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About Isabelle S.

Cincinnati, OH
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I fully understand the approach and needs for ESL as my children themselves benefited from this program when we first arrived in the US, from France.

About Isabelle
I am a native French speaker born in France; I have lived in the USA since 2000 and speak English fluently. I teach both French and English as a Second Language (ESL). I am used to teaching/ coaching/ interacting with students of all ages (12-80+) and with professionals in a corporate environment. In fact I have worked in-countries and remotely with people located in France, Poland, India, Canada, Guatemala and Brazil. I speak some Spanish and German, and that might help you as well, depending on your background. I am happy to add a cultural dimension to the language support. For Life Coaching lessons, I draw from my experience and best practices. I will share simple yet highly effective tips and approaches to help you meet your needs.

For best results; I recommend a minimum of 2 (two) 45-minute sessions per week for the first 20 les
sons to gain some momentum and build strong foundations. I look for students sincerely interested in making great strides and committed.

Happy to start any time soon. THX for visiting my profile. Questions welcome!
Pam May 22, 2019
· ·
Isabelle is an absolutely marvelous teacher - anyone and everyone would benefit from taking classes with her.
I speak French well and my goal is to improve my conversational skills so that I can keep up with my monthly French book group. I am the only American in a group of French women and French is spoken the whole time.
Isabelle has been spectacular in helping me sharpen and improve my conversational skills. Our class is one long conversation - very carefully orchestrated by Isabelle so that each class is both productive and delightful.
I love to discuss the French culture and culture in general and Isabelle invariably makes that part of the conversation. But i think that Isabelle could talk with great knowledge and interest about many topics.
Each session flies by and each session makes my conversational skills sharper.
I feel very lucky that Isabelle is my teacher.
Pam B. April 12, 2019
· French · Online
Isabelle is a fabulous teacher. Anyone would be lucky to have her!
Sophie January 25, 2019
· French · Online
I have taken 3 sessions with Isabelle and so far I am already so much more confident in my ability to learn conversational French that will help me work my way towards being fluent in French. She is patient and describes everything in such detail until I am able to fully understand what she is teaching. Having this role is so important, and she far exceeds all of my expectations!
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Isabelle S.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Angela S.

Round Rock, TX
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We will work on your speaking skills, your reading skills, your writing skills and your listening skills. We will have grammar lessons, verb tense lessons, and more. I have had great success with students from Hungary, Brazil, Switzerland, and the Ukraine. Let's get started!

About Angela
Having tutored middle and high school students, I've learned that the best tutoring session is 2 hours. This gives the student time to discuss school challenges, how to solve school related problems, to discuss various subjects, etc. Young students are often not prepared for my visit even when they know in advance that I am coming, so every additional minute can be useful. However, I am totally flexible on this so you are invited to tell me what you believe would be a good session length for you.

My ultimate goal, for working with you, is to hear you say, "I am so glad we found you!" When you feel that you have reached a satisfactory level of learning/development through our working together, you are invited to terminate our tutor/tutee relationship. Let's remain friends, though. Please watch my video. I am the real deal; you
can see the real me.

Bachelor of Art in English, Secondary Education - University of Wisconsin
30+ years as an insurance professional
tutoring & teaching 15+ years.
Moses Turgeman September 24, 2018
· Test Prep · In home
Great teacher
Paul March 2, 2016
· Study Skills · In home
Angie is the best tutor I;ve ever hired, She is patient and thorough. I highly recommend her for any subject and any age. She specializes in Shakespeare!!
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Angela S.

starting at
$37.50 / 60-min

About Lily S.

Provo, UT
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Need to get your English skills up to par or want to be better at conversational English, I can help. I've taught English classes in various settings; classes, one-on-one, and in small group settings. I can make learning English so much fun that you will forget that you are learning English - but you will progress. I can say that with confidence. However, because this is a language and like many other skills it will take time, and you will need to put in the effort as well. So, what is stopping you. Now you're just a click away from really fun English lessons.

About Lily
I've been sewing since I was 13. I've sewn things over the years such as dresses, pajamas. I do a lot of tailoring things too. I just love to sew, and I love teaching people to sew too!

The way that I teach is to help the student develop their own style. I have students work on their own individual projects that they pick out while asking me questions that they might have while they are doing their project.

