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Private ESL Teacher

I have taught ESL or English Second Language to all ages from toddlers to older adults. Classrooms full of teenagers. I really enjoy it and teach in a way that other teachers would never dream of. My approach is casual and pleasurable.

About Bryce

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Ben Franklin

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Ben Franklin

The unconventional method of teaching begins here

I am a Spanish Language Consultant

I am a concierge tutor meaning that I make every meeting personalized for you. Everyone learns a language differently. For some they just want to speak. For others they want to learn to read or write. And some want to do it all. Either way I will do everything in my power to assure that happens.

Where did I learn Spanish?
I took it in high school like all of us and failed out in the second year. Then seven years later I took a class in Bellevue College and got the best grade in the class. Soon after the class finished I moved to Bogotá, Colombia for a year and half where I really improved

my level to near native status. When I was a kid in high school I did not see how cool it is to be able to speak another language nor did I care. However, now it was a defining point in my life and something that no one can take away from me.

My schedule is also very flexible giving you plenty of freedom over when to meet.

I am connected to a network of native speakers who are all my very close friends who can be included in the sessions when the time is right or whenever you may like.

I have been a Spanish Consultant since 2011 and love doing it. I really get fired up when students begin to take off on their own with the language with less and less of my help.

I don't think you will find a more passionate tutor.

Students who will succeed with me can be of any age but should have these traits if they wish to excel:
Not afraid to make mistakes
Positive attitudes
Open mind
Willingness to think outside of the box

Thank you and have a beautiful day now

December 30, 2018
Bryce has a wealth of knowledge and works with my whole family, all at different levels. He has a unique way of making everyone feel included and teaching to each family member so we all make progress toward our goal of Speaking Spanish fluently.
August 2, 2017
Bryce use a method really effective to learn , we speak all the time in spanish , for me the best teacher in the area.
July 17, 2017
now my spanish level it's really great, is patient and extremely hepful teacher.

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Bryce B.


Private ESL Teacher

As a former ESL student, I understand the struggles of learning English for the first time!

About Brandon

Please contact me before making a payment! Ever since I started my studies in the United States, 5 years ago, I have been captivated by the educational system. Initially, I tutored high school students as a tool to better practice my communication skills with the English language. I continued this tutoring path by aiding other college students on a 1-to-1 basis and more recently as part of an online experience. Math is my biggest passion, ever since I discovered its full depth. While many ask themselves "how will this equation be useful in my life?" I always ask myself "how can I make this equation meaningful in my life."


August 18, 2019
This guy is one of the best tutors I've ever had! He can break everything down and make it way easier! I can spend 2 hours with my teacher and still not get anything but Brandon will make it clear in 30 minutes!
August 17, 2019
Brandon was so communicative and his homework help was so thorough. I work crazy hours and he really helped me get concepts clearly. Thanks again!
August 17, 2019
Brandon is such a great tutor! He is dependable and will do his best to help you in anything you need. 10/10 would get tutoring again!

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Brandon G.



Abby V.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

After working with all levels of ESL ( English as a Second Language) students in the Netherlands for 15 years and now back in the USA with Asian college students since 2015, I am confident in my ability to help anyone to speak, hear, read and write English in a professional manner and level optimally. My Dutch students have won regional public speaking awards to participate nationally and with an extensive performing arts background, I am most expert in boosting any student's performance as an English speaker and/or writer in whatever subject my students choose.

About Abby

IMPORTANT NOTICES: AS much as I have enjoyed my Minnesota students, PLEASE NOTE that I am moving away from Mn. winters to the Phoenix Az. area at the end of September 2019 when I will be taking students ONLINE ONLY UNTIL November 2019, then my home studio will reopen.

** Because my private lessons are sporadically scheduled between other teaching, all lessons for age 12 and over are a minimum of one hour.

Due to my maternal grandfather's career as a Chicago vaudeville orchestra leader, from early childhood, the performing arts have been in my blood. Starting to study classical flute at age 12, then playing in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras and taking professional jazz/classical flute workshops/master classes, I've been teaching and playing all styles of flute music professionally since my 20's.

Vocal study began at age

15 with some great artists/educators in SF, Seattle, and Europe, including Bobby McFerrin, Mark Murphy, Broadway singer Adrian West, David Tigner- SF Opera, Davida Kagan-Seattle Opera, and Roland Wyatt- Manhattan Transfer coach /NY Academy of Dramatic Arts. Through many years of teaching experience, I've developed a very successful, uniquely simple 8 part method to help cross cultural individuals/groups of all ages , styles, and levels, sing optimally from their hearts. The necessary basic vocal techniques can be taught effectively in 4 to 8 lessons (depending on one's previous experience), though integrating the technique into your own style can take longer and usually continues throughout one's lifetime.

With a BA in Theater Arts from San Francisco State University, and over 50 years directing, acting, and musical experience, including the last 15 years also working successfully as an ESL educator, I have gained the confidence to help almost any student achieve their educational and/or professional goals.

December 6, 2017
Good teaching philosophy, experienced, patient and kind.
November 8, 2017
Excellent teacher on the subject
July 15, 2017
Elizabeth D.
Wonderfully encouraging and knowledgeable.

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Abby V.



