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About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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As of August 2015, I now offer beginner and intermediate piano lessons:

my curriculum will be geared towards singers/instrumentalists who are looking to learn basic piano to improve their singing or main instrument and to songwriters/producers who wanna step up their craft.

all my students learn:

- ear training
- music theory
- composition/songwriting
- melody writing for popular music
- harmony
- reharmonizing (additional chord options for a song/melody)
- diatonic/pentatonic scales, key centers and their uses
- sight-reading
- musicality

About Eric
I'm lead vocalist, lead guitarist & songwriter for a well-known touring rock band with a worldwide fan base and over 3 million youtube views. I graduated from New York University with Bachelor's of Music in Jazz guitar & trained with some of the most well-known and respected vocal coaches in the world. I'm currently teaching around 50 lessons a week to students ranging in ability from beginner to professional. My versatility, experience and formal training helps me to make the learning experience easy, stress free and fun.

I play in 3 active bands (gigging regularly) & produce/cowrite with a number of artists for their own projects. I spent much of the past 15 years touring, writing and recording with my bands and with internationally known artists/celebrities. My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Ox
ygen, TBS and more), commercials for Coca-Cola, Samsung and in video games.

In 2015, I signed a major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG played throughout Europe (and taught online lessons while away). Since 2016, I have released 3 singles and 2 EPs, for my own projects. I am currently endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, & Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars.

I teach my clients in my creative and comfortable home teaching studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I work with Vocalists/Singers, guitarists/bassists, pianists & songwriters/producers/composers in a wide age range, assorted skill levels with a variety of musical goals.

Some of the musical styles I regularly teach: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Soul, Classical, Folk.

I'm highly experienced as an online (Skype, Facetime and G+) instructor, teaching online lessons worldwide for the past 4 years to students who reside locally, nationally and even internationally.

*** Lesson Details ***
My students gain expertise in the following techniques and more...


∙ proper breathing & breath support
∙ vocal placement / resonance
∙ diction
∙ vowels and proper modification techniques
∙ bridging registers & 'the high note'
∙ mixed voice
∙ vibrato
∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice
∙ touring, recording, performing
∙ screaming
∙ rhythmic singing
∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths

Lead and Rhythm Guitar:

Chord voicing: triads, four note open/closed chord voicing, chord melodies, comping, strumming, finger-style, standard grooves in various styles.
Step-by-step approach to soloing/improvisation: major & minor scales & modes & arpeggios, triads, blues/pentatonic scales and "licks". phrasing & line development over simple & sophisticated harmonic changes.

Techniques including:
Alternate/sweep & tremolo picking, hybrid picking, slide guitar, hammer on/pull offs, (up to 8 finger) tapping, bending and whammy techniques, diagonal scale, arpeggios & note groupings and 4 finger scales.

Bass Guitar:

Right hand:
finger style, pick &
Groove, rhythms and playing time
Time signatures, walking bass lines,
arpeggios, double stops,
chords & improvising
Writing bass lines.

**All of my students learn:

Sight reading (standard notation/tablature)
Music Theory & Ear Training
Rhythm / Timing (including reading rhythms)

We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on technique. Many of my students text/email me a few days prior to our scheduled lesson with a song selection for the week. I focus our lesson's technical study with the song in mind. It has proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less "boring."

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have (7) guitars: including (4) electric, (2) acoustic/electric, & (3) electric bass
(2) tube guitar amplifiers, and various guitar effects pedals.

(1) full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard, (1) 61-key USB keyboard controller, and (1) Arturia MINILAB MIDI controller.

Also, I have an assortment of industry standard dynamic & condenser microphones for live performance and recording applications.

DAW recording software (Pro Tools 12.x, Logic 10.x, Ableton Live)
software synthesizers by Arturia, Fabfilter, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Steven Slate, Toontrack and more. I use plugin effects by Izotope, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance and Universal Audio and Waves for many of my lessons and recording projects.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a guitar, videos, music recording, music workbooks and everything else a student may need... I prefer for students to print chord/fretboard & staff paper and bring to their lessons... Although I can do it if they can't... Students should just bring a list of songs they wish to learn to our lessons and a desire to learn

*** Specialties ***

Rock, Pop, Indie/Alternative, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Punk, EDM / Dance / Electronica, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Funk, Classical and more….I am fluent in the latest recording technology, songwriting/composition, performance coaching, career development. I will help you to find your unique voice, a polished and distinct sound, and your true personality as an artist.