However, if they would like there is an option for me to develop lessons for the student on certain sewing techniques that the student could learn. Although, be aware that learning how to sew takes time and that all the techniques of sewing cannot be done all at once.

Then, there is the third option that the lesson could be a mix of the student doing what they want (choosing their own project) and learning some pre-designed

My first goal is to give my students all of the tools they need to feel confident from the very first lesson. I would like for all of my students within the first lesson to finish either of two basic projects (pajama pants or a draw string bag).

My lessons are not like videos you may find online. Meaning projects will take longer than you think they will. I will work with you to properly construct a quality finished project without too many frustrations and in a timely manner. I recommend buying lessons in 90 minute packages, since sewing always takes longer than expected.


In these lessons we will go over the following, which can be adapted to how you want:

- Sewing safety and how to use a machine
- Learn about the sewing tools you'll be using
- How to read, cut out, layout, and follow a basic pattern instructions
- How to pin and sew a seam, finish seams and sew hems
- Learn to sew on an elastic band (to pajamas or for a tote).
- Learn how to unpick your projects when a mistake is made.
- Learn how to do a basic stitch and the gather stitch.
- Pajamas
- Sewing Tote
- Basic Dress
- Pillow case

- Cement what you learned in the while a beginner.
- Learn to hand sew hems etc.
- Learn about different fabrics and when to use them.
- Sew a basic zipper onto clothes or bags.
- Learn about the different foots.
- Learn to do other stitches
- Intermediate Dresses/ Clothes
- Bags

- Work on your own projects you choose with help.
- Work with harder fabrics.
-Use a zipper foot to sew an invisible zipper.
- Learn to do advanced stitches
-Learn about pleats and darts.
- Prom dress
- Suits
- Formal Coats
- Backpacks

Whether it is for a hobby, to decorate your house, to prepare for design school, or to make your own clothes, I can teach you from the very basic sewing skills, to more advance topics such as modifying your patterns to make clothes that fit.
Shaana June 20, 2019
· Sewing · Online
Kayli B. June 19, 2019
· Watercolor Painting · Online
Yvonne April 17, 2019
· WordPress · Online
Learned a lot. Thank you Lily
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Lily S.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Kristen O.

Redway, CA
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Experienced teacher of 20 years. I have been teaching ESL now for 1 year and absolutely love it! I offer tailor made curriculum to suit whatever your needs may be. Whether it be business related, traveling, or social I will create a specific lesson plan just for you, to excel you further than you've ever been before. I'll have you ready for your next English speaking adventure in no time.

About Kristen
I live in a remote part of Northern California where the redwoods meet the Pacific Ocean. I have 2 son's 16 and 4 who I've homeschooled off and on throughout their lives. My 16 year old graduated high school early and is now pursuing a degree at College of the Redwoods. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on photography and digital art.

I am a teacher by trade and profession. I've always had a natural ability combined with patience and understand thats allows me the to excel my students further beyond what they've thought possible. I've been a teacher of Arts at many private schools in Northern California for the last 20 years. Recently over this last year I have discovered the joys of teaching ESL online for a few large companies. I am really looking forward to working more one on one with my students as I feel this can
be very beneficial to those looking to really excel further in the english language.

Art is my passion
Learning is my journey
Teaching is in my DNA
Melanie P. October 2, 2018
· Photography · Online
We had some challenges finding some things, but we worked it out. Very nice lady.
Avi July 28, 2018
· ESL · Online
Kristen is a wonderful teacher! She is teaching me and a friend at the same time and we both love the classes.
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Kristen O.

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$30 / 45-min

About Sonya S.

Pompano Beach, FL

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I am a unique ESL teacher because I wait to hear what my student's needs are and what they are looking to accomplish. I also teach my students how to be effective learners of the English language. I have taught ESL in the United States for many years and with this experience, I ventured abroad to teach ESL for five years. Traveling abroad to do something you love and is passionate about is definitely something you cannot get out of a book. I feel that it is very important to welcome the cultural differences, which I include in my daily lessons to build a solid rapport with students. When students feel comfortable they are more receptive to learning and is motivated to be opened to learning the different levels of the English Language.

