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Ginni teaches: Ages 4 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: August 1994
Last sign in: Today


You can learn to play piano or sing at any age! Whatever your musical goals are, Ginni will help you to reach them.

Ginni has been teaching piano and singing for 21 years. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced she will help you to learn and have fun making music!

Technique is key! As a professional musician Ginni knows the importance of good technique. Great technique gives the performer confidence and the ability to excel.

Ginni's piano and singing students are taught how to use their bodies to perform at their best. Some of the methods that Ginni uses come from her studies at university, personal study and from watching, listening to and performing with world class musicians. From all of this experience, Ginni developed a proven method for teaching piano and singing that helps students progress quickly and perform with ease.

Performance anxiety can be overcome. Using the tools that Ginni has developed, students relax, focus and enjoy their performing experience.

Reading music is important for pianists and singers. Ginni helps beginning through advanced students to more fully understand written music and quickly sight read it.

It’s important to perform songs that you enjoy. Students help choose supplemental songs that they love whether that be contemporary pop, traditional classical, Broadway, jazz, country or any other genre that they would like to learn.

Ginni’s piano and singing students increase their range, power, agility, control, confidence and expressiveness through technical exercises, scales, arpeggios, applying technique and lots of encouragement! Students grow the more that they share their talents. Students of Ginni’s are invited to participate in recitals, the Arizona Study Program and are guided through auditions, solo and ensemble performances.

Ginni uses the latest technology to help her students, whether by finding a song online for a student to listen to and learn from, transposing a piece on keyboard, improving the sound of an iphone song by plugging it into a speaker system or by using a mic to learn microphone technique.

A century old stand up piano may not be cutting edge technology but, Ginni’s sounds beautiful and her students enjoy playing it. Music is such a gift. So is participating in and watching the growth and progression of others.

Ginni asks her students to remember three things:
Try, Relax and Have Fun!


Piano and Singing Teacher
Aug 1994 - Present
self employed

Piano: Teaches all skills required to play the piano
-reading notes, understanding chords, counting, playing by ear, composing, playing different genres of music

Singing/Voice: Teaches all skills required to sing
-technique, expression, sight reading, increasing vocal range, composition, singing different styles/genres of music


Bachelor of Arts Art & Design, minor in Psychology, music classes
Jan 1976 - Aug 1979
Brigham Young University

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency


Music Teachers National Association
Aug 2014

The MTNA was founded in 1876 with the goal of advancing the value of music study and music-making to society while supporting the careers and professionalism of teachers of music. With nearly 22,000 members in 50 states—and more than 500 local affiliates—the MTNA is the preeminent source for music teacher support, where members embody like-minded values and commitment to their students, colleagues and society as a whole, while reaping the rewards of collaboration, continuity and connection throughout the lifetime of their careers.

51 Reviews on Ginni A.

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Audrey Jan 28, 2017
Verified Student · Singing · In home
Fabulous first lesson. Thank you, Ginni.
Suzana V. Dec 2, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
She is a excelent teatchar!
Suzana Nov 30, 2016
· ·
Ginny is the best piano teatcher!!! I love her!
Melissa C. Jul 5, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Ginni is a fabulous piano instructor. I went with my gut on who I thought would be a great instructor for my 7 year old granddaughter. Ginni turned out to be fabulous and works extremely well with children. My granddaughter is now starting her second year of piano with Ginni.
Febe N. Jun 22, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Ginni taught both, my husband and I, piano and singing lessons. We had the best experience ever with Ginni learning to play the piano and sing. The only reason we stopped is because our lives got more busy with work and we now relocated to NY and have a baby. If we would be living in AZ still we would choose her as our baby's teacher. Highly recommend her!!! Ginni, I thank God for you!!!!
Linda K. Apr 22, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
She makes learning a fun experience!
Kim A. Apr 8, 2016
Verified Student · Singing · In home
Ginni's lessons have been so helpful, I can already see improvements. I absolutely love learning how to control my breathing while singing. She Rocks!
Madison K. Mar 18, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
She's very patient!!
Steve C. Jan 14, 2016
Verified Student · ·
She's adaptable and can work with different styles. Very well with young children.
James M. Jan 6, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Ginni was quick to evaluate where I was having difficulty with the music I am learning. Ginni suggested exercises that will ultimately improve my overall learning.
I really liked Ginni offering the music theory related to the piece I am learning and music scores in general.
Very quick, but valuable lesson.
Ginni Alvey
Ginni A.

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