I will recharge your passion for music and making music.
Stephanie December 3, 2017
· Vocal Training · Online
Teaches different vocal techniques, lets you pick songs you'd like to work with and very chill!
Josh November 29, 2017
· Acoustic Guitar · Online
Will November 28, 2017
· Singing · Online
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Eric J.

Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY 11211
starting at
$39 / 30-min

About Adam R.

Watchung, NJ

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I am available to teach beginning piano students.

About Adam
Adam runs successful singing, piano & acting studios in New York City & Watchung, New Jersey with clients on Broadway, MTV, & in the film/TV industry. He has also appeared on TV as a singing/confidence coach on TLC’s Date Patrol. He has directed 50 of the over 75 productions he has produced Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway. Adam's theatrical investment properties include the 2011 Olivier Award winning musical, Legally Blonde: The Musical (Broadway, West End), Godspell (Broadway), Ghost the Musical (Broadway), Blithe Spirit (West End), The Wedding Singer: The Musical (Broadway), Macbeth (Broadway) with Alan Cumming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical (Broadway), Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life (Broadway), NEWSICAL - The Musical (Off-Broadway & National Tour), and 27 Heaven (Off Broadway & National Tour).

*** Lesson Details
30 minute singing lessons - Typically do 10 to 12 minutes of warmup and the rest of the time is devoted to practical application of technique to your songs, as well as, performance aspects. I also offer hour lessons.

30 minute acting lessons - Typically work on monologues or scenes that I or they provide. We can also work on sides provides for auditions for TV, film, & stage.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I use my Macbook Pro to record lessons and distribute them to students via a free Dropbox account.

*** Specialties ***
Types of Tecniques Offered
Belt (Hard Mix)
Legit (Classical)

Types of Style
Musical Theater
Heavy Metal

Types of Instruction Available
Individual Private Study
Group Study
Frank C. October 3, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Adam is great. Very knowledgeable and comfortable to be with. Looking forward to my next lesson.
Phyllis Francene L. June 29, 2017
· Singing · In studio
very kind and considerate instructor. Very helpful and puts you at ease before you start the training.
Stephen Strat April 20, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Adam is great. Easy going yet effective teaching style that has motivated me to play more often and better. Thanks Adam!
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Adam R.

Adam R.

Watchung, NJ 07069
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Jillian V.

Oakland Gardens, NY

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Learn piano the basics of accompaniment on the piano including chord changes, scales, and rhythmic patterns. Piano can often be an overwhelming instrument, but I approach teaching piano in a free, expressive, and functional way. No stress, no "have to's" just exploration of sounds through melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.

About Jillian
I have a Master's degree in Music Therapy, am a nationally board certified music therapist (MT-BC); performer and vocal instructor (Bachelor's in Classical Voice); certified yoga instructor and meditation guide (200+); certified and attuned Reiki master; professional freelance writer and editor.

...I find joy in a lot of places! And often I find these areas of study inform and augment each other.

Music therapy has afforded me a great deal of experience working with children, teens, and adults with special needs including, autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, emotional disturbances and developmental delays as well as teens and adults with psychosocial issues, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, grief, ADHD, personality disorders, and more.

I incorporate my experience as a therapist into the educative setting.

As a voice teacher, I want to help my students settle comfortably into their own musicality by showing them the building blocks of a solid technique, drawing particularly from the things that helped me grow as a vocalist. I want my students to feel strong in their body, comfortable and relaxed in their breath, and confident in their performance.

I am a professional vocalist in NYC. I perform liturgical and classical music, as well as musical theater repertoire. I participate in professional operas, choral groups and other concert series. Performing gives me a sense of bliss and completeness that is indescribable.

As a certified yoga instructor, I teach in many locations throughout Westchester. I was trained at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, New York with Betsy Kase, and earned a 200-hour certificate in Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. I offer private yoga instruction and meditation at my home studio. My studio comes fully equipped with all yoga props, aromatherapy, and music. Hands-on-assists and personalized classes offered to deepen your experience.

