then when adding a suffix that begins with a vowel, E. you double the final consonant. It’s not as hard as it looks, when you examine it Step by Step! Step Two Let’s start with clap and go through each portion of the rule as we add the suffix -ed. A. Is the accent on the last or only syllable? Yes, it’s a one syllable word. B. Does it have a final consonant? Yes, p C. Is the consonant preceded by a short vowel? Yes, short a. D Does the suffix –ed begin with a vowel. Yes, e E. Should you double the final consonant? Yes, clapped. Follow this same exercise with one-syllable words. Write each new word that you form. win + ing bat + er play + ed sit + ing slow + est nod + ing Check your answers at the end of this lesson. Step Three Continuing with this free spelling lesson, we’ll now look at some two-syllable words. Here the accent is important. Let’s begin with differ plus the suffix -ent and go through the five steps again. A. Is the accent on the last syllable? No. It’s pronounced DIF – fer. We do not need to go through the rest of the steps. Although the word has a final consonant, and we’re adding a suffix that begins with a vowel, we do not double the r because the accent is on the first syllable. The new word is correctly spelled different. Now consider forgot + -en. A. Is the accent on the last syllable? Yes. We say for – GOT. B. Does it have a final consonant? Yes, t. C. Is the final consonant preceded by a short vowel? Yes, short o. D. Does the suffix begin with a vowel? Yes, e. E. Should we double the final consonant? Yes, forgotten. Complete the steps above as you form these new words. control + able submit + ing begin + ing regret + able transmit + er forbid + en shovel + ing enter + ing equip + ed Practice before proceeding... Now practice what you’ve learned in the first three steps. 1. My puppy gave me the (big + est) _____________, (wet +est) _________kiss ever! 2. The back tire is even (flat + er) ___________ than the front one. We’ll need to get it (repair + ed) ____________. 3. The boss (refer + ed) _________ to problems in the .
/60 mins
Matthew H.

Matthew H.

I have taught kindergarten through 6th grade in public schools and tutored over twenty spelling, English and language arts students privately. Other related facets of my teaching experience include: vocabulary, reading, writing, comprehension, sentence diagramming, subject-verb agreement, etc.
/30 mins
Randy S.

Randy S.

I can provide all the exercises, pneumonic devices and tricks you can imagine, but unless the student puts in the repetition time; all is for naught. If you do not understand, you need to take this class.
/30 mins
Sara G

Sara G

I have taught three-year-olds first learning to write and international graduate students preparing to present their dissertations, so I am prepared to meet you wherever you are in your language journey. Phonetics and spelling are the building blocks of any language and I am excited to explore them with you!
/30 mins


I had spelling, as well as phonics, for 6 years as a subject throughout elementary school. I was also taught how to use reference books like the dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopaedia for research while writing. I have used spelling puzzles, games, exercises, and oral exams with my elementary school students so they can better remember their spelling lists. Since vocabulary is directly connected to spelling, I usually help children and adults with both of these skill areas at the same time.
/60 mins
Jasmine L.

Jasmine L.

Sessions include homework help, concept review, studying for tests, and honing skills as needed. I have years of tutoring experience and adapt my tutoring style to the student's learning style.
/30 mins
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Great instructor - very positive and easy to work with.

Peyton (Spelling lessons with Matthew H.)

My son enjoyed his first lesson with Matthew. Matthew related spelling to music (drums) which made spelling more interesting to my son. He's looking forward to his next session. Thank you, Matthew!

Alexander (Spelling lessons with Matthew H.)

She is my favorite English teacher, I learn a lot of English grammar from her. She recommends some English movies, which are good for learning English listening!

Zikun (Spelling lessons with Sara G)

Great instructor - very positive and easy to work with.

Peyton (Spelling lessons with Matthew H.)

My son enjoyed his first lesson with Matthew. Matthew related spelling to music (drums) which made spelling more interesting to my son. He's looking forward to his next session. Thank you, Matthew!

Alexander (Spelling lessons with Matthew H.)

