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Popular English Teachers in Houghton, NY

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Heart-empty Heart

Melissa M.

Starting at $75
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Speaks Spanish, Portuguese
  • Teaching since 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts: Comparative Literature, Spanish, Portuguese, English from UC Berkeley
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Private English Teacher

I can help students make sense of assigned reading and learn how to write a well structured essay. I have a PhD in Languages and Literature, so I am well versed in this subject.

About Melissa

I have been teaching Spanish, Portuguese and English at both the high school and college levels since 2007. I have a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese (Romance Languages) from Harvard University, and I have taught everything from Spanish 1 through advanced literature courses, to Portuguese for Spanish

August 22, 2019
Melissa is a miracle worker! My mother-in-law moved to the United States 40 years ago unable to speak english and while she has done a good job at learning on her own, she had significant gaps in her ability to effectively communicate. For her 68th birthday, I bought her lessons with Melissa. My mother-in-law told me I was wasting my money because she couldn't learn anything new. Well, needless to say, she can learn and with Melissa's excellent tutelage has dramatically increased her ability to speak and comprehend english. This has enabled a new level of confidence and freedom that she did not previously have and is a game changer for her. I attribute her improvement directly to Melissa's ability to understand her student's needs and personalities and craft and deliver a quality, tailored curriculum. After our first round of classes, my mother-in-law is excited to continue the lessons and has a renewed curiosity and interest in learning. Great job and thank you Melissa!!!
June 24, 2019
Kari Bardowell
Melissa has a lovely calming personality. She made us feel completely at ease while learning a foreign language. She was prepared and tailored the lesson for our specific goals and level.

She displayed an expert knowledge of the language, but was still able to teach beginners. Plus we could tell she really loved Portuguese.

The online format was great. Cant wait for the next lesson.
January 15, 2018
Melissa is the best! Extremely knowledgeable and patient with her students. I highly recommend her.
Heart-empty Heart

Grace S.

Starting at $167
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaching since 2014
  • Teaches Intermediate
  • Teaches students 20 to 45
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Private English Teacher

It is obvious that one of the challenges of formal education in some part of the world in contemporary times is the inability of students at all levels of education to communicate effectively in both spoken and written English. This regrettable situation, no doubt, is partly responsible for the seemingly poor academic performance at primary, secondary and Tertiary levels. It is no longer news, for instance, that a good number of graduates of tertiary institutions hardly express themselves convincingly and effectively in both spoken and written English.
English language is a general language use for communication all over the world and it is right to teach English language from the initial stage of a child's life.
To me English is unique because I love seeing my students gaining from my own knowledge.

About Grace

When I was much younger I know little or nob about English, so I decided to build myself during my high school days. I developed a reading, writing and listening skills which helped me till date. Due to my passion for teaching I spent much of the 5 years of my life in teaching all level of educati

Heart-empty Heart

Crystal S.

Starting at $35
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Teaching since 2003
  • Teaches Advanced
  • BA Acting from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
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Private English Teacher

American born and UK educated, Crystal has an international mastery of the English language. She has shared this with students in individual tutoring sessions, as well as in the classroom. She is currently teaching her own classroom course Shakespeare For Kids to grades K-12.

About Crystal

Crystal brings a lifetime’s experience of professional musicianship to each of her lessons. Born into a family of musicians, she sang her first solo at age 2. She also benefits her students with an extraordinarily diverse musical background, having worked as a vocalist in gospel, country, musical t

November 11, 2015
Raylene L Lehnhoff
Love how she teaches the mechanics of learning to sing properly such as breathing correctly and posture right from the start for a beginner. Fantastic instructor!
September 29, 2013
Tamura H.
Amazing singng instructor

Crystal has increased my daughter’s self-esteem and expressiveness through song. My daughter is now writing her own poetry and song lyrics, as well as being able to combat her once shyness quality. She loves to perform in front of others now and has a confidence level that amazes me, especially now that she is going into those “teen” years. I think a lot of thanks needs to go to Crystal, for assisting my daughter in reaching her current creative level!
September 29, 2013
Tamura H.
Great piano instructor

Crystal is an amazing piano instructor. She is patient, understanding and dedicated. My daughter has learned so much from her. My daughter’s love for music has increased immensely since learning how to play the piano. This would never have been able to be accomplished without Crystal’s professional and caring teaching style.

Meet Online English Teachers Serving Houghton, NY

Heart-empty Heart

Yasmin T.

Starting at $17
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2019
Quick view profile
Online English Teacher

English was my first language plus I have a very wide vocabulary so if u wanna get good speaking English heres the start it's a judgement free zone

About Yasmin

Well I'm very nice and I'm good at what I do plus it's a good price you can't lie:) plus I just have a big passion for cosmetics in general so share the love

Heart-empty Heart

Josh M.

Starting at $15
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks German (Self-taught), Spanish (Mostly self-taught), English, Japanese
  • Associate's degree in Philosophy from Southwestern College
  • Teaching since 2014
Quick view profile
Online English Teacher

A language isn't just one skill. It's a set of skills and the traditional, classroom-based approaches to language learning aren't very effective, especially for developing your speaking skills. My philosophy is to be a guide and mentor who is very focused on your needs and interests and who can give you the tools and information that you need in order to succeed as an English speaker. Because of this, I don't have a specific, rigid type of lesson that is too focused on grammar like traditional classes. Instead, I work with you to create the type of lessons and learning plan that best suit you.

I specialize in American pronunciation and ear training (including accent reduction), as well as language mentoring (learning how to learn a language in the best way that works for you), but I also have a lot of different activities and tips to improve all of your English language skills! NOTE: If your main focus is accent reduction/pronunciation skills, please sign up for my accent reduction

About Josh

Hi! I'm Josh. I'm a TEFL certified professional English teacher, the host of the YouTube channel "English Hacks", and the author of three books on English learning and one book on general language learning (available on Amazon). I have over 5 years of experience and have given thousands of one-on-o

October 15, 2019
Besides the fact that Josh is very friendly, active and communicative, he is just different than any other teachers. He has his own unique process of working on student's accent reduction, listening and understanding English native speakers. With him you will get familiar with the rhythm and music of English speech that will help you to become fluent. But if you decide to up your grammar, I would highly recommend to get his course along with his books. It is worth it to have him as your teacher. I wish everybody lots of luck and fun in studying.
October 7, 2019
Angel L
Josh uses very creative methods to teach English. For example, he is always prepared with a lot of examples, tools, books that he has written, and activities that you don't find in a normal class, and has an extensive background in helping people learn how to improve.

Josh is very supportive and understanding and he uses his creative methods to help people understand whatever they need to focus on.

Josh goes deeply into all the areas of language learning and teaches people how many things work in a logical way.
Heart-empty Heart

Beatrice W.

Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaches Intermediate
  • Teaching since 2018
  • Bachelors Degree from Strathmore University
Quick view profile
Online English Teacher

An experienced teacher of 1year, specializing in the beginner/intermediate English learning student! All ages are welcome too. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student. Not only will you be learning how to communicate in English , but you will be building a strong foundation of communication skills that shall help you further on through life's interactions. Let's get started!

About Beatrice

I am an experienced teacher of English with 1 year experience . I graduated from Strathmore University with a Bachelors of Commerce,Finance but got straight A's in High school in the English language. My English students can expect to improve week to week in their communication abilities. Starting

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30 min
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45 min
$54 average
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"Excellent teacher! She explain everything so well and essy to understand it."
- Luis
Took English lessons from Micah B.
"Very patient and excellent at explaining the work."
- Mickey
Took English lessons from Matthew H.
"I just loved the first lesson!! Liz is very calm and certainly passionate about teaching! Looking forward to the next lesson!"
- Daniella
Took English lessons from Liz T.
"I was able to learn the material. He has very detailed information plus has patience to explain when not understand"
- gabriela
Took English lessons from Hector P.
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"Tom is excellent!!"
- Sali
Took English lessons from Tom S.
"Eorl is a great teacher. I had a great experience. He took his time to explain with different examples by writting and verbally to make me understand the difference between articles. I am happy and I can't wait for my next lesson. Thanks Eorl!"
- Amada
Took English lessons from Erol G.
"If you looking to learn English ,
he's the right person !!!"
- Jay
Took English lessons from Jared G.
"She is very helpful,caring, great listener and is passionate about her work. Great friend and mentor! Thanks Carla for everything."
- sunny
Took English lessons from Carla C.
"She is a fantastic teacher! I'm a singer in Japan and has helped me not only improve my singing but also my English! Thank you Rosi-san!"
- kazu
Took English lessons from Rosita R.
"Great teacher!!! she makes you feel very comfortable and she is willing to help you in everything."
- Andrea
Took English lessons from Odaya B.
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