It is a joy to offer Reiki to curious, open clients in need of energy healing. Reiki is a noninvasive energy healing technique totally separate of any religious affiliation and available to anyone. It is a difficult to describe the relaxing, soothing, and deep-healing effects of Reiki to someone who has never experienced.

Please feel free to inquire about any of my services!

*Note: If you don't see a time slot that is suitable to your needs but would like to try a session or lesson with me, feel free to register for the Flex Plan, and we will work out week-to-week times!!**

**Note: If you are interested in music therapy, please email me with a bit about yourself and your personal goals.
Paul B. September 27, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Patient, knowledgable, good location, easy parking
Abid September 11, 2017
· Singing · Online
Kathy T. September 8, 2017
· Music Therapy · In studio
Jillian is a phenomenal music instructor and therapist. My kids love sessions with her. We've been going for almost a year now and it has made a huge difference in their behavior most noticeabley their attention spans! Thanks Jillian!
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Jillian V.

Jillian V.

Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
starting at
$55 / 30-min

About Kathryn Z.

New York, NY
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Reading of music and basic piano technique are emphasized, incorporating aspects of music theory and musicality.

About Kathryn
Kathy believes that variety is the spice of not only life, but also music. Raised singing folk music with a musical family (think accordions, guitars and lots of vocal harmonies), she learned guitar and piano at an early age, but began singing even earlier.

Her quest to give the world the best her vocal cords could offer led her to obtain an undergraduate degree in vocal performance from the University of Nebraska (where she graduated honorable mention, named with the vocal department's Outstanding Senior in Music award, and also obtained a minor in theatre) and a master's degree in music from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Both of these degrees emphasized classical singing technique, and through this study Kathy gained a solid foundation for her musical craft.

Once out of school, Kathy then sought to begin creating HER music
and HER sound, a challenge which continues to manifest itself even today in a variety of ways. Kathy is now a singer/songwriter and performs often with her own band in which she sings, plays guitar, writes her own songs and arranges them for intricate backup harmonies and multiple instrumentation. A variety of influences are apparent in her music, including the musical genres of folk, pop, jazz, and yes, even hip hop. She has recorded three albums of her music and all have been received to critical acclaim.

She sings as a professional cantor at St. John the Baptist Church in Manhattan, and teaches private voice, guitar and piano lessons throughout the city of New York. She served for a time as the general music teacher for St. Dominic's School in the Bronx, where she was responsible for Pre-K through 8th grade music classes, and, true to form, she is often called upon in a multitude of situations to perform in a variety of musical genres. She is always pleased with the ever-changing musical scenery around her.

*** Lesson Details ***
A lesson with Kathy equals half of the allotted time being used to learn good technique (i.e., learning healthy vocal habits, singing vocalizes, learning to read music, playing scales, etc.) and the other half of the time singing and playing repertoire. The repertoire includes both pieces chosen by Kathy (always approved by the student) which excite and inspire the student's particular musical tastes while providing a new challenge in technique to be conquered, and also pieces brought in by the student; for example, if a student is working on music for a specific performance, etc., or if they just really like a piece and want to learn how to play or sing it, Kathy is always ready and willing to lend a hand and an ear!

Vocally, Kathy believes good basic technique is the same for every genre of music. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on learning to breathe and support your sound correctly as well as maintain good posture, rid your body of unwanted tensions, etc.; musical styles beyond that basic technique change only in small stylistic ways, and Kathy is knowledgeable in quiet a variety of most musical styles.

With guitar, Kathy focuses on learning to read and play musical notation and chords without using guitar tablature. Again, a variety of musical styles are used for instruction, including everything from classical to punk!

And with piano, Kathy focuses on learning to read and play musical notation as well as mastering scales and chord progressions, inversions, etc. She loves opportunities to combine voice lessons with guitar lessons, or voice lessons with piano lessons, as one instrument feeds into the other in interesting and helpful ways.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I travel with my travel guitar and music for lessons. I expect guitar students to have their own guitar, and piano or voice students to have some sort of keyboard, even a small one.

*** Specialties ***
all-levels voice, beginning guitar, beginning piano
I specialize in a classical voice method, which I believe is a good foundation for all styles of singing. I have experience with classical singing, music theatre (I have a minor from my undergraduate education in Theatre) and folk. I'm an experienced songwriter and am able to guide students in that area.

