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Aron G.

Aron G.

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I offer individual tutoring for all middle school, high school and college mathematics, physics and computer science classes and all standardized exams. I come with more than ten years of teaching and tutoring experience, pedagogical know-how, educational resources, and am always professional. I welcome any interested parties to contact me regarding my services. A little about myself. I was enrolled in a top mathematical high school and won multiple mathematical olympiads starting at a young age. I graduated from university with honors and the highest departmental distinction. While at the university I served as a teaching assistant and tutored other students. Mathematics and teaching are still my big passions. I’ve taught math classes at a private school as well as tutored students of all ages and all levels. I am committed to helping students succeed in any math course. I guide the students in their understanding and comprehension of solutions rather than give them answers to everything immediately. This way they are appropriately challenged and become excited about being able to solve math problems they never imagined they could. My tutoring style is friendly, yet directed. I do my best to make our time working together count. And I am extremely good at identifying problem areas and working with students to strengthen them. I have a unique gift for clearly explaining concepts and methods, and outlining step-by-step approaches to problems that greatly aid student understanding. I am flexible and will make sure you get the knowledge and understanding of material out of our tutoring sessions.
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Great lesson again, breaks it down, makes it simple and more importantly makes it specific to what you are doing so its easier to grasp.

Brandon (Statistics lessons with Kawin R.)

I worked with many tutors before finding Kawin. He has been an incredibly supportive and reliable resource for me as I manage through the challenges of graduate school. Kawin has an extremely high lev

Robert (Statistics lessons with Kawin R.)

Kawin really helped me to understand and learn the material for my statistics class. He is a well versed tutor and very patient. He also is accomodating when scheduling and meeting for appointments.

Gina (Statistics lessons with Kawin R.)

excellent review. well done.

Kurt (Statistics lessons with Akib A.)

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Statistics Lessons

Statistics is an important field for understanding and interpreting data that has played a big role in understanding our world. The first examples of statistical inference can be traced back to Arab mathematicians and authors, with some of these writings concerning the decoding of encrypted messages.

The study of statistics is concerned with the development and study of data, specifically the collecting, analysis, and interpretation of empirical data. A statistical population or statistical model is usually developed when applying statistics to a social, industrial, or scientific problem. Learning statistics requires a combination of skills, including math and analysis.

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Getting started with the best online statistics lessons is easy. On TakeLessons, all you do is look through available teachers and pick the one that’s right for you. You can compare them by experience, customer reviews, and even their starting rates. Though rates vary from teacher to teacher, the average cost of a 60-minute lesson is $71.

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Online Statistics Lessons for All Ages

Learning statistics doesn’t have to be age-dependent. Though it is a complex and demanding subject, our teachers can make learning accessible for the different learning styles that children and adults bring to education.

A great example is our statistics lessons for kids, which help your child get a firm grasp on what statistics is, and why it’s important. Our online and in-person lessons pique your child’s curiosity and stimulate their mind as they learn how numbers work.

Adult learners may be looking for statistics teachers to help with an upcoming University exam or just for general learning purposes. Our private tutors craft their lessons to fit your goals, writing out lesson plans that cover the concepts most essential to your learning journey.

The best online statistics lessons (and in-person sessions) are available for sign-up today!

Statistics Lessons for All Levels

The TakeLessons platform isn’t made for just one level of student. We provide statistics lessons and teachers for everyone, from those with zero experience to students pursuing statistics in an academic environment.

The statistics lessons for beginners at TakeLessons are taught by teachers that are effective in building comprehension in statistics, getting students who are unfamiliar with collecting and interpreting data to do their first statistical analyses. Our advanced teachers concentrate on complex subjects, helping with dissertations, AP exams, and much more.

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Statistics Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Statistics Lessons

  • History of statistics
  • Data collection methods
  • Basic analysis
  • Statistical inference

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Statistics Lessons

  • Number theory
  • Probability theory
  • Sampling methods
  • Statistical modeling
  • Factor analysis

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Statistics Lessons

  • Game theory
  • Testing a hypothesis
  • Case control sampling
  • Correlation and regression

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Can I learn statistics by myself?

You can learn statistics by yourself with the help of the resources available on the internet. You can easily access YouTube videos, online courses, and articles that cover the basic concepts and provide you with examples of real-world uses of statistics. Though it is possible to learn by yourself online, the process is much easier with the help of a private tutor, who can explain complicated topics in more understandable terms. Even if you don’t want to do in-person sessions, you’ll have access to the best online statistics lessons at sites such as TakeLessons.

How do I start learning statistics?

You can start learning statistics in many ways. The traditional route would be to enroll in classes at your local university or community college. Nowadays, though, there are many virtual options, including online tutorials, online courses, and YouTube videos. You can even start trying to do your own basic statistics studies, collecting data on things that interest you and running an analysis. Experienced statistics teachers will make this easier, showing you complex methods that are effective in the real world.

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