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Grace J.

Grace J.

An experienced, patient, sweet and funny Mandarin Chinese tutor to all levels and ages, I have been teaching and tutoring this language over 10 years. I am originally from China, a native Mandarin Chinese speaker with a master degree. I can help students from primary to college improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability, and achieve a high score in their final Chinese test. I can help students prepare for the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam. I can help worked people have a good understanding of this language. I can tailor customized lessons to satisfy students’ specific requirements and levels, such as conversational Chinese, retail field Chinese, systematically beginner’s Chinese, etc… I can teach people Business Chinese as well since I had the law background knowledge from China. What book series I use the most is to teach high school, college students, and adults Integrated Chinese series. What I like the most is to teach children because my personality is very active, and I like kids. I like to sing and dance (maybe it shouldn't be called dance, it is just like moving around). I can sing lots of Chinese nursery rhymes. A committed professional to my work with a sincere, enthusiastic, easygoing, down to earth personality, I like teaching, that students improve day by day is my biggest happiness. You will have a happy time to learn Chinese very well if choosing me as your tutor. Mandarin Chinese classes I teach: I. Beginner level 1. Mandarin Chinese for children and teenagers A. Content: I will follow a textbook to teach students. In this class, I can add songs, dances, and games to make this lesson interesting and easy. Detailed explanations, ample examples, plenty of speaking practices are offered. B. Bonus: child who is under grade 1 can get free learning materials. For other students, homework is given and checked. Book's CD will be used to improve student's listening ability. Quizzes or tests are given for free if student wants. C. Price: basic price on the profile. 2. Mandarin Chinese for high school, college, and adult students of beginner level A. Content: Usually, I like to use