I teach notes and chords for my guitar students. I don't teach guitar tablature; instead, I teach basic guitar music on the staff.

Also, I teach beginning piano, including basic music theory, note spelling, etc.
Leonard O. September 16, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Great Experience ...Highly recommended!!!!
Wanda S. June 26, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Kathry, z is a great teacher, would like to continue piano classes with her
Belle R. October 7, 2016
· Guitar · In studio
Kathryn was great! The location wasn't great but the lesson was awesome.
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Kathryn Z.

Kathryn Z.

New York, NY 10001
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Kristin T.

New York, NY
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My method includes strong basic technique coupled with choosing songs the student is interested in learning.

About Kristin
Kristin Trotta is a 2007 graduate of New School University's Jazz and Contemporary Music program with a BFA in Jazz Vocal Performance. She is also a professionally-trained pianist. Kristin is trained in both classical and jazz vocal techniques and would also be happy to instruct students in general performance/presentation skills.

Additionally, Kristin have lots of experience with in-studio recording and would also be able to prepare students for demo recording or other studio projects. She has a microphone and amplification system and would be able to teach students to sing with a microphone for live performances.

Kristin has been studying classical piano for almost 20 years. She has also played jazz piano for over ten years.

She is currently accepting beginner to intermediate piano students of all ages. She is currently accepti
ng new students of all ages in all vocal styles.
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Kristin T.

Kristin T.

New York, NY 10128
starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Yuliana W.

New York, NY
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My focus in teaching is to retain the interest and joy of music in each student while building up their ability and skills continuously.

About Yuliana
Yuliana Wijaya is an up and coming young pianist from Indonesia who has already attained national and international success
She is currently a graduate student in Manhattan School of Music. A recent graduate of the University of Kansas, is an active participant in summer music festivals. She has performed in concerts and masterclasses around the world. In 2014, she was selected to perform with University of Allicante Orchestra in Italy under baton Dan Wen Wei.As an educator, she has years of experience working with children of all ages and levels. Her students are active performers and are frequently featured in recitals at the Lawrence Arts Center, in addition to MTNA and Lawrence Accredited Music Teacher Association's events. Her focus in teaching is to retain the interest and joy of music in each student while building up their abilit
y and skills continously. Her strength is classical music. However, she also combines and introduces other genres like jazz, pop, etc.
Nastassia October 9, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home
I have always struggled to learn Classical piano but Yuliana was able to teach me in ways that was fun and easy to understand. She genuinely cares for her students to improve, she's patient and she is always able to motivate me to try harder. Her excitement and passion in Classical piano clearly shows, and I could not have achieved what I have learned without her.
Claire Ong October 5, 2017
· Classical Piano · In studio
My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Yuliana this couple months. We both really love her. I can't believe how much we have been improving. She is really open with all genres and mix everything to keep up with our interest. She is by far our favourite teacher.
Natalia June 11, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home
I have taken lesson with Ms. Yuliana for a year and she is really passionate and fun teacher. I have improved so much with her and of course being active performing at least once a semester. She is really sweet and makes learning piano really fun.
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Yuliana W.

Yuliana W.

New York, NY 10027
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Samantha L.

New York, NY
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Learn to read and make music on the piano! Fundamentals like ear training and music theory are best learned with piano and apply to any instrument or style.

I took Suzuki piano lessons for 13 years and it significantly contributed omg success as a musician. I am currently studying tuba performance at the Juilliard School, and use my piano skills everyday.

I have taught students of all ages, from toddler to retiree.

About Samantha
I am a second year masters student at the Juilliard School. I worked as a camp counselor at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, performing in four ensembles and teaching daily middle school tuba sectionals. I also serve as a mentor in the Music Advancement Program at Juilliard.

Outside of Juilliard Orchestra and chamber ensembles, I enjoy playing solo music. These past two years, I have won the Blue Lake Fine Arts Staff Solo Competition, was one of the University of Connecticut Concerto/Aria Competition winners, and placed second in the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra Instrumental Competition. I have also won the Young Artist Solo Competition in 2012 and performed solo with the Coast Guard Band.

