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About Tom S.

Orlando, FL
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English Secondary Language

About Tom
Tom has been teaching private lessons since 2006 and is currently available to teach lessons online. Foremost, Tom provides expertise, experience, and encouragement.

Tom received his training at Boston University in 1998 where he received a degree in Finance and International Relations. Then going on to receive a degree in English Literature. As an native in the English language Tom looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Tom's teaching style is relaxed and filled with humor that continues to motivate his students.

Lessons are scheduled to best fit to the student'€™s schedule when possible.


Teaching non-English speaking students the basic AND advanced fundamentals of English. The seven parts of speech taught are nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and int

Tom works at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels as an adult education instructor providing English instruction to classes or individual students.

As an ESL teacher, developing a curriculum he takes an overall approach to English study that focuses on a specific aspect of language use, such as life skills, literacy, or vocational and workplace English competencies. Both approaches involve teaching his students basic English skills, such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.


- Pronunciation techniques
- Quizzes, textbooks, videos and computer lessons
- Basic communication with real-life interactions

Using language use in different situations, such as shopping, schooling, job hunting or working with English-speaking co workers.

He places awareness on the students' culture and recognition of cultural differences which might affect a student's ability to acclimate to an English-speaking environment.


He prefers to discuss goals with his students or their parents to determine what they are most interested in ACHIEVING. Together we can create a lesson plan designed for the individual student.


Combination with TakeLessons Classroom and eLearning it is critical learning a secondary language effectively - see attached

Excerpt from "50 Ways to Teach Online: Tips for ESL/EFL Teachers" by Dr. Justin Shewell.

The Pedagogical Foundations Of EnglishCentral

By David Deubelbeiss

EnglishCentral is a company that takes pride in having experienced teachers on staff and designing a product that will help students learn and acquire English, particularly for international communication.

Too often technology is designed without the control or voice of educators. Technology for technology's sake. We have tried to avoid this error and build an e-learning platform that puts pedagogy and learning first.

Here are the key aspects of English Central's pedagogy:

1. Motivation.

We live in a visual and digital world. Students consume enormous amounts of video content and video has become the new textbook. EnglishCentral harnesses this built in, intrinsic level of motivation - why not learn English while viewing videos you love? EnglishCentral publishes 30 new video lessons per week and its vast library of video lessons and courses offers every student the chance to study what they want and listen to messages they want to hear.

2. Comprehensible Input

Not only do students need to listen to messages they want to hear - these messages must be level appropriate (Krashen, 2001). Each EnglishCentral video lesson or course plus our vocabulary is leveled and can be assigned to students based on their level of English. This provides appropriate practice maximizing language acquisition.

3. Precise, Timely Feedback

EnglishCentral provides instant feedback to students. Students begin to "notice the gap" (Schmidt, 1990) and begin to self-correct as they compare their speech to the original. Tools are provided so students can "dig down" and understand the language and get the answers they need immediately. EnglishCentral works to promote learner autonomy.

4. Lowered Affective Filter

Many students go through a substantial "silent period" (Krashen, 1985). Others need the time and space given through self-study before they are ready to excel in the very socially demanding classroom. EnglishCentral provides a safe, low anxiety environment where learners can proceed at their own pace and practice speaking in a non-threatening place. Teachers are often amazed how the quiet students in their class "bloom" on EnglishCentral.

5. An Oral Language Focus

The 21st century workplace and global nature of communication demands that students have strong speaking skills. The importance of written communication is receding. EnglishCentral's proprietary speech recognition system IntelliSpeech™ trains students to produce, clear, intelligible speech for effective communication across cultures and borders.

6. Blended Learning

The future of education lies in blended learning (Arne Duncan, 2014). EnglishCentral partners with schools and teachers offering a unique blended learning model and platform. Courses and video lessons can perfectly compliment what students learn in class, providing students with extra practice matching the class curriculum. Our free LMS lets teachers extend the curriculum and track student achievement.

7. Structured Learning

Our simple Watch | Learn | Speak methodology provides low cognitive overload and an easy to follow learning pathway. Courses and video lessons are leveled and vocabulary is presented with spaced-time repetition. EnglishCentral monitors every word or expression students study and provides a simple interface where students can use the feedback to improve their pronunciation and build their vocabulary.

