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Popular Academic Tutoring Teachers in Barkhamsted, CT

Or other areas around you:

Shariff L.

Hartford, CT
Starting at $25
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaching since 2013
  • Teaches students 12 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Shariff L.

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All Things in all universes move according to law, and the law which regulates the movement of the plantes is no more immutable than the law which regulates the material expressions of man. Lets go into our inner-mind.

About Shariff

Hey my Name is Shariff , I go by that or skip. I don't like too much structure as id consider myself a "Flow" ( my goal is to get you to go with life, not against it) teacher, learning should be a fun and enjoyable process.

Recent Reviews

Marie R.

5 Reviews
Northampton, MA
Starting at $40
  • Speaks French and English
  • Awarded Hicks Prize from UMass Amherst
  • Teaches students 15 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Marie R.

5 Reviews
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I have a PhD in English and can be a coach to prepare for the GRE reading and vocabulary sections

About Marie

I am bilingual English-French I have a Ph.D. in English Literature with particular focus in English Renaissance Studies Shakespeare I can teach ESL as well I work in different fields all related with languages such as Interpreting, translation, teaching foreign languages, ESL

Recent Reviews
Profile-background-check Background Check

Tamari (Tamara) W.

35 Reviews
Canaan, CT
Starting at $33
  • Teaching since 1990
  • Teaches students Male: 5 to 68; Female: 5 to 85
  • MM Piano; Composition; Comparative Literature Music in Film from Indiana University Jacob's School of Music
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Tamari (Tamara) W.

35 Reviews
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In Person and Online
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8 hours of live virtual instruction (FaceTime, Skype or Google ho)
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1-on-1 extra help by request or impromptu scheduling based on availability
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About Tamari (Tamara)

Hi, there! I'm Tamara and I can't wait to meet you! On social media and for those who are more familiar, I'm Tamari. We all learn in different ways; some are more visual; others, auditory; some, kinesthetic--I combine a number of different modalities in my teaching, including direct feed

Recent Reviews
Anna C.
Tamari is a remarkably accommodating teacher. Uses instructional strategies that are effective and appropriate. Also, presents new material clearly and logically. Demonstrates enthusiasm and interest in lesson presentation. My daughter loves learning classical piano with Tamari.
Rhea Farbman
I have known Tamari professionally for fifteen years.
She is an excellent music teacher for piano and voice. Her expertise is noticeable as she patiently meets her student at his/her level and guides that student to the next step.
The process is perfect for any student, even if developmentally challenged and for any age. I highly recommend Tamari.

I've been consistent weekly taking yoga lessons from Tamari at the Y in Canaan CT. I try not to miss it. She's a compassionate and caring yoga teacher and will trailer her classes to fit your needs. Her classes are good for newbies and seniors and those who want a simple class. No athletics. Hatha Yoga are basic yoga stretches that will make you feel good after participating . My aches and pains are gone after each session. To be continued....

Meet Online Academic Tutoring Teachers Serving Barkhamsted, CT

Randy S.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $17
  • Speaks English only
  • Teaches students 16 to 55
  • Teaching since 2016
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Randy S.

3 Reviews
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I have been working with electronics since I was 12 years old.
Have taken many college classes and taught as a mentor at the local college.
I have a electronics lab in my home and have designed my own circuits and etched my own boards.

I am also an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator.

I believe that most people can be taught pretty much anything with a little patience and creative analogies.

Teaching and sharing my electronics and Amateur Radio knowledge has always been a passion of mine, I just have a great fear of teaching in front of a class.

I am also very versed in Information Technology and have several certifications.
( This was my second career)

About Randy

Retired USAF Technical Sergeant with career fields of Ground Radio Communications and Radio Relay Communications. Amateur Radio Extra class radio operator. Worked in audio / video repair. Pre-Test, Final Test, and repair of B2, Boeing, Space Shuttle fuel gauging systems. Electronics lab in my home

Recent Reviews
Very easy to work with. I would highly recommend.
Best instruction I've ever had helping me with my Electronics project.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and always eager to help work out issues. A+!

Susan G.

4 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Speaks German, French, Italian
  • Teaching since 1982
  • English Literature and Linguistics from University of Metz, France
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Susan G.

4 Reviews
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Students will be able to improve according to their own learning styles and specific needs. Much emphasis is given to analysis, organizing ideas and expanding vocabulary.

About Susan

Learning while having fun is guaranteed. I enjoy working with students of all ages and from all countries. Eacvh of you is special and deserves a special curriculum and lesson plan. Talk with you soon. I look forward to meeting you.

