12 thoughts on “10 Steps for Writing a Hit Song on the Piano

  1. Hello, my name is Logan Nadeau and I want to learn the I-IV-V-vi progression for piano.

    I am confused by this step and I would like to know more about it and how to learn this progression.

    I already know and do a lot of these steps so I would really want to know how this progression works.

    I am self taught but I know I would not mind the help of a musician.

  2. Logan, thanks so much for your interest in my article! The answer to your question is a bit longer than I could write in this reply, and it’s just what I teach in my lessons. If you’d like, you could go to my teacher profile: https://TakeLessons.com/profile/heather-l10 and book a few lessons with me. If you’d rather call TakeLessons headquarters, then call 800-252-1508. Can’t wait to meet you and start working!

    1. Hi Alex-We encourage you to look over the article again. There are some really good tips in there about how to create a song on the piano. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I’m interested in writing songs but I can’t thinks of any lyrics to start it off. I want it to be about staying strong. Any help will be well appreciated! Please Someone give me an example x

    1. Hi Jarry-We have a ton of great articles on songwriting. Check this one out for some inspiration and help: /blog/writing-a-song-on-guitar-lyrics-z01

  4. Thanks for the article it helps a lot. If I wrote a song, where exactly will I have to play it and get it produced by someone?

  5. Hi, this short article is very creative. One small question just for understanding the topic: after you put the chord progressions on staff paper, then what notes would you use to match each of the chords as seen in a typical sheet music (i.e. each chord is supposed to go with/support a note, right? In other words, the chords are played by left hand, what notes do your right hand play?).

  6. Hi my name I’m Sandile I would like to learn piano especially melodies over chords,i find its so difficult to get good melodies over my phrase chords.I’m writing deep house music.

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