The performing arts have been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember. My first instrument at age 5 was classical piano a
nd I took Suzuki lessons for 13 years. I also sang in a large concert choir as a child and performed in community plays.
Tom November 1, 2017
· Tuba · In home
Samantha is a very enthusiastic, gifted teacher. She listens to my words as well as my music, and together we find a path that’s comfortable and encourages learning. Whether describing something, showing it to me on her tuba, or working with me while I get it right, it’s all about the fun of the musicianship.
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Samantha L.

Samantha L.

New York, NY 10023
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Tad D.

New York, NY

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I have been teaching piano professionally for over 10 years working for such institutions like New York University, The Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and also giving numerous master classes in Europe and in the United States. In my teaching, I help students to develop high technical abilities which would allow them to play any piece of music with understanding and enjoyment. I welcome students of all ages and levels! It doesn't matter how much experience you have - I strongly believe, that music is for everyone and should be an important part of our development as human beings.

About Tad
I have been teaching piano professionally for over 10 years working for such institutions like New York University, Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and also giving numerous master classes in Europe and the United States. In my teaching I help students to develop high technical abilities which would allow them to play any piece of music with understanding and enjoyment. I welcome all ages and levels! It doesn't matter how much experience you have - I strongly believe, that music is for everyone and should be an important part of our development as human beings.

Over the past two decades I toured extensively as soloist throughout Europe, America and Asia, performing in such prestigious venues as Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, and Lutosławski Concert Hall at the Polish Radio, Vilnius Philh
armonic Hall, and Musikhalle in Hamburg. I have given recitals and performed as a soloist with symphony orchestras at numerous music festivals, including the Polish Piano Festival in Słupsk, the International Chopin Festival in Nohant (France), the Harbin Summer Music Festival (China), Martisor 2003 Music Festival in Chisinau (Moldova), the Music Festival in Bad Gandersheim (Germany), Ionio Festival Paolo Carrer (Greece), the Bebersee Festival (Germany) and at Cultural Days Festival in Frankfurt am Main.

In 2013 EMI Classics released my first solo album „Tadeusz - piano”, which includes works by Scarlatti, Schumann, Liszt, Prokofiev and virtuoso transcriptions by Vladimir Horowitz. The album received excellent reviews from critics: „Whoever likes great piano music and virtuosity will not be disappointed after listening to Tadeusz. A splendid debut!” (Stanislaw Dybowski), „His future career of a virtuoso is certain, the instrument sounds beautiful in his hands, in a rounded tone, the lightness and proficiency of difficult parts inspires jealousy, not only recognition.” (Kacper Miklaszewski).

My discography includes solo album „Tadeusz - piano” recorded for EMI classisc, „Harmony of he Struggle” which includes a world premiere recording of Piano Concerto by Marcin Błażewicz, who dedicated the work to Tadeusz and his recent album „Eugeniusz Morawski Songs” with complete songs by Eugeniusz Morawski, recorded with mezzosoprano Agnieszka Rehlis. The album received a nomination for Fryderyk 2015 - award of the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry.
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Tad D.

Tad D.

New York, NY 10019
starting at
$167 / 45-min

About Tookah S.

Princeton, NJ
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Learning how to play the piano provides a foundation for learning how to play other instruments, learning music theory, cultivating analytical skills and abstract thinking, and discovering artistic expression.

My goal with each student is to teach them by using pieces of music that they love and want to learn how to play.

About Tookah
Hello all!

My name is Tookah, and I am a Soprano and Pianist from Oklahoma City. Music has always been the most joyful part of my life, and it is my mission to bring this joy to as many people as possible. I would love to help you learn to sing and play the music that inspires you and makes you happy!
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Tookah S.

Tookah S.

Princeton, NJ 08540
starting at
$84 / 60-min

About Kyulee S.

New York, NY
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I have earned my Master's degree in Classical Violin at the Manhattan School of Music and an advanced performance certificate from Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. I have ten years of rigorous teaching experience and work with all ages. I am an alumnus of the NY All-State Festival and of course can prepare you for NYSSMA and ABRSM exams, All-County/City Prep, competitions, Pre-college auditions, and conservatory auditions.

About Kyulee
28 years young and fun-loving! I'm an energetic teacher with much performance and teaching experience that I can't wait to share with you!
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Kyulee S.

Kyulee S.

New York, NY 10019
starting at
$72 / 30-min

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