Recent Reviews
I had a college language placement exam looming, so I signed up for 10 lessons with Susan to help me review and prep for the exam. I ended up testing out of two semesters of college-level German, which was even better than I had hoped for! I couldn't have done it without Susan. She was fantastic at explaining the tricky subjects, like accusative vs. dative cases, and helped me rigorously review all of the material. Plus, learning with her was fun, and I looked forward to the lesson every week.
Darya and Daniel V.
She is very kind,knowledgeable teacher and she is very good with kids.
Highly recommend.
I have been taking German lessons from Susan Gibbs for 4 yrs ,she is a great teacher I have learn a great deal from her ,she is very good at her work.I can now speak German fairly well.

Adianette S.

Teaches Online
Starting at $15
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School
  • Teaching since 2020
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Adianette S.

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Like you I’m also a student. Math has always been easy for me and I’ve always tried to find quick and easy tricks to find the solution to a question. I want to help other students pass a class or a test by showing them those same tricks. My goal is to teach what I know to the point where the student works independently and my services are no longer required. I like to get to know my students to find out what teaching techniques to use while making them feel comfortable.

About Adianette

Hi! I’m Adianette. I’m 18 years old and a senior in high school. Math has always been easy for me, but I always like to learn tricks to make it even easier. I want to pass on those tricks to other students and make math easier for them too. I love math, but I love teaching it even more. I like to g

Recent Reviews

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"Md is an excellent tutor. He is patient. He focused on the concept and explained clear step by step in the session. I understand the method and constructor for Trigonometry much better after our session. Thank you for help. Highly recommended."
- Adrian
Took Trigonometry lessons from Akib A.
"My son really enjoyed meeting and working with Gerardo. He liked his approach. Gerardo explained the concepts where my son needed assistance, showed an example, and then observed Matt as he tried to work the problem on his own, adding assistance as needed. It was the right balance of support. Gerardo knew the concepts thoroughly even though it was the first meeting."
- Michelle
Took AP Statistics lessons from Gerardo M.
"Colin is absolutely amazing teacher!
Last time I studied math was 20+ years. I am 40 years old and about to finish my second degree CRJ, and like many others I left math class at the end. Taking the math prep test (which I failed) placed me almost in kindergarten..Lol! and I knew I needed help to re-learn math. I am so happy Colin answered my request (I sent 15 requests, and only 2 teachers answered). I wanted to start eating the study guide provided by CSN and just focus on the topics, but Colin wanted to show me the "why we have numbers, type of numbers, etc" definitely I wanted to fly before I could walk, and I am so grateful he had a different plan............because IT MAKE SENSE!
I mentioned I prefered to have a lobotomy (siks!) instead of facing math in my 40's because I never had a chance to understand math, I just digested the fact I was going to fail and obtain an "s" for grade. I am looking forward to like, learn, and comprehend math with Colin's help so I can graduate in December 2018.
Thanks Colin :)"
- Nadia
Took Math lessons from Colin S.
"she is the best math instructor i have ever had!!!"
- Kelsey
Took Pre Algebra lessons from Marina K.
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"Michael is a great tutor. I've had so much trouble solving homework problems but Michael is very patient and takes time to thoroughly explain how to solve really difficult problems. He is very knowledgeable about physics and can help anyone who is struggling with understanding concepts and solving problems"
- Rachel
Took Physics lessons from Michael F.
"Ms. marina is a great Math Tutor. Also, she is doing an exceptional job tutoring my son. I am seeing some improvement."
- Armani
Took Algebra lessons from Marina K.
"I can't say enough about Aalok. His wealth of tutoring experience is certainly a major advantage, however his dedication and work ethic was what impressed us the most. What started out as just a few tutoring sessions for physics evolved into a wonderful relationship, guiding my son through his SATs and ACTs. Unlike many tutors' rigid availability schedules, Aalok went out of his way to work with my son's demanding high school schedule. He established a sincere rapport with my son and continues to touch base with him even now that he's at college. I am happy to recommend Aalok -- he is an exceptional young man and an excellent tutor."
- Mary M.
Took Physics lessons from Aalok S.
"its great having class with mam"
- pintu
Took Accounting lessons from Amrita M.
"He was a great teacher and gave me better ways to teach myself the concept and was really helpful. Thank you Mr. Benjamin"
- hima
Took Math lessons from Benjamin K.
"Ms. Arlys is a great teacher! She always keeps me engaged and makes all lessons interesting and full of knowledge that I can learn. Additionally, she honed my persuasive speech skills, helping me project my voice, talk in the correct tone of voice, maintain eye contact with my audience, and flow when I speak. I have learned so much with Ms. Arlys and made leaps of improvement in my writing and verbal presentation. She always spends time to take notes for me and during our class so I can review them and understand the key points of each lesson Ms. Arlys has with me."
- Bob
Took Public Speaking lessons from Arlys A.
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