8. Gaming

Students are highly engaged by the gaming dynamics of EnglishCentral. Students compete for XPs (Experience Points) and ranking through their study. However, we don't go overboard and aim to keep the focus on the learning, not the gaming.

9. Ambiguity Tolerance

Language is a vast and unpredictable space. Successful language learners are risk takers. Critical to being a risk taker is having a strong ability to not be stressed out by what you don't understand (Brown, 2007). EnglishCentral provides authentic content that challenges students to focus on the general meaning and gist and strengthen their level of ambiguity tolerance.

Interested in reading more about EnglishCentral and why it works? Try this post on our blog or visit our Academic area for some case studies on how teachers have used EnglishCentral successfully at their school.

David Deubelbeiss is a professor, educational consultant and teacher trainer currently at the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada. He is a leader in promoting the use of technology in language teaching and the use of social media in education. He is the Director of Education at EnglishCentral. Find him online at his professional development community for teachers, EFL Classroom 2.0 or through his LinkedIn profile. He espouses the simple teaching philosophy of “When one teaches, two learn.”

You can purchase an electronic copy of the book at https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Ways-Teach-Online-Teachers-ebook/dp/B01M5IS58Q

Experienced Real Estate Sydicate Ghostwriter

Professional Profile

Tom Songer

Resume CV https://goo.gl/olb5nt
JOHN May 13, 2017
· Common Core English · Online
Mr. Songer has been a professional acquaintance since 1990 and he has consistently demonstrated excellent management and teaching skills in our shared profession of Real Estate Sales.
His communication skills and motivational attitude insures his success with his students. His Integrity and persistence rate him high on the scale of employment.
Marsha April 13, 2017
· Grammar · Online
Tom is a great instructor. He is helping me sort though challenges I have with grammar, writing and proofreading. I recommend Tom as a teacher to anyone who is looking for flexibility in their schedule and an opportunity to have fun learning.
Carol April 5, 2017
· · Online
Tom is a great teacher and communicator. He is responsible and instructive. He also had experience teaching Asian students who have certain specific pronunciation problems. I had five trial classes with Tom but will certainly continue his classes for a long term.
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Tom S.

Tom S.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Anne-Marie B.

East Stroudsburg, PA
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Over the years I have taught English to students of all races, nationalities and ethnicities. Additionally, living in New York, an extremely diverse city, has necessitated great flexibility on my part. I teach reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and proper pronunciation, but because I work with so many "non-native speakers", I have learned to be very patient and methodical in my approach, customizing the lesson to each student and breaking the steps down as much as is necessary. I have also become quite familiar with many of the handicaps associated with specific ethnic groups when trying to learn English. Overall, as an English teacher I welcome the additional challenge and I always look forward to the opportunity for cultural exchange as well.

About Anne-Marie
Hi, I'm Anne-Marie and I love to teach! I have been teaching for over 25 years and whether the subject is English, Music, College Prep or Italian, I love helping students reach their goals. I work hard to leave my students enlightened, encouraged and empowered. I have high standards and I really like to challenge students to achieve their full potential, but I also try to make the process interesting, engaging and fun. I'm patient, easygoing and I enjoy working with students of all ages and backgrounds. I always strive to get to know my students (and their needs) very well. Then I customize lessons according to need, aptitude and goals. One of the best parts of teaching for me is meeting and connecting with new people, and making a difference in their lives, so I really look forward to meeting and working with you!
Noel R. April 20, 2016
· Viola · In home
Excellent instructor very professional highly recommended
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Anne-Marie B.

Anne-Marie B.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Amy C.

Voorhees, NJ

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I was born and raise as an American Asian however, English was my 2nd language growing up. I am fluent in both my native language as well as English. I am closer to age with younger students which allows me to connect and have more patience with them. I have also had many experiences teaching adults English as a second language. I am very enthusiastic and willing to teach.

About Amy
Hi, my name is Amy. I recently graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick Business School last year with a Bachelors in Science degree in Business Analytics and Information Technology. While going to school full time, I've had experience with tutoring kids, young adults, and adults English. I have a passion for helping kids and young adults to speak, read and write English as their second language. As someone who was born and raised in America, surprisingly, English was not my first language. My childhood consisted of countless years of perfecting the American English Language while maintaining my native language. Currently, I am studying my GRE/GMATs for Graduate School. Aside from school and teaching English, some of my other interests/hobbies include: Traveling, road trips, reading, discovering new food places, watching re-runs
of "Friends", volunteering, and coding!
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Amy C.

