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Randy S.

Mount Prospect, IL
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Randy S.

I have always been an actor first, it is the craft and discipline in which I hold my advanced degrees; it is my first and eternal love. There really isn't much more one could add to such a claim. Simultaneously I have believed a teacher is born, not bred; and I was born to be in theatre, and now, with a few years behind me; I'm ready to pass on what I have learned. At the risk of tooting my own horn; I am well trained, professionally, both as an actor and a teacher with more than a few credentials to support those claims. I invite you to please peruse my background on the site and feel free to ask any questions you desire.

Regarding Texas Hold 'em (poker), I have been playing and teaching the game, and working for online casinos for over thirty years. My approach is simple, requires extreme discipline, but I can show you how to win more than you lose. And this is true of all subjects I teach whether literal or figurative.

My undergraduate Bachelors is in Acting & Directing I was taught by the same professors who launched the students that formed the now famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago (Illinois State University); I also have a Masters degree in Theatre History and Criticism (Theatrical Critical Theory). I have teaching experience both as a GA and in the private sector. I have been exposed to many different types of teaching styles and locales, (i.e. classroom, studio et.al). I hope that gives you a thumbnail concurrently I hope I didn't bore you to death.

Peace and Kindest Regards,

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  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaches students 10 and up
  • Awarded Dean's List from Illinois State University

Reviews (23)

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kobe W. Sep 16, 2019
Film and TV Acting · Online

Sampath Aug 15, 2019
Poker · Online

Enrique Jul 2, 2019
Poker · Online

Randy is a first rate coach. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and with an easy going natural style. Was very adaptable to my level of experience and was patient - no question was too dumb. I highly recommend him without any reservation. I have already booked my next session.

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Brandon Feb 27, 2019
Poker · Online

Jessica Feb 1, 2019
Method Acting · Online

Very uplifting first class. Thank you Randy.

Michael C. Oct 25, 2018
Acting · Online

Randy is a genius and is very encouraging! I highly recommend!!

Grant T. Aug 27, 2018
Speaking Voice · Online

Jeremy Jul 14, 2018
Poker · Online

Randy is excellent. His character transcends the need for a review like this, but the fact is, he made it awesome to fight for my first poker lesson over the past two weeks. We haven’t gotten in the software yet, but his exemplary stewardship and expertise has proven a greater boon to me than the best intentions of my initial efforts.

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tom Jul 2, 2018
Poker · Online

Excellent teaching

Sasha May 9, 2018
Acting · Online

Really patient and kind - if you're inexperienced as many of us are - he starts you off with great foundations to work with.

Victoria Apr 21, 2018
Poker · Online

Randy has been instrumental in leading me through the basics and providing insights furthering my awareness to the game of Poker.

Debbie Apr 20, 2018
Acting · Online

I have been taking acting lessons with Randy for several months. He's a good teacher. I've learned a lot and enjoy the lessons. Thanks Randy.

Michael Apr 4, 2018
Method Acting · Online

He's been very helpful, patient and good tough love/accountability. I'm very happy to be working with Randy.

Mark M. Feb 23, 2018
Poker · Online

It's was the first lesson he seems very educated about poker.

victoria H. Feb 14, 2018
Poker · Online

Just the beginning for a beginner (me) in Poker, and Randy hit the right points to start!

Michael Jan 8, 2018
Method Acting · Online

Jack C. Nov 22, 2017
Writing · Online

Gunther Oct 14, 2017
Speaking Voice · Online

Debbie Sep 27, 2017
Acting · Online

Randy is very knowledgeable and patient, as I am a beginner in acting, is teaching me step by step

Santanu Sep 22, 2017
Acting · Online

It was a nice class. Randy gave me some assignment. I am trying to practice those. :)

sebastian Aug 2, 2017
Method Acting · Online

Randy does an amazing job. I am beginning in acting and trying to discover myself in the acting career. Randy does an amazing job and really helped me set my expectations and eased me into the next lesson. If you want to discover the world of acting you should give Randy a shot, you will not be disappointed with the valuable information he has to offer.

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Vijay May 12, 2017
Speaking Voice · Online

I am very happy I have Randy as my voice trainer. With a solid experience in acting, Randy helps you develop your vocal strengths. He helps identify and overcome any weaknesses, with amazing and effective exercises.

David May 8, 2017
Poker · Online

He's a great teacher who really knows what he's talking about! Now we are moving to poker sites, (Betonline), and playing for real as are next lessons!


Jan 1984 - Aug 2015

Illinois State University. Illinois Shakespeare Festival, The Audition Studio, Players Workshop of Second City

Illinois State University MS in Theatre History & Criticism 2015 Illinois State University BFA in Acting 1989 Apprenticeships Ill Shakespeare Festival x 2 1988 &1989 Players Workshop Improv. (all terms, 1-6) x 2 Steven Roath The Audition Studio Cold Reading II Pat Van Oss The Audition Studio On Camera II Rachel Patterson

Adjunct Instrctor
Aug 2012 - May 2014

Illinois State University

This would reflect my serious academic training on the job if you will. I was responsible for a class per semester with autonomy.

May 1989 - Nov 1998


I have performed on the off-loop Chicago stage in numerous roles for a variety of companies. And essentially, that is a large component of the information an actor needs to learn, the business of being an actor. Make no mistake; it is a business. You are your own product. Personally, I have received great reviews and I never stopped training, always took/taking classes, forming groups and most importantly staying in touch with the agencies that work to book work for me. I offer more "academic" work in acting et.al as well, please review my background. I also invite you to review the institutions where I learned what I know, earned my degrees and created the teacher your reviewing at this moment. I have been trained in many areas of the theatre, acting certainly is my primary forte. Having been "out there," waiting in some casting director's office (after waiting a year to get him to know I was alive), in an office filled with a bunch of ginger lookalikes. It was a Ron Weasley festival. Along with the anecdotes very specific approaches are required to get the call-back. The way one reads, holds copy, relates to the camera, how speech is utilized creatively, in quality and manner, are all items that need to be addressed just under this one heading. I have many categories for which I am available. I am malleable and tend toward tailoring the work to the student's goals with primacy.


Masters Degree in Theatre History and Critical Theory (Criticism)
Aug 2012 - Aug 2015

Illinois State University

Bachelors in Fine Arts, sequence Acting
Jan 1984 - May 1989

Illinois State University



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Masters Degree in Theatre History and Critical Theory (Criticism)
Aug 2015

Illinois State University

May 1995

School of Bartending-Schaumburg, IL

I took a course in the right way to tend bar, make drinks and traditionally handle the peripheral duties allotted. It's not as if you're going to walk behind the bar and it will be fully stocked with each item you're going to need for your shift in a place you can find it. Essentially I can teach the proper way to mix just about any drink ordered and since there are only a very few basic processes to mixing a drink, i.e a few different types of basic drinks. So, if you were to ask me for a shooter, the name of which I have never heard of, I simply asks you what's in it, short of that , I ask what it tastes like and then do my best. The latter is rare and the recipes in my possession are of a more traditional style. The Old Fashioned would be an example,three main ways to mix it based on ingredient availability and the presence of a bar spoon, but that's another story.


"A Raisin in the Sun"
Apr 1989

American College Theatre Festival

Arts & Letters Invitee
Mar 1989

University of Illinois

Dean's List
Apr 1988

Illinois State University

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