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Colin S.

I have been helping others learn math for four years now, and I enjoy watching it click for others just as much as I enjoyed it when math first began to make sense to me. From experience, I know that mathematics can be very easy, or seemingly impossible to learn depending on how the information and concepts are presented. I first gauge how my students like to learn and determine any weak areas that need strengthening, and then I guide them towards a firm understanding of the concepts.
/60 minutes

Albert E.

I offer online math tutoring! I can tutor basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, multivariable calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. I also offer ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP Calculus preparation. With over 5 years of 1:1 tutoring experience, I have been helping others learn math by tailoring to each student's individual needs, helping them build a solid math foundation through my unique coaching framework of progressive problem sets starting with first principles. Students will see math improvement within 2 weeks of lessons and develop concept mastery that will help them ace their next test, and while finding joy along the way!
/30 minutes

Natalie G.

Basic math is necessary for life to function! Sadly, the development of core math skills is frequently ignored or overlooked in many elementary schools and middle schools. For over 10 years, I have helped hundreds of frustrated children and adults master addition, subtraction, division, multiplication tables, number operations, number theory, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, and percents. Applying these concepts to confidently solve basic, intermediate, and advanced word problems is another critical math skill that I teach. I try every method and “shortcut” until students really understand what they are learning and how to use this knowledge to help themselves outside of a classroom or test prep. Basic math is the essential math that counts the most, so my aim is to make the process as simple, straightforward, and painless as possible.
/60 minutes

Ginni A.

Moms and Dads, I'm here to help! This is a challenging time and whatever I can do to relieve your burden, I'll do it. Whether it be math, reading, spelling, social studies, history or any other subject that you've been designated as the teacher, I'd love to help you and your child. I've been teaching for 25 years, focusing on how each student needs to learn and helping them to succeed. You can do this! Your child can too!
/30 minutes

Julie L.

Arithmetic, Multiplication, Division, Decimals, Percents, Fractions Combine subjects for a price break. Simply choose ONE subject for the amount of tutoring TIME desired, and notify me which subjects you'd like to cover.
/30 minutes

Bonnie K.

I am well-versed in helping students apply a variety of techniques for problem-solving. My ELA background is a great assistance when it comes to helping students decipher word problems.
/30 minutes

Junia M.

Experienced, professional and patient tutor! My name is Junia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Central Florida (UCF). In college, I was in the Dean’s and President lists. I also had an honor scholarship which shows that I am driven by success at high standards. I hold an Advanced National Tutor Certificate. I have tutored many students in math, ESOL, and science over the past 10 years across all age groups with a very high success rate. My goals as a tutor are to offer an excellent and targeted learning which addresses specific learning challenges that the student is currently facing, to equip students with exam preparation strategies, and help them learn techniques that enable them to achieve and succeed in their subjects. I am very patient and attentive to the needs of the students so that they can attain their goals. My role as a tutor is to make learning enjoyable. I always keep my students engage in the learning process. I do everything I can to make learning a pleasant experience. I am willing to go the extra miles when students ask for additional help and clarification. Let me be your personal guide, so that you can become a self-sufficient learner capable of reaching and achieving far more than you ever thought possible. I'll help you get there by installing the growth mindset that you need to succeed. I'm a gifted and talented tutor. YOU are a gifted and talented student. I'll bring it out of you! Reach out and let me make learning fun for you again and let's tackle any one of those difficult subjects together. I require 24 hours notice for a cancellation. If a lesson is not cancelled, yet the student fails to show up within the first 15 minutes of the lesson, a no-show fee of 100% of that lesson will be kept. However, I completely understand that sometimes there may be an emergency. If this is the case, I am happy to reschedule the lesson for a later time if there is calendar availability, as long as the student messages me 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.
/30 minutes

Benjamin K.

I have been teaching math for several years now and understand the need for a good foundation. I work with students to find any concepts they have missed or do not fully understand. My goal in teaching math is always comprehension not grades. After laying a good foundation, it is amazing to see the improvement and success my students have had!
/30 minutes
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I started getting better at math homework

Kamali (Basic Math lessons with Jennifer V.)

Hi Julie, Jim just wants you to know that my helper stood-me-up for this afternoon , so I checked in myself and found I could get to your Music Studio.

Jim (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

Julie Lopez is Best of the best!

Julie (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

She is kind and patient.

Samantha (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

I started getting better at math homework

Kamali (Basic Math lessons with Jennifer V.)

Hi Julie, Jim just wants you to know that my helper stood-me-up for this afternoon , so I checked in myself and found I could get to your Music Studio.

Jim (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

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