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These ESL teachers are highly rated by students in the Valley Park area, including Wentzville, Scott Air Force Base, Godfrey, Freeburg and Union.

Cooper W.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

I'm a native english speaker and I hold a degree in TEFL. I learned Spanish as an adult and I understand what it's like to learn a second language.

About Cooper

Bachelor's Degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Also studied Classical Performance at the Lionel Hampton School of Music.

Ten Years professional performing experience road touring in the U.S.A., and international on cruise ships. Most recently with For The Record Live from Los Angeles, CA , and Broadway’s “After Midnight”. Jazz and popular music, as well as classical.

My vision with students is be a guide in whatever direction they want to go. I want the student to find their individual musical voice, as well as technique. I will work on learning songs, air, tone production, scales/theory, reading music, improvisation, etc. I'm very patient, and I love to teach.

Yo hablo español!

My first instrument is saxophone, but I'm also a skilled doubler on flute, clarinet, harmonica, bass guitar, piano, an

d vocals. I'm very versatile in almost any style of music. At Berklee, I also studied recording and production, as well as arranging and composition. I've been featured in an arranger and composer in many settings, including two of my own shows. I completed a number of different recording projects including my own full-length album, and have worked extensively in the genre of electronic music.

June 27, 2019
Awesome first lesson
June 9, 2019
Leslie L.
May 30, 2019
James B.
I think Cooper will be able to give me much of what I need to better my playing.

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Cooper W.


Private ESL Teacher

I believe in personal approach to student's needs because every person is unique. I also use effective methods of teaching and adapt the exercises to the abilities of the students. I ask for a students feedback so that we could achieve progress very fast.

About Mariia

Hi everyone,

My name is Mariia. I am originally from Russia, but right now I am living in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the USA. I am a certified English as a Second Language teacher.
I have rich experience in teaching English as a second language and Russian to foreign students. I'll be very eager to help you master one of those or both languages. Don't hesitate to contact me.



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Mariia K.


Private ESL Teacher

Fast & Effective Learning Method. Prefer Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese Students

About Lourdes

My name is L HELENA GALLAGHER a Professional with twenty years of experience in the Art of Science & Technology, Videography, International Business & Marketing, communication, TV & Radio producer, Commercial Artistic Director, Film Director, Film acting. Theatre + much more. I share my knowledge to many people giving back to the world. To pass the knowledge to enrich other human being lives. Making this Earth a cleaner place, energy green, plenty of purified water as a healthier place, plus safer place. To make our environment better. One person can make a difference. I am always seek to become a better person everyday.
High-impact communicator capable of effectively conveying information at all levels when dealing with young and adult students. Solid independent judgment, honorable work ethics, able to build outstanding work

ing relationships.

In 1995 BES Inc has chosen me to become a Project Manager eventually I become the Director of Strategies for South America division, very exciting position! I lived all over the Globe with great International experience (from living in Thailand, Japan, all over Asia, North America, Europe and South America.
My tutoring policy is not just simply to teach Science, International Business or a second language Portuguese, Spanish I always want to teach students more than Acting as well to Practice Communications Skills

January 11, 2016
One of the nicest, most articulate and intelligent language coach/instructors I have ever had. A real pleasure to train with. I would highly recommend her services.

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Lourdes G.


Private ESL Teacher

I am a certified ESL teacher. I received my CELTA certification from University of Cambridge. This is considered one of the top two ESL certificates worldwide. My classes are designed with your interests and goals in mind. I teach every student differently because every student learns differently. I teach speaking, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and academic and professional writing. I have worked students from elementary school through PhD students and adult professionals.

I love the English language and I am always enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with my students. My most important goals as a teacher are to make sure you achieve the highest possible English level and that you enjoy studying English with me.

About Marie

I have been an educator for more than ten years. In that time, I've taught and tutored English, Language Arts and Spanish to students from elementary to PhD level. I also help students study for the SAT, ACT and TOEFL tests and coach students through the college and graduate school application process. I love teaching and learning. I am patient, enthusiastic and dedicated to my students.

My teaching philosophy can be summed up in a few words : learning should be fascinating, relevant, individualized and fun. Helen Keller said, “ A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.” My goal is to help my students ask the questions that will lead them to deeper understanding. The poet Mark Van Doren said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” In our lessons, I will help you make discoveries that will ins

pire you to keep learning.

When I’m not teaching, I love reading, exploring the California coast, writing poetry, meditation and singing loudly.

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Marie F.


Private ESL Teacher

As a former ESL student who went onto gain a University Degree in Communications I am well equip to train my students to have a regional U.S.A accent. My classes take a technical approach but also a bit theatrical. Prior to training I urge my students to take part in vocal exercises. I am able to offer online and or in person classes to those interested.

About Luz

Hi Luz Divina here thank you for stopping by! If learning a new language is of interest I understand your needs. As a former ESL student who successfully completed her courses in primary school. Leading me to a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology. I take a traditional and a bit theatrical approach to teaching. Currently reside in NYC am aware of the syntax needed to compete in the job market.


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Luz A.


Allison H.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

Experienced online ESL Teacher/Tutor. I am a native English speaker who wants to connect with students(children and adults) who are eager and ready to learn or enhance their English, including speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in the workplace and in everyday life. What are your English-speaking goals?

