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Let’s face it: it probably wasn’t the chords or triads or arpeggios that attracted you to the piano.

We’d venture a guess that it was the beautiful songs and melodies that drew you in! Maybe it was one of the well-known classical pieces by Haydn or Beethoven. Or maybe it was a fun piece you heard at a jazz club.

Whichever piano style caught your ear, there’s plenty to explore when you comb through the repertoire. The trick, of course, is to find the easy piano songs to start out with!

In this guide, we’ll run through song recommendations for practically every genre, as well as some easy piano songs specifically for kids. Then, we’ll show you some of the methods for learning these songs.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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finding easy piano songs

When you’re just starting to dabble in playing the piano, finding easy song tutorials or sheet music is a fun way to stay motivated and excited about learning!

While your teacher will assign you songs to learn in your lessons, I encourage you to be proactive and look for music you truly want to learn. This is especially important for adult piano students.

Just keep in mind that not all piano songs are created equal. Some genres, by their very nature, may be more difficult to learn for beginners. If you want to start with really easy piano songs, I recommend browsing children’s traditional songs, folk songs, showtunes and movie themes, and even some pop/contemporary pieces. Generally speaking, classical and jazz will be more sophisticated — but don’t let that stop you!

Once you have a genre in mind, ask your piano teacher for recommendations — or browse through the articles below! Some of the song recommendations include video tutorials, some have links to sheet music, and others simply have YouTube links that you can use to learn the song by ear.

Easy Piano Songs for Kids

Do you have kids that are interested in piano lessons? Fantastic! I’ve been teaching piano for a while now, and in my opinion, five years old is a great age to introduce students to regular piano lessons.

If you’re trying to find easy piano songs for kids to gauge their interest, consider guiding them through songs they’re already familiar with — think nursery rhymes, worship songs they’ve heard at church, or even their favorite TV show or video game jingle. If your child does not seem drawn to a particular song or style, try introducing them to a little of everything (one song at a time). Maybe they will find they love jazz or showtunes!

Once you’ve found a great piano teacher, he or she can recommend the right books for your child to learn from. There are tons of great video tutorials for easy kids songs, as well. If you don’t know where to start, check out the recommendations linked to the right.

learning piano songs

Learning Songs via YouTube Tutorials

While it’s best to study piano with an actual teacher, these days you can find tons of resources online to get your feet wet! YouTube and other video platforms are full of piano tutorials, including guides for specific songs.

If you’re itching to learn a current pop hit, YouTube is a great place to check, as sometimes you can even find tutorials before the sheet music is published! It’s a fun way to stay up-to-date with new material.

Usually these videos break down the basics: the fingering and notes for the melody and/or chords. Some may be geared for beginners and only teach one hand, while others may include notes for both hands. These videos are great because you can pause them in the middle of the lesson, and review certain steps as often as you need.

However, I wouldn’t get into the habit of learning only from YouTube videos — when you do this, you won’t get the hands-on instruction and critiques about your technique. At the end of the video, you may be able to play a song… but is your piano technique correct? This can make a big impact on your progress as a piano player.

Learning Songs via Sheet Music

Downloading easy piano sheet music using websites like MusicNotesSheetMusicPlus, or 8Notes is another option — if you know how to read music, that is! If you’re already taking piano lessons, you probably already know the basics. If not, check out this guide to reading sheet music.

Reading sheet music is essential if you want to get the most out of your music education. While it’s great to develop a strong ear and to memorize patterns quickly, you’re at a huge advantage if you know how to read the notes on the page! This is a must-have skill if you want to study music professionally — there’s no way around it.

If it seems overwhelming, start simple with the proper fingering for each hand, then the notes of the scale. Use visuals, flashcards, name games, and rhymes to help memorize basic music theory. Once this is mastered, it then leads to reading chords, keys, and rhythms in more challenging sheet music. Your teacher will guide you at the right pace, and before long, you’ll be reading like a pro.

Learning Songs by Ear

Another option for learning piano songs is to learn the entire song by ear! Some students may be blessed with the gift of perfect pitch at a young age, and may be able to tell in an instance which note is played on the piano (without looking).

If that’s not you, that’s OK! If you go slowly, most students can take a song note-by-note and figure out how to play at least the melody. Listen to the song and experiment with different notes until it sounds right.

From there, you can also try to figure out the chords. Are they three-note or five-note chords? Do they sound major or minor?

Of course, do not expect this to happen overnight — this takes usually years and years of practice. Even with the easiest piano songs out there, you may need to follow along with either a YouTube tutorial or the sheet music.

Piano Challenge

Once you’ve mastered a few easy piano songs, I encourage you to challenge yourself! Try composing your own piano song or transcribing the songs you love. Perform solo, accompany a singer, or play with a band. Explore a new genre, style, or composer.

Just because you finish your piano book, or a year in lessons, doesn’t mean you have to end there. The possibilities are endless in music! Have some fun with it. There will always be more to explore, and new songs to learn.

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