About Sonya
Hello, I'm Sonya! I have a Bachelors Arts Degree in English and I am a high school English teacher in the United States of America. I have taught ESL/ESOL to adults and students for many years and each lesson is tailored to the need of the student. Rather it's conversational, accent, grammar, or all. Many students have effectively learned English and have attended college, got the job they wanted or just became confident speakers of the language. I was also an ESOL/ESL teacher for five years in two other countries. I can assure you that you will receive the education you are looking for to meet your needs. In addition to teaching ESOL/ESL, I am also an effective reading comprehension teacher. I assess my students at the beginning, in the middle and at the end to track their progress and because I am organized and well prepared each studen
t will understand and learn the information in order. There are rules in English, but they do not always apply, so I give them simplified examples so that they can understand what English, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Spelling is all about. I always start at the beginning by unlocking all the secret elements of the alphabet and learning. To see just how I do this send me a message if you have any additional questions or schedule a session to witness how I impact students' lives every day.
Mary June 11, 2019
· Reading · In home
I met Sonya eight years ago and she worked with both of my daughters. I was amazed to see how well my girls increased in their Writing. They both struggled with this and when Sonya worked with them in English and Reading explaining the rules and how they work and not work everything else fell in place. Her teaching method starts from the letters in the alphabet. It's a must see!
Katrina Pratt June 11, 2019
· Reading · Online
Sonya has been assisting and teaching my son all year. We noticed the benefits as he has Advanced in Reading. Her patients to teach are impeccable. We look forward to working with her in the near future.
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Sonya S.

starting at
$25 / 30-min
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About Joel B.

Seattle, WA
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I am a native English speaker who additionally speaks 4 other languages fluently (and more to come), and have an understanding of the difficulties one faces in the process of learning a new language. I teach by the process of immersion, and through reading and listening to English language literature and stories can help someone improve not only with their knowledge of the English language itself, but in an understanding and appreciation of the culture of the Anglophone world.

About Joel
I am a professional improvising musician based in the Pacific Northwest, and received my Bachelor's of Music in 2018. I have studied with musicians such as George Colligan, Denney Goodhew, Dawn Clement, and others, and have shared the stage with musicians such as Rob Scheps, Nathan Breedlove, Jim O'Connor, Tom Varner, and others. Additionally, I speak 5 languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish), and have developed a way to learn languages which emphasizing vocabulary building and developing a love for the culture.
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Joel B.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Verika D.

Las Vegas, NV

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I am TESOL certified and currently teach English to children in China through the internet. I've been an academic tutor for almost ten years now and always enjoy watching the growth and improvement of my students! I am a very patient and dedicated teacher. Classes with me are student-centered and relaxed. The direction of the class is based on your needs. If you would like to improve your English, then let's work together to accomplish your goals! I look forward to talking with you soon!

About Verika
I have almost ten years of experience as an academic tutor. I taught fourth grade for a year and also ran a reading center for elementary school students in the past. I currently teach English online to students in China. I have always enjoyed tutoring students because I love to see them accomplish their goals! Let's work together so that you can improve in your reading, writing, and speaking! I look forward to working with you!
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Verika D.

starting at
$59 / 60-min

About Benjamin C.

Jamaica Plain, MA
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Quer falar ingles comigo? Quieres hablar en ingles conmigo? Voulez-vous me parler en anglais? Coming from seven years of teaching experience and a lifetime of learning, I can help you build the skills you need. Whether you want to improve your writing, reading, speaking or listening skills at a basic level, or want to earn an extra edge for high-pressure, high-performance situations, I'm your guy. I'll bring my experience teaching ESL, high school English, research, and college-level English to the table and build up your potential in the skills you need for school, college, and any career.

About Benjamin
Learning can come easy for some or be a struggle, and it helps to know how someone else has dealt with the situation to see yourself get through it. That's what made me want to be an English teacher; my best teachers have always been those who know their stuff well, and who pulled me through the struggle to see the benefit for myself. Over the years, I've helped different folks work on their English conversation, their art skills, acting, and all kinds of reading and writing. What I want most is to see you grow and succeed!

I am a licensed high school English teacher with BPS, and I have also studied art and graphic design. I have taught in schools and smaller settings to students from 12-79, and from various language backgrounds. I speak English and Portuguese fluently and have strong Spanish, as well.
While I am currently teaching onl
y high school English, here are some other areas I have taught: acting (performing arts), set design (performing arts), graphic design (yearbook design), speech, AP English Literature (college level reading and writing), ESL (all ages), writing tutor and ghost writing.
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Benjamin C.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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