Amy C.

Voorhees, NJ 08043
starting at
$84 / 60-min

About Chris N.

Philadelphia, PA
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I am very easy going, encouraging, and a great conversationalist. I completely customize lessons based on each students' skills and goals, as well as favorite topics, and how they learn best. I am knowledgeable on many subjects, and more importantly, good at getting students talking, no matter what age or background.

About Chris
Hi, my name is Chris and I am a native speaker and tutor of American English. I have taught people of all ages to improve their English and I can help you too!

In January 2014, I began teaching classes and private lessons in Warsaw, Poland and later in Berlin, Germany. I have also taught in New York City and online via Skype, to people from various countries around the world. My father and his two brothers were all teachers, so I guess that is where I get my natural teaching ability.

I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Penn State University, where I also taught some classes. I also have business experience and can teach students to speak and write in English for any situation!

I am very easy going, encouraging, and a great conversationalist. I customize lessons based on each student's skills and goals, as well as favori
te topics, and how they learn best. I am knowledgeable on many subjects, and more importantly, good at getting students talking, no matter what age or background.

Below are reviews by some of my former students in Poland from e-korepetycje.net/chrisnyc/jezyk-angielski (translated from Polish into English). I have also taught students from Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Argentina, China, Israel, France, Indonesia, Columbia and Turkey.

"A really good teacher and the great hour-long conversations with him provide guidance not drudgery. He is enthusiastic and cheerful, recommended." - Magda

"I worked with Chris for 3 months, and I'm very happy. We focused on conversation, vocabulary development (based on analysis of interrogated podcasts), and correction of pronunciation. With Chris, any subject can be interesting to talk about." - Wojtek

"He worked with my 10-year-old son Antek, inventing dialogues in English based on the boy's favorite superhero characters and their behavior. Chris is creative and always smiling, and Antek misses the lessons." - Jerzy

"Great lessons with a sense of humor. Conversations require thinking and combining vocabulary (no shortcuts and tips in Polish). Big emphasis on correct pronunciation and vocabulary. In a word, I highly recommend." - Michael

"I can recommend wholeheartedly. We have real discussions, not set topics, and discuss how certain words are challenging for us. From time to time we also have a lesson in which we process words or homophones that are difficult for us (thief/teeth). We strongly recommend to all who want to rise above the level of intermediate." - Pawel

"Chris is a really great conversationalist! He only speaks English, which forces you to think and conduct conversations only in English, which is half the battle! If I do not understand what he says, he will explain it in so many ways that I finally understand. He is a very open person, easy to talk with, problem-free, and has many interests, so you can talk about anything. I would recommend as a native speaker!" - Izabela
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Chris N.

Chris N.

Philadelphia, PA 19149
starting at
$15 / 45-min

About sarah K.

Sewell, NJ
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Want to better communicate with people? Interested in learning to better write and read? I will help you build your English until it is strong. We will have conversations, read interesting stories, and write creative essays. If you have questions send me a message and I will be glad to help!

About sarah
I am currently in the last year of pharmacy school and I believe that I can pass on my knowledge to others. I have Pre-Pharmacy and Biology associates'.
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sarah K.

sarah K.

Sewell, NJ 08080
starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Michalla L.

Philadelphia, PA
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First and foremost, I have 4 years of experience teaching ESL to students with varying backgrounds. I am a true believer in ensuring that students feel completely engaged and comfortable during each lesson. My methods of keeping students engaged include incorporating lessons that are fun and practical. I am aware that everyone learns best in different ways, so I would make it a top priority to learn about how you learn so that I can serve you in the best way possible. Learning a new language is a fun and exciting way to expand your horizons! So, whether you would like to learn English so that you can land a new job or if you would like to converse more fluently with your English-speaking friends, I am here to help you learn all you need to know.

About Michalla
Hello! My name is Michalla and I am an experienced ESL tutor who will help you to learn all that you need to know about speaking the English language! Learning an new language is fun and exciting, and I would be thrilled to join you on your journey to fluency.
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Michalla L.

Michalla L.

Philadelphia, PA 19103
starting at
$17 / 30-min

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Average Cost of ESL Lessons in Voorhees, NJ

The average cost of 60-minute ESL lessons in Voorhees is $86. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $84 and $89 per hour.

60-min $84
$86 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute ESL lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes.

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