Let's have a conversation about any topic you like (and I'll correct you along the way)! One of the funniest and easiest ways to learn a language is to use it as much as you can by talking about fun and random subjects such as hobbies, interests, favorite movies, favorite foods, favorite music, and other fun stuff.

My lessons are individualized according to your needs but can include attention to the following areas English.
• Fluency
• Phonics awareness
• Spelling
• Vocabulary development
• Reading comprehension
• Sight word practice
• Writing

You will have homework that will also help your English improve. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank ...

About Allison

My name is Allison. I am from the United States. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Detroit College of Business, TESOL certification and certified to teach the U.S. Citizenship test.

I'm currently teaching online ESL with a Chinese Corporation. I teach English speaking and listening skills to children ages 6 to 12 in a fun and engaging online learning platform. We work on speaking, reading and building their understanding of the English language using interactive games, TPR and fun characters.

I also tutor adults in an ESL literacy program. I help them enhance their reading, speaking, writing and listening skills while building job readiness, study skills and practicing for the US Citizenship test.

My purpose is to educate, inspire and empower my students to discover new words and increase their vocabulary and

understanding of the English language so that they can feel confident when they speak and foster a joy of reading and learning throughout life and feel comfortable speaking in any environment.

My hobbies and interest include reading, traveling, sewing, attending concerts, football, and basketball.

Educationally yours,

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Allison H.


Ronica W.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

CELTA certified, with two years of experience teaching ESL 1-on-1. I like to come up with creative and fun ways to make my lessons relevant to everyday life; I can help you with grammar, conversational skills, reading comprehension, and pronunciation. My lessons are designed to have you practicing right away!

About Ronica

I started tutoring as a volunteer with the Ozark Literacy Foothills Project in 2012; I had one student I worked with for a year or so. In 2014, I became an Americorps member, and continued to work at the Literacy Project as an Americorps member. I took on more students, tutoring mostly adult ESL students. I enjoyed it, but struggled with feeling like the lessons were a little "dry". I realized that if I was bored, my students probably were, too. I started looking for creative ways to make the lessons a little more fun, and started making index cards for my students to take with them to study. I also used the cards for sentence building games, and started really focusing on grammar. The Literacy Project sent me to a few training sessions, and I learned how to make the lessons even more hands-on and relevant, and how to have the student do

most of the talking in class. My students had enjoyed my lessons before, but the effectiveness really took off when I applied what I had learned in my training!

After two years with Americorps, I left to go to India for five months. I took language lessons while I was there, and it really gave me some perspective on what it's like to have to learn a new language to get around and to be able to communicate with other people. When I came back, I realized that I really enjoyed helping people learn English; I enjoyed the relationships I built with my students, and I loved watching them start to understand a concept of English, and to have fun doing it! I realized that teaching English was something I wanted to do for a living, so I went for my CELTA certification, and finished July of 2018.

I firmly believe that you're not too old to learn, until you think you are. The youngest student I've tutored was sixteen, and most of my students were my age or older. I've tutored parents and grandparents. Everyone learns at different paces, but everyone is able to learn. If you are struggling with a concept, that's okay. We can go over it as many times as you need to, and if you find yourself getting frustrated, we can move on to something else, and come back to it later.

You can expect to be an active learner; you won't just listen to a lecture. You will get plenty of practice speaking and listening, and I will probably assign listening and reading homework to help seal in what you've learned. If you want, we can set "fluency goals", so you can see your progress.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Ronica W.


Lora W.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

I am from New York, but have lived all over the United States of America. Currently I am going to university in Nice, France for Environmental Hazards. I enjoy chatting about many subjects and would love to help you with learning English. I have worked in many venues, from elementary to university. I have taught conversational English in Hangzhou, China and would love to get to know you and assist you in your language goals. I like to teach with a sense of humor and can individualized your lessons to suit your learning styles and preferences.

About Lora

Hello Everyone. I am Lora. I love to travel and know what it is like to be in situations where I don't speak the language. I really enjoy science have a degree in Biology and a masters in Occupational Therapy. I am very fond of art and draw, paint and take photographs often. I am very excited to meet you and assist you with your language goals. I have worked with many learning disorders and will have no problem helping you overcome what ever obstacles that stand in your way.


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Lora W.


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"Very sweet and patient!"
"He is a very good instructor, he explains the ideas in easiest ways and with a lot of valuable information. highly recommended."
"Lauren is fantastic, always there when you have a question never will give up on you, she’s the best instructor ever!!"
"I think I found the right teacher for me and will excel my English!"
cui lan che
"I have a level 1 of English, almost do not understand, but Beverly is a very great teacher, again and again said to me until I understand, teach me how to
write sentence and grammar. Thank you, teacher.🌷🌷"
"Hello, my name is Blanca Garza, I took English classes with Nery through Harris County in 2009 and 2010. After that I also took private classes with her.

She is a very professional teacher, a very nice person, and always helpfull with my questions."
"Nereyda is an excellent English ‘s Teacher. She was my ESL teacher at Mueller School for two years. She had about 30 students."
"Joy connects well with students of all ages. She is fun and creative and always well prepared for the lesson. Her patience and enthusiasm make it an exc
ellent learning experience."
"Teaches very well, and he is humorous , responsible and experienced."

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