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Spelling Lessons

Many people take spelling for granted. But it’s often the case that poor spelling can make schoolwork or professional life a more difficult task than it should be. Though nowadays we can partially rely on spellcheck and autocorrect, having an understanding of good spelling can still make a big difference in you or your child’s life.

Learning to spell is about more than just spelling a word right on command. It also has a big impact on reading comprehension. Having a good sense of how to spell improves overall literacy, helping to expand the information and ideas that you or your child are exposed to. There are many studies showing the link between spelling ability and overall success in life.

When you sign up for spelling lessons you’re making a commitment to improve your communication skills. The best online spelling lessons and in-person sessions will help get you there. Sign up today and start learning!

Certified Spelling Teachers

The reason TakeLessons excels is because of our experienced spelling teachers. All the tutors and teachers we’ve approved for the site are background-checked and vetted for experience with teaching kids in their respective subjects.

It’s also easier than ever to find the teacher that is most suited for your learning needs and goals. Our website makes it easy to set a schedule and budget ideal for you, all while connecting you with the best teachers available. Through our platform, you’ll be able to compare reviews from former spelling lessons students, see each teacher’s starting rates, and also read about their background. The average price for a 60-minute lesson is around $57.

Whenever you’re ready, you can find the best online spelling lessons and in-person sessions at TakeLessons. Sign up now!

Spelling Lessons for All Ages

Every age can benefit from taking lessons, which is why we offer lessons that fit the needs of younger and older learners, as well as everyone in between. The perfect spelling lessons are waiting for you.

Our selection of spelling lessons for kids offers your children fun and engaging lessons written for them. We have teachers with years of experience in coaching kids through spelling and reading comprehension tests, as well as preparing them for spelling bees. Our lessons for adults take a different approach, coordinating lesson plans with your specific goals, whether it’s for professional improvement or general learning.

Sign up today and get lessons tailored specifically for your age group!

Online Spelling Lessons for All Levels

There are all different levels of learners out there. That’s why our platform offers spelling lessons for every student. We have teachers that work only with beginners, as well as tutors who know how to prepare learners for advanced tests and spelling competitions.

For those starting out, our spelling lessons for beginners provide a solid foundation for learning how to spell, introducing you to English spelling rules while also applying them to reading and writing. Our advanced lessons will cover more complex spelling, preparing students for spelling bees and reading comprehension tests.

There’s no reason to put off starting lessons with our spelling teachers today. We offer the best online spelling lessons and in-person learning available today. Sign up now!

Spelling Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Spelling Lessons

  • Short words
  • High frequency words
  • Words with initial digraphs
  • Long vowel words
  • Basic rules

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Spelling Lessons

  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Homonyms
  • Homophones
  • Syllables

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Spelling Lessons

  • Etymology
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Typology
  • Obscure words
  • Preparing for a spelling competition

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Try TakeLessons for the best online spelling lessons and in-person learning available today. We’ve put together a team of experienced spelling lessons teachers that can provide you with effective, engaging lessons for any age or skill level. You’ll also be happy to know that we back up all our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today to start your spelling journey!

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What is the best way to learn spelling?


The best way to learn to spell is to consult online tutorials, watch videos on spelling rules, and take private lessons. Reading more will also be helpful because you’ll become more acquainted with how words are spelled as you see them written down, instead of just hearing them. Also, remember that practice makes permanent (not just perfect). Becoming a good speller requires repetition of words, review of essential concepts, and a commitment to expanding your vocabulary. Great spelling teachers can make this a lot easier, helping you cut out bad habits and making spelling much simpler.

How do you teach beginners to spell?


The best way to teach beginners to spell is by encouraging them to read more, helping them spell out words by hand (as well as out loud), and creating games that encourage their spelling skills to develop. Reading is very important since it reinforces when we see words spelled out on the page. Beginners will benefit from the specific attention and helpful games provided by spelling lessons, learning the basics while also seeing how spelling skills benefit their life.

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