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With about 9 years of experience as a Mathematics Teacher, one of my passions in life is the opportunity to share knowledge constantly, as well as, to help individuals eager to improve even when some details appear to be insignificant. At the age of 19, I formally started working with students of all ages, as a professor of Basic Mathetics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc at the Stephen W. Hawking Institute in Ecuador, my home country. We all should be determined to find an objective/career that would be our passion and reflects our life goal as well. This perspective encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to move to USA thanks to an Ecuadorian scholarship which financed the commencement of my journey in Environmental Eng. focusing on Nanotechnology at Vincennes Univ. IN. There, I had a training at different Departments as a STEM, English and Spanish tutor; which eventually, gave me the chance to learn about the teaching-learning process of Higher Level Mathematics classes as Algebra, Calculus with Analytic Geometry I and II, Intermediate Calculus, Differential Equations with Linear Algebra, besides other Engineering classes like Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, etc, from 2015-2018. This past year, I had the chance to gain experience as a Mathematics professor for students of all ages, with which I realized that being a bilingual professional gives me a peculiar characteristic about my teaching techniques. Assuredly, obstacles really do not matter when we strive for more knowledge and innovation because the universe always falls in love with a stubborn soul. So let's get started, all ages are welcome!.
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Michael R.

Michael R.

The math teachers in the classrooms are so busy teaching students WHAT to do, they don't have the time to explain WHY it's done that way. This is where I'm different. Instead of having students memorize formulas, I derive them. My students understand the thinking that went into the formulas and are better prepared to not only retain the formulas longer, but also recognize when a situation (word problem) calls for a particular formula. The way I explain it, MATH ALWAYS MAKES SENSE. In my 18 years of experience, I've become very acquainted with the common core curriculum for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus. On my own and through a variety of companies, I've helped HUNDREDS of students prepare for both the SAT and ACT math tests. I also cover AP Calculus and I've lost count of how many of my students scored 5. (On a scale of 1 to 5.)
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/60 mins
Colin S.

Colin S.

As an engineer, I use calculus on a daily basis to solve problems, and this includes multi-variable and vector calculus. Taking a calculus course and knowing the steps to solve a derivative or integral is one thing, but applying calculus concepts to problems in engineering and physics (i.e. biomechanics or fluid mechanics) is the true mark of understanding calculus - something I've learned how to do over many years of applying what I learned in my calculus courses. Sure, calculus can be a challenging subject at times, but with a focus on geometric representations, attaining a solid understanding of the concepts is well within reach, and that is the way I approach the subject with my students. For example, I don't just show you how to analytically solve an integral, I show you what an integral is, and what the solution means. When you understand calculus on this level, you'll be able to work through any of the curve ball questions your teacher might throw in on an exam.
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Colin is a methodical and excellent teacher for my son who needed help with multi variable calculus. He’ll be our go to teacher for now and the future. Thank you Colin.

Shyam (Calculus lessons with Colin S.)

Absolutely amazing! I was struggling with Calculus but Daniel helped me get through it. Thanks to him I now know if there is a problem I’m stuck on or need help I can confidently ask him for math help

Juan (Calculus lessons with Daniel F.)

I'm happy to say I found Colin for help with my calculus 1 class. I was doing okay from the beginning, but I felt like I was lacking the depth of understanding of some core algebra concepts and wanted

Jack (Calculus lessons with Colin S.)

Colin has a great grasp of the material. He really helped me through such a tough subject!

Bradley (Calculus lessons with Colin S.)

Colin is a methodical and excellent teacher for my son who needed help with multi variable calculus. He’ll be our go to teacher for now and the future. Thank you Colin.

Shyam (Calculus lessons with Colin S.)

Absolutely amazing! I was struggling with Calculus but Daniel helped me get through it. Thanks to him I now know if there is a problem I’m stuck on or need help I can confidently ask him for math help

Juan (Calculus lessons with Daniel F.)

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Calculus Lessons

Calculus is an indispensable subject in mathematics. It’s also often known for being one of the hardest classes in high school and college. Because of this, calculus students frequently seek out private tutors to help them learn the subject.

Calculus first became a major discipline in the late 17th Century, when it was developed by Isaac Newton and Gottfried. Calculus is the study of continuous change and is broken up into two types, differential calculus and integral calculus. It is known for being more abstract than other types of mathematics, and requires a mastery over algebra before tackling it.

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Certified Calculus Teachers

TakeLessons only features background-checked, experienced calculus teachers on our platform. We have teachers that offer both online and in-person lessons, depending on your specific needs as a student.

The process is easy! Just browse through our list of calculus lessons teachers, where you can read through their background, starting rates, and the levels and age groups they teach. Following this, you can connect with and select a tutor and lesson package that fits your academic needs, budget, and schedule. For an idea of the general price, the average cost of a 60-minute lesson is $86.

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It’s never too early or too late to start taking calculus lessons. We have teachers with expertise in teaching all ages, from young children to older adult learners.

At TakeLessons, our calculus lessons for kids help your child get a head start with mathematics. With all the ways calculus is used in the science and engineering fields, it helps your children learn advanced math as early as possible. Plus, our teachers make lessons fun and engaging for even the youngest students.

Adult learners will benefit from the unique approaches our teachers use, crafting the lessons to meet the needs of each student. Adults may need a leg up on calculus for college or as a hobby later in life. Whatever the reason is, you can benefit from the help of a private calculus lessons teacher.

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Calculus Lessons for All Levels

There are many different levels of learners out there. That’s why we’ve put together a team of teachers that offer a wide variety of calculus lessons. On each teacher’s profile, you’ll be able to see what experience levels they specialize in.

Our calculus lessons for beginners offer a smooth introduction to this complicated subject, helping you master your foundations in algebra, begin your first calculations, and gain a richer understanding of the subject’s breadth. Advanced lessons, on the other hand, will cover the applications of calculus, helping to prepare students for higher-level courses.

If you or your child require a calculus tutor, our calculus lessons teachers can help. Sign up today!

Calculus Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Calculus Lessons

  • Calculus foundations
  • Introduction to continuity
  • Continuous functions
  • Squeeze theorem
  • Estimating limits

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Calculus Lessons

  • Complex numbers
  • Techniques of integration
  • Differential equations
  • Integration and applications

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Calculus Lessons

  • Partial derivatives
  • Vector functions
  • Vector calculus
  • Multiple integrals
  • Fourier analysis

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Can I learn calculus myself?


It is possible to learn calculus by yourself, but it definitely won’t be easy. Complex subjects like calculus require a lot of prior knowledge in math and self-discipline to follow through on the lessons and work through the equations. Fortunately, learning calculus is a lot easier with a good teacher. Taking private lessons with TakeLessons calculus lessons teachers can help you understand the complexity of calculus and improve your math skills much more quickly.

How do I learn basic calculus?


Learning basic calculus starts with building a foundation in math, including basic arithmetic and algebra. After that, you can start learning the basic calculus equations and learn the concept of limits. Although there is much more to learning calculus than these things, a great teacher can help you get the basics down fast and upgrade to the more advanced parts of the subject. The calculus lessons teachers at TakeLessons can help you get there.

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