Abigail N.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

There are so many benefits when it comes to knowing how to speak more than one language. I grew up in a Hispanic household although i knew how to speak English I was put in an ESL class when i was younger to advance in my vocabulary, writing & reading comprehensive which helped a lot. Now I love taking what i have learned and spreading my knowledge to people who are learning English as A Second Language & maybe along the way you can teach me some words & phrases in your dialect. feel free to message me

About Abigail

I am a part time habilitation specialist I help people that have disabilities with their daily goals. I tutor some individuals in speech, writing vocabulary ect. ever since i was little I have always wanted to help people in any way possible and this is one of the ways i help people on the regular basis.

practice makes perfect, we all won't get it at first. Learning something new isn't always easy but with a little help and motivation anything is possible even when you think it's impossible. Everyone make mistakes and i'm here to help you work through them.


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Abigail N.


Private ESL Teacher

Learning a new language can be tough. For someone who speaks four languages,I can understand the challenges. I want my students to feel welcome and safe through this process. I would be more than happy to help you become fluent in English.

About Ella

Hi all, I have been teaching French for over 4 years now. I am a dynamic and goal oriented, and resilient person who likes to inspire others around me. I believe in the strength of languages to help connect diverse minds and cultures. I am also a passionate of cuisine, dance, and travel. I have visited over 5 countries in Europe and 4 in West Africa.


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Ella K.


Monik M.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

Taking ESL lessons with me is very comforting. It is a no judgement zone. I give a lot of encouragement and most importantly I am very patient. I also like to have a family friendly classroom where my students family members are invited to say hello. Sign up with me today and you will not regret it!

About Monik

Hello everyone! It is an honor to be a teacher for Take Lessons. In my classroom you will have fun in a judgement free zone. I have experience teaching online ESL to students in China ages 4-16 years old. I also have experience with teaching children 4-12 years old the basics for understanding acting and relating those lessons to life experiences. Fortunately enough, I have the opportunity to teach adults ESL online where I have met some really interesting people and have learned so much about different cultures. I pride myself with giving the best classes possible so that my students walk away feeling proud, motivated and happy. I am confident that I can help you and you can help me too. Teaching each other is the thing that makes the world go around so book my class today and let's have some fun. See you soon!


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Monik M.


Private ESL Teacher

Edie Sheeks - Experienced teacher and professor

I specialize in teaching English fluency to non-native English speaking adults. Specifically, I help students:
--improve their English fluency to international levels
--perfect interview and business presentations
--prepare for college entrance exams.
My students have included high school, college-level, and adults.

I consider it a gift to be able to teach, to create a kind and supportive learning environment in which both the student and I enjoy spending time. As an experienced teacher of multiple subjects, I understand the essence of teaching ("see the person first"), how to connect directly with students, and how to ensure they truly understand. I am honored that my students often comment that I am their favorite teacher, that they look forward to my classes.

Edie Sheeks - Experienced teacher and professor
B.S., Philosophy & English (Magna Cum Laude)
M.A., Education & Philosophy
J.D., Law

* English in classroom/online

About Edie

My name is Edie Sheeks. I teach English fluency and Philosophy lessons.
I enjoy reading, walking, traveling, having dinner with friends. My household includes a large, greyhound-mix dog--my walking trainer!--and two tabbies (all three are rescues). Listening to music, walking by the sea, and being outside are part of my essential daily activities.

As the daughter of a college Philosophy professor, I have been graced with many educational opportunities. Interacting with students, seeing them as individuals, and co-creating a learning environment is an always-unique experience.

Though I have had the opportunity to do many things work-wise, including practicing law, teaching at a college, mediating, teaching is my default option. And this is especially true now that I can easily connect with students on the other side of the world from

my home office.

Finally, it's clear to me as a teacher and a former student that we learn best when we're relaxed, when we enjoy the learning interactions. So, truly seeing a student and enjoying the learning process are my goals for every class.

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Edie S.


Private ESL Teacher

I am patient and caring. I offer lessons in small segments while giving you the opportunity to practice.

About Daphney

I have always been interested in teaching. I started tutoring my fellow classmates and schoolmates since tenth grade and throughout college.
I am persistent, I am here to teach, cheer your progress, and encourage. To me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the eyes of a student lit up for getting a point or able to write a small essay.
I'll be your best cheerleader, let's learn together!


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Daphney P.


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"Excellent Lesson!"
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"He is a very good instructor, he explains the ideas in easiest ways and with a lot of valuable information. highly recommended."
"The best ESL teacher EVER"
"Georgina como docente siempre fue entusiasta, buena gente, tan particular, joven, fresca. Miles de adjetivos podría buscar que me lleven a su rostro. Sin
ningún otro comentario agradezco que hallas sido mi docente de ingles en secundaria. Que lejos que llegaste y aun es el comienzo. SUERTE. Saludos desde La Pampa..."
"Matthew’s sheer level of excitement, passion, and devotion to each student is something I have never seen before. He seeks to motivate every student in a
way that leads to the best results from each, and his mastery of ESL is quite incredible. I highly recommend Matthew as a tutor."
"Great instructor!! Very nice! Helped in every way possible!"
"Roman teaches my wife and two daughters (10 and 12 y.o.) ESL. I'm very delighted to see how enthusiastic are they about lessons and (even more surprising)
the homework. For each of them Roman finds themes interesting to talk about and write about. Grammar and other boring stuff are taken needed care of, but main emphasis of lessons are on free talk."
"Very good tutor

A very professional and nice tutor. He uses flexible teaching approaches and interesting materials. Students can really benefit from the

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