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Popular Calculus Tutors

Valeria F.

Los Angeles, CA
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Andrea G.

Los Angeles, CA
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Brett R.

Seattle, WA
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Valeria F. Los Angeles, CA

Calculus, Chain Rule, Continuous Function, Critical Point, Definite Integral, Derivative, Discontinuity, Extreme Value Theorem, First Derivative Test, Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Implicit Differentiation, Indefinite Integral, Inflection Point, Integral, Intermediate Value Theorem, Limit, Maximum, Mean-Value Theorem, Minimum, Newton's Method, Riemann Sum, Second Derivative Test, Arc Length, Convergent Series, Exponential Growth, Harmonic Series, Maclaurin Series, Power Series, Radius of Convergence, Ratio Test, Surface of Revolution, Taylor Series

About Valeria

Dear Parents, I’m sure you remember what it feels like to be disconnected in class, whether it was during Calculus, Latin, or Art History. This is the feeling your son or daughter is most likely experiencing. It’s not life threatening, but education is of the utmost importance in this technical era. For this reason, I've developed over time an effective approach to teaching students how to tackle their academic challenges. I create fun and entertaining lessons for them, while subtly explaining the subject matter in a way that enhances their understanding and learning capability. I strive to enlighten my students, not merely to regurgitate information. Lessons will consist of concepts of their homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, and final examinations. In addition, I tend to ...


Jasmine April 19, 2015
Biology · Online
Verified Student
Ms. V is wonderful! Well communicated and well planned for lesson. She tries to get to know her students and give the best to adapt their learning capability. Super terrible to work with!!!
Val M. April 14, 2015
Math · In home
Verified Student
My 5th grade daughter was struggling in math so before we had Valeria as a tutor, we had a non-Take Lessons tutor for 1 year. With the middle school teacher/tutor, my daughter was slowly starting to come around in math but he would dismiss her small accomplishments. The last straw was when he said that my daughter would probably not make it into algebra by the time she got to high school. Of course we left and we found Take Lessons. Through Take Lesson I am able view each tutors Education, Experience and Awards to which I found Valeria to be the best. On day one, I expressed to Valeria I would like my daughter to be tutored to enter High School at an Algebra II level and Valeria told me" Let's try for Calculus." Wow!! I was hooked. Valeria has completely turned my daughter's perspective on math in a positive direction. Her math scores have improved and her content understanding has increased significantly. To my surprise, my daughter has even noticed her Math teacher makes mistakes. Valeria has brought to her lessons more than math but confidence to my daughter.
Imogene A. March 30, 2015
Biology · In home
Verified Student
Great session. My daughter was so happy that she finally understood her biology chapter.

Valeria is professional, understanding, and patient. This was the best experience my daughter has ever had.

Thank you so much for the great service!
Andrea G. Los Angeles, CA

About Andrea

I am a high school mathematics and physics teacher with 10 years teaching experience in the European Union. I also have 10 years experience in one-on-one tutoring of undergraduate and high school students in mathematics. I obtained my M.Sc. and became a certified teacher of mathematics and physics in 2005. Besides teaching I was also responsible for organizing several international exchange programs and national student mathematics and physics competitions. I am fluent in German and in Hungarian and I can also teach math and physics in these languages. I came to the US in September, 2012. *** Lesson Details *** Most students I start to work with think that math is a difficult and boring subject. After a couple of lessons they quickly change their minds and start to see the beauty in ...


donald F. March 12, 2014
Verified Student
Great Tutor

Andrea is a great teacher. She is accommodating and knowledgeable. We are lucky to have found her.
Brett R. Seattle, WA

About Brett

MUSIC INSTRUCTION AND ENJOYMENT OFFERED. Very enthusiastic and experienced musician available for instruction offering the following: # In-depth written music theory coupled with an equivalent of ear training and tone recognition # Introduction to performance skills with instruments that include: Guitar - electric & acoustic Drum Kit and percussion rhythms Piano/Keyboard # Group lessons or private instruction, depending on personal preferences and age groups Personal experience includes: 1) 15 years of GUITAR: professional performance and composition. Styles include rock, folk, blues, chord progressions, and alternate tuning. 2) 15 years of DRUMS and PERCUSSION: Latin, swing,


Nirav P. April 16, 2015
Test review
Charlie E. May 24, 2014
Verified Student
What a terrible experience. I signed up for lessons for my wife from Brett as a gift because he listed times that would work for my wife given that we have a young daughter, and have a hard time making time for lessons. Brett told us 3 days before the lesson that the time wouldn't work, then simply never showed for the rescheduled first lesson. Worse, he simply refused to do scheduling via email (he would leave voicemails and failed to return my wife's call when she called back as they were playing phone tag), and then told us he had another commitment during the slot we had supposedly reserved for him. Worse, he failed to update the site as he continually cancelled lessons and never showed up for scheduled times. I now have a huge hassle of getting a refund on the money I paid for lessons as opposed to a lovely gift for my wife. Life's too short and we're too busy for such an awful experience.
Scott P. March 12, 2014
Verified Student
Great teacher for my young daughter

Brett has been a great teacher for my 5 year old daughter. She is just learning the basics of piano and Brett has been great at expanding her skill sets. She really enjoys practicing with him and actually looks forward to when he comes over every week!

Karen W.

Portland, OR
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Lora N.

Tulsa, OK
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John S.

Santa Cruz, CA
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Karen W. Portland, OR

Experienced math teacher available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of math skills. I enjoyed my college Calculus classes, and helped tutor several fellow Architecture students - they were surprised that I enjoyed working with the abstract Calculus concepts - it's interesting and can be fun!

About Karen

I have a BA in Psychology, and an MA in Parapsychology. I studied Architecture for 3 years, and Music Education for two years. I was a National Merit Semifinalist in High School for good SAT scores, and in the Honors Society in High School and College. I play piano, percussion, flute, cello, guitar, bass, cornet and glockenspiel, and teach music lessons. I enjoy playing duets with my students, sharing the fun of making music with them. I do macrame', draw and paint, and am certified as a Reiki Master. I always loved school, and enjoy helping other people to learn. My Dad is my role model, since he was a calm, patient tutor for me - I try to live up to his example in my own teaching work. I like to work with my students in a learning partnership, letting them work at their own pace with ...


Gary P. July 18, 2014
Guitar · In studio
I have known Karen for more than two decades and in that time she has shown integrity and dedication consistently in all her endeavors. Karen is an accomplished, trained musician who gains great satisfaction in sharing her gift with her students. Karen has great patience even for the most challenging students. Sincerely Gary P.
Dawn R. July 17, 2014
Piano · In home
If you are looking for a piano teacher for your child, we highly recommend Karen for her musical skills and, moreover, her ability to engage people of all ages and tendencies. We have three children, two boys (15 and 12) and one 8 year old girl, with completely different personalities (and levels of motivation) that took lessons with Karen. She expertly handled their quirks and abilities and managed to find what would interest each. The confidence boost they were given by having the opportunity to perform their pieces was a huge bonus. From a paying and coordinating parent's perspective, you could not find a more reasonably priced and yet utterly accommodating private instructor. She's awesome!
Murray N. July 15, 2014
In studio
Verified Student
Karen was great for learning basic techniques of the upright bass.
Lora N. Tulsa, OK

Tutoring in High School or College-level Calculus

About Lora

I really believe in making music fun, simple, and easy to learn and play. Music is the window into the soul, and it can ease a lot of stress, pain, fears, and worries. I want to help others learn to love and enjoy music the way I have over my 15 years of experience. I want to get to know my students closely, the way I received my piano training. Playing the saxophone and piano helped me get through a very difficult period in my life, and I hope to be able to help my students through whatever hardships they may have, through music. *** Lesson Details *** I like to let the student set the pace. What we go over each week will depend on what, and how much the student has practiced the week before, and their comprehension of the assignments given. I use the Bastian Lesson books, published ...


Holly B. September 22, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Lora is fantastic! She is always on time for practice and very understanding of rescheduling needs as they arise. In-home lessons are best decision I ever made! So much easier than having to rush my kids around town to their various activities. My 9 year old daughter, Rhyann, adores her and can’t wait to practice on the piano each day after school just so she can impress her teacher each week!
Mechtilda M. August 16, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
My daughter Ella has been learning to play the piano from Mrs.Lora for the past 9 months. She is an amazing teacher & my daughter has been learning a lot. She feels very comfortable with the teacher & enjoys her music lessons. For those in Tulsa ,Owasso & other areas looking for a music teacher I would highly recommend her. Thank you Mrs. Lora for your service.
John S. Santa Cruz, CA

I think Calculus is exciting. If you want a tutor who enjoys the subject, and who is an unabashed math nerd, then reach out to me.

About John

I'm classically trained as a singer, and currently sing with L'harmonia, a quartet of soloists focusing on renaissance polyphony. I have broad experience singing, playing piano, guitar, and drums, Korean instruments, and programming beats using computers. I'™m well versed in classical, popular, and world styles. As well as teaching instrumental techniques, I teach music theory and analysis, and coach composition to budding songwriters and electronic music producers. I have a doctorate in music composition from UCSC, and have written a lot of music for a wide variety of instrumental and vocal forces. I studied traditional music in Korea for one year on a research grant from the Korea Foundation. I also write songs in a pop/rock style, and compose electronic music for TV ads. I enjoy


Robert L. November 1, 2014
Cello · In studio
Verified Student
I appreciate John's patience and style in working with me on the Cello, given my issues with dexterity, range of motion and some memory deficits, as a result of a major stroke, of which I am thankful to have survived. It takes a special person with incredible patience like John, to be willing to take this journey with me, to a place where the healing power of music lives. I anticipate a great ride!
Catherine C. March 12, 2014
Verified Student
Great Vocal Coach - he has helped me live my dream of singing (on my bucket list for years)

John is so tal'ented, plays multiple instruments, he's artistic and laid back (So Santa Cruz) and he helps me with breathing, posture, finding the right key for me, being able to put the emphasis where it belongs and just be comfortable expressing my inner self with confidence. I LOVE HIM! He is helping me live my dream. He lives right down the street from the beach so I can park on the overlook and practice singing along with my favorite artist - Brian McKnight on the way home after lessons.
Heddi C. January 16, 2014
Great music teacher

John has been teaching my son (age 12) piano for the last eight months. We have been really impressed by how knowledgeable he is about a wide range of music and music theory and how patient and supportive he is with our son. John is great at working with kids where they are at and taking them to the next level. He's flexible in his approach and really tailors his teaching to the student. I would recommend John as a teacher to any level of student.

Why TakeLessons?

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About Calculus

If your child is taking Calculus this year and seems to be having a difficult time with it, she might be showing signs of frustration that have you concerned. Calculus is one of the more challenging math classes, and it's crucial to have a good grasp of the concepts each step along the way. The moment she doesn't understand something and get clarification from her teacher, the problems begin. Calculus might be challenging, but there is something you can do to give her a hand. Calculus tutoring from TakeLessons is a great option for anyone who is struggling with this hard, but important math course.

The Benefits Of Calculus Tutoring

Because Calculus is such a high level of math, understanding it requires an excellent foundation in other areas of math. For many studen

ts, they may have forgotten a few of those concepts, like the information they learned in algebra. Understanding algebraic equations is essential, and your child's Calculus tutoring program will help to re-establish those important concepts. One-on-one Calculus tutoring gives your child a competitive edge and helps to ensure that she won't be left behind the rest of her class. Because the more advanced Calculus concepts build upon those that are learned earlier in the year, working with a tutor will keep them fresh in your child's mind.

What's Covered In Calculus Tutoring?

Your child's tutor will accommodate their unique and individual needs when designing her tutoring program. The lesson plans will follow what your child is learning in school, and they will also continually reinforce the basic concepts Calculus continually builds upon. You'll always know how your child is progressing and extra help will be given in areas that your child struggles with. TakeLessons Calculus tutoring offers the type of assistance that isn't available in a larger classroom setting. Still not convinced that Calculus Tutoring is right for your child? Check out the benefits of working with us: 
• Calculus Tutoring sessions that are customized to the specific needs of your son or daughter. 
• Safe, friendly, qualified tutors who have completed an extensive hiring process, including education, reference and background checks. 
• The flexibility of lessons in your home, online, or in a convenient location like a library or coffee shop. 
• A risk-free 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. 

Connecting with a TakeLessons tutor can make a big difference and your child might even end up loving Calculus! For more information, or to get started with a